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Kiryūin Clan - Ice Release

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Kiryūin Clan - Ice Release

Post by Kiryūin on Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:35 am

Clan Name: Kiryūin
[ Formaly Known as SubZero]
Home Village: Kirigakure
The Kiryūin clan was born from Kirigakure under a different name... Subzero. Years ago a man named Hayato created the clan under the name Subzero. But as the years past members of the clan disappeared without a single trace. No one ever did know what happened, but recently the clan has been reborn under a new name and with a new clan head. Once again having settled in Kirigakure, the clan slowly rebuilds itself.

Clan Bloodline:
- Bloodline Name: Subzero
- Originating Clan: Subzero
- Appearance:
Most if not all clan mates have some type of " cool " colored eyes ( Blue, Purple, Green ). When speaking their breath comes out as a cold mist and it's noticeable when they breathe as well.
- Description:
Kekkei Genkai: Ice Release: Cryokinesis is the kekkei genkai which allows the user to create and utilize complete cold and ice manipulation. Clan members with this power are able to shoot rays of intense cold from their hands, feet or eyes, fire off icy constructs, and radiate cold all around them. They also have the ability to create ice crystals. The pent-up energy will finally become too much for the user's physiology to withstand, making them so intensely cold that they will start shivering on a hot summer day until they fully master their abilities. When they master their abilities they will have complete ice manipulation which causes their enemies tobe frozen in ice with an absolute zero temperature, which is so cold to the point where even the electrons stop moving in an atom. SubZero ( Kiryūin )clan members are able to form a rising column of ice beneath there feet, capable of lifting them off the ground. The tensile strength of the column is determined by its thickness, and its steadiness by how well it has been braced. A well-braced and regular column, 6 feet in diameter at its base, is able to support his weight without toppling for about 85 feet in a 40-mile per hour wind. By forming long ice-ramps connected either to his ice-column or to an existing structure like a building or a bridge, the user is able to travel above the ground by sliding down the ramp they are creating. Unless they create supports periodically, the ramp will crack beneath them, unable to support their combined weight.

This also gives the clan members the ability to lower their external and internal body temperature, projecting intense coldness from their body. Like any normal human being's, the nerve centers for regulating the user's body temperature are found in the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. However, the user of this Kekki Genkai can mentally override his hypothalamus to allow the body temperature to be lowered by an unknown internal mechanism. This ability converts the latent thermal energies in and around his body into an unknown form of energy that is efficiently dissipated. A related mutation has rendered the body tissues unaffected by sub-zero temperatures. The user can consciously, immediately lower their body temperature from its normal 98.6 Fahrenheit to absolute zero (The point where all molecular motion stops.) and lower within the span of a few tenths of a second. One user of this ability has shown that his power to generate cold is so great, that he was able to stop a fusion core explosion (a massive nuclear explosion).

As the body temperature falls, the surrounding moisture in the air that is in contact with them is similarly lowered. Just as condensed moisture forms frost, this moisture forms an icy covering which encompasses the user's entire body. It also obscures their facial features. When the user first begins to completely lower their body temperature, this covering took on a more snow-like appearance. But as they learned to increase the severity of their coldness, the covering assumed the consistency of crystalline ice that it has today. This ice constantly cracks with any movement of their body, and immediately reforms. (Hence, there is a cracking sound when the user, covered with ice, moves.) Through practice, every member of this clan has learned to control the intensity of their coldness, and they can selectively lower the temperature of isolated parts of their body.

This also allows the ability to control moisture such as to freeze any air moisture into super-hard ice. This ice can be formed into any object of their choosing: the only limitations are their own imagination, and the ambient air temperature which determines how long their ice sculpture will stay icy. They do not have to hold the ice physically with their hands in order to shape it. Apparently they can simply direct the waves of coldness they project in certain ways so as to create ice in the shape they desires. The SubZero (Kiryūin) clan members have a practically unlimited supply of moisture at all times since it is always present in the surrounding air or environment. Even desert air has sufficient moisture content for them to make practical use of. However, the mental effort needed to employ this Kekki Genkai could eventually fatigue the user and render their freezing ability temporarily dysfunctional.

[ Drawbacks & Weaknesses ]
Because it takes water and wind to use the ice element, members of the Kirūin clan are locked into having Water, Wind, and Ice only.
Genin will start with Ice but as new elements unlock and are available to them they can only take Wind and Water.

Elementally speaking Ice is weak against Fire because heat melts Ice.
Fire Jutsus can take out Ice Jutsus easily overpowering them by one rank.
[ example: D rank Fire jutsu can take out a C rank Ice jutsu ]

- Permission from me
- CANNOT have the fire element
- In Kiri ( unless discussed with me )
- Must be related to one another in some way.
Other Information:
Number of Members: 1/10

Clan Head: Satsuki Kiryūin

Clan Element:
Ice [ water + wind ]

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Re: Kiryūin Clan - Ice Release

Post by Takeshi on Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:31 am

Nothing wrong with it. Approved unless objection from anyone.


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