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Ander Uchiha

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Ander Uchiha

Post by Ander on Mon Apr 14, 2014 5:45 pm

Name: Ander
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: June 5

Appearance: Ander is a white male with a fit body. His hair is a dark shade of brown normally long for a male, and he has dark Green eyes. He often wears a white T-shirt with the Ichiha clan symbol underneath a black hoodless jacket. He wears normal everyday pants and black shoes. On his right pants leg a chain connects from his pocket watch to his belt loop. He wears a matching normal black belt around his waist. Ander is a nicely sized boy for his age and stands 5'9 in hight and weighs about 144 pounds. His complextion isn't too light or too dark.

Personality: Ander tries to see the good things in people, most of the time. He knows the world is full of violence, but he tries to overlook that and concentrate on things like being happy and making others happy. Some would say he's sensitive, and it's partly true, but their is more to him. He has gone through quite a bit of trauma, more than enough to be considered emotionally healthy. Despite his nice come off Ander bites back a lot of his feelings. One being vengeance, he is probed to attack people who make fun or tease him about his family. Coming from the Uchiha bloodline has given him elemental power over fire an when alone he loves nothing more than to sculpt it and play with the flames. He shapes them basically into whatever is on his mind. If he's angry it might sculpt into a firey stick man eating up another firey stick man right in his palm. The truth about Ander is very mysterious, but after everything that he's seen he's learned to be more aware and does what he sees fit that would most help 'HIM' out. Also, even though he's pretty nice he (like anyone else) can be angered and lose control although for Ander he chooses to hold it in and let it out all at once.

Likes: Ice cream, a pocketwatch, fire.

Dislikes: Bullies, Braggers, Thugs.

Clan: Uchiha
Bloodline: Sharingan

Element: Fire.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.


Health: 11
Strength: 11
Speed: 30
Reflexes: 25
Chakra: 13
Stamina: 20

Village: Konoha.

Loyalty: Konohagakure.

Alignment: Good, Chaotic

Rank: B-Rank.


Note: Semi-Mature Content.

Ander was born fifteen years ago, but sadly it wasn't a planned birth...

Evangaline Uchiha had just turned nine-teen on a quite, sunny Thursday. She was trying to get all her chores done fast so she could go out and have a nice birthday. It didn't take long to clean up, but she still needed to fix lunch for the family as always. Throwing together some cheap ramen noodles she sat it down for her mother, father and little brother. The girls father was a kind man, and was an elite jounin in the village. Known for his Copy wheel eye of course. Her brother was also a decent fighter already mastering his genin exams and coming out with all A's from the Acadamy. His father was even going to help him to train later that summer. Evangalines mom wasn't a ninga however growing up all around she excelled in Medical ninjutsu from all the past volunteer work she did for the leaf village. Her fathers name was Alabaster, her brothers name was  Ray, and her mothers name was Avaline. They had all chipped each 300 Ryo for the beutiful young brunette. Unlike her family she had no knowledge of any jutsu. She chose a different path and was a master at cooking. She was currently working part time so she could open up her own Ramen shop...

    Now that all this basic information is out of the way I'll continue on. So after putting on some sandals, a skirt, and a white tank top she left the house to go hang out with some of her girl friends and shop for some clothes. That was the plan however an unexpected group of thugs would show up from behind the woods soon later. "Well look what we have here boys? It's that sexy virgin Waitress I'm always seeing at the store!" The middle/thug leader would shout grabbing the attention of the girl walking down the dirt road path. "Yeah she's hot, I can smell it from here she hasn't known a man." Evangaline was starting to get scared she had heard of this group from around town, but never expected to be one of their victims. "Look I don't want any trouble! If it Ryo you want you can have it all, I just wanna go okay!" Evangaline would say her voice cracking under the fright of what these thugs might do to her. Another one from the back of the group would laugh, "Haha I don't think the boss wants your money, I can see it in his eyes it's something else he wants outa you babe... Heh heh...

