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Yagyuu Style: Marui Getsuei Kire

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Yagyuu Style: Marui Getsuei Kire

Post by Suijin on Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:10 pm

Jutsu Name: Marui Getsuei Kire - Circular Moon Slice
Rank: C
Type: Weaponry
Handsigns: N/A
Backstory: The Circular Moon Slice is a basic technique passed down throughout the Yagyuu clan for generations.

Range: The length of the user's sword.
Duration: One post.
Effect: The user, using controlled adrenaline, will increase their speed by approximately 15 stat points before dropping down low to the ground and swiftly swinging their blade in a full 360 degree rotation to slice clean through surrounding enemies. This is particularly useful against multiple enemies who are attacking simultaneously as it enables the user to quickly and decisively dispatch them with little to no effort. A skilled enough shinobi with superior speed and/or reflexes can successfully outmaneuver this technique. When used in conjunction with the Kurome form of the Kurogan, this technique can be especially lethal as the user can see all surrounding enemies and aim his blade accordingly to hit lethal areas of each before his blade even reaches the next target. A cooldown of two posts begins at the end of the technique.

- Yagyuu Clan

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Re: Yagyuu Style: Marui Getsuei Kire

Post by Takeshi on Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:23 am



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