    Scared and defenseless the men chased her down and held her arms to the ground. Ripping off the girls top she screamed out in resistance. Then a new face would show up. In a complete white uniform he would speak in a confident yet easy-going manner. Hey let the girl go, she isn't your play thing bastards. Before I destroy you I'd suggest leaving NOW! The man had long hair that touched his shoulders and a ripped-muscular build. His cloak of white reached down to his knees and he had glimmering green eyes of pure badassery. No ninja headband was seen on him though. Which made the thugs laugh before standing up each pulling out a pocket knife and grinning.

   The boss thug would walk up smiling like he was entertained. If I were you IDE be the one leaving. I'm actaully pretty famous around these parts... Not of even the ninja have busted me yet. So before I kill you I'll give you approximately 10 seconds to run. the young teenage girl still on the ground grabbing for her shirt to cover her now half naked body. The man in white still stood there still as chill as ever. The boss-thug would yell, I told you scram asshole! Now annoyed the thug rushed with his knife ready to gut this "hero poser".

Not so fast man.. The white ninja said almost bored with this foolish fool. In a quick movement a glowing red chakra energy instantly exploded off the male and in one hand motion he flipped the man over himself onto the ground. He then threw his leg around crushing the same arm he used to flip the man Instantly breaking it. Next time you should have more respect for a lady. Then maybe you won't get your ass whooped so fast... Yo come scoop up your friend! The thugs quickly grabbed their friend and "made like a banana and split" the mysterious white ninja would reach into his pocket and pull out a long cloth he walked up to the beutiful damsel in distress and wrapped it around her back over her front. So to cover her body as he took her to the ninja officials to bust those rapeist scum...
    The white ninja was soon found out to be Liam a sage from a another village. After informing the ninja police, The thugs were put behind bars. Evangaline couldn't shake off her feelings for the ninja and fell in love with him. It wasn't long before they got together and... Well lets just say she got pregnant. Unfortunately, Liam was called off back to his village for a top secret SS mission and word had it he never returned, but no one knows for sure what happened. After having her baby the now 21 year old woman began to care for it, along with her parents helping and her brother she was happy, with the exception of her lover...

    A full four years went by and Ander was now able to think, well sorta. He would walk around and do his own thing while the rest of the family had taken a hard blow. Granny Avaline had took an uneasy last two years suffering from an uncurable cancer in her brain. She had recently died a couple weeks earlier. Ander didn't really know what was going on besides the fact that he couldn't figure out where his grandma went. Evangaline was now the only one making money for the house/family because Alabastor had come down with a serious case of depression and was let go of his job as a Jonin. Ray was getting by with his life exceptionally good. Now a top-scoring chunin who had just became the youngest ninja to be invited into the ANBU black ops. Because of this he moved out, but sent Evangaline a couple thousand Ryo per year to help with their dad. He also came to visit his nephew Ander which was great for the energetic little guy. Somehow they managed to get by for a little while.

    Another five years goes by and Ander is now a nine year old prodigy himself at work that include reseaching ancient and powerful skills he is always the frst to jump on. Scoring some of the best grades in the academy Evangaline was so proud of her baby boy. Grandpa Alabastor had come down with sickness and now wasn't as depressed, but harder to take care of. Whenever Ander got the chance, he always disappeared to Grandpas room to talk about all the exciting missions and fun stuff he'd done in his days as a ninja. Ander loved his grandpas stories with a passion an couldn't wait for the amazing stories he'd tell his grand-kids as well.

    One day Ander came in to talk to his gramps about a story, but was amazed to see the old man as happy as a king. Grampa? What's up what are you doing? the old man with his walking stick was trotting around singing, until the young Uchiha walked in. Ahh good morning my boy! How are you? I'm great! I just got word that Ray is being appointed the leader of the ANBU black ops and will go off for his first leadership mission in a couple months. He's far exceeded my legacy. Oh and he sent this with the letter. It's for the "next rising Uchiha". The old man brought over a golden pocket watch. It had the clan symbol on it coated with a lustrous black trim. When it fell into the boys hands he Automatically felt more confident. This is great Grampa, what a high achievement right out of our house! Evangaline from the next room would walk in What's all the Commotion for you two? Haha. after hearing the news from Alabastor she quickly wrote Ray a letter of congratulations.

     Now Ander is thirteen and he has mastered the first Tomoe of the Sharingan through sheer will and training from Grandpa Alabastor. Mother Evangaline has succeeded in opening her ramen shop and has maintained it for a whole year and a half. Little does she know those thugs have now finished there sentence and want some revenge on the hot little number that put them in jail so long ago. While Ander was at school the disgusting perverts broke into her ramen shop held her down at knife point and had their way with her, while holding hostages to watch in horror. After this humiliation they took her home to humiliate her right in front of the late great Uchiha, Alabastor. Which they did cruelly and vulgarly. When Ander got home he found his family brutally stabbed to death with the ninja already there investigating. After asking who it was and getting a picture for each he hunted them down and finished them, killing all of the thugs without mercy. The ninja never found out who did it, but ever since then Ander has been able to activate the second Tomoe.

    Uncle Ray heard of the news, but if he took the boy in then the village would know of his top secret background as an ANBU so he had no choice, but to let the kid live by himself. When the Chunin exams came in Ander passed with ease. Easily taking out the enemies by breaking down states they excelled in. He now just does random missions and does his own thing wherever, but leaving the village to explore the world highly fascinates him.

Family: Uchiha Clan Members. / Uncle Ray.(npc)

Acquaintances: None.

RP Sample:

Ander had just woken up from a long nap, he had a headache, but it would pass. Grabbing his things he made his way to the center of town to get a mission. A quick D-rank should do for now. grabbing the paper off the wall in the mission building he made his way out to the downtown area of Konoha in hopes of finding a cat that was marked on the paper as being orange and very feisty. Looking around he made his way down allies, streets, and even checked the trees.

This is getting annoying...

As his day continued to be wasted he picked up some ice cream and checked around some houses. He wondered if someone had just put up a fake mission to mess with people. Looking around he couldn't see anything that matched the cats discription. Heading back to the Mission building. He came to find that the cat had already been found, the quest just wasn't taken' down. This annoyed him greatly, but he pushed the thought from his head and continued on.

This time his mission was to deliver flowers to a boutique on the other side of town. The reason Ander was only doing D-ranks today was because he was looking forward to a day of relaxation.

Hah go figure...

The delivery wasn't hard in fact it was as simple as a thirty-minute walk and a twenty minute walk to the store. He grabbed a soda and rested for about ten minutes. After he was done he made his way back to quest giver to collect his Ryo.

Finally, now time to go train...

Heading to the sparring areas he signed his name down on a slip of paper and in a matter of no time he had a sparring partner. The other guy didn't look like much, but this was life no holding back! Ander would run the kid down going for three jabs to the face, sweep the leg and jump backwards and wait for the kid to pick himself up. As the boy was getting up Ander would run this time pushing all his speed into and ending the fight with drop-kick. That was game the kid Had just K.Oed before he could even lay a punch.

Sighing the young Uchiha would leave. Bored out of his mind he couldn't find anything to do despite the warm weather, maybe he just wasn't into it today? He was hoping for an actaul challenge down at the training facility, but yet again a bunch of noobs trying to challenge a seasoned Chunin. He decided to go home and fix himself some food.

After eating his meal he jumped in the shower and washed up. Making sure to clean his body nicely. Next, he threw on some pajamas and brushed his teeth. He'd lay in bed and read a book.

Its not like I've got something better to do.

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Re: Ander Uchiha

Post by Takeshi on Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:44 pm

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