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Post by Lelouch on Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:16 am

Name: Lelouch, Currently known as L2
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: January 19

Appearance: Eternal life had not affected Lelouch's skin, and neither had it paid it's toll on his appearance. Although he had been alive for hundreds of years, he still look like a 20 year old, since he hasn't aged ever since he received the "Code". Lelouch has smooth skin, one that seems as if he had never went through puberty. That would seem strange for a guy and especially for a ninja, but it seems after inheriting the code, most of his scars disappeared. It's as if the code returned him his youth, forever.

Lelouch's eyes are violet in color, one that he hates, since these eyes were inherited from his father. These eyes, though beautiful, is detested by Lelouch because it reminds him of his father. His eyes aren't as small as his countrymen, which usually stands out together with its color. It's one of the characteristics that people notice about him first.

One of Lelouch's most redeeming factor is his smile. The way his pale lips curve fits together well with his gentle eyes, one that had been through both good and bad times. Lelouch always smiles when talking to people, easily capturing their hearts. If first impression is important, Lelouch has that in the bag.

One of his characteristics that Lelouch is proud of is none other than his hair, that he inherited from his beloved mother. His ebony hair stretches till his neck, and Lelouch leaves it this way. His hair naturally spikes at the edge, giving Lelouch a cool fringe.

It's true that his smile is what makes him so charming. However, this same smile can be one that shows his true side. His twisted maniacal smile is one so special that is so fitting for the best mastermind of all time. Just showing that smile will show you that you have been outsmarted....many times over. This same smile can destroy satisfaction or the sense of accomplishment of others, as his smile is one that provokes and show his pride.

On his forehead lays a tattoo of his clan's symbol, which stretches from one end of his forehead to the other, with the arc stretching right between eyes. This clan symbol is usually hidden under his fringe. When his blood boils with anger or hatred, this tattoo turns fiery red and shines, signifying his anger.

What Lelouch usually wear is different from what normal shinobi wears. Lelouch wears a coat and pants that is purple and gold-lined. His clothings are similar to ones worn in England during the 18th centuries. His long, sleeved light purple shirt is worn under the cloak. The cloak is left unbutton to show the cravat, the huge frilly handkerchief look-a-like worn like a tie. This outfit gathers eyes as Lelouch walk through the street, but Lelouch pays no heed to them. Around his coat, Lelouch puts on a black cape, outlined with gold. The collar of this cape points up to the point above his head. This looks really cool during a meeting and summit. This outfit makes Lelouch seem to be off royal bloodline, a bloodline he inherited through his dad.

Personality: Immortality had changed Lelouch a lot. As years of emptiness pass, Lelouch have gathered so much personality as he observed people. He learnt to put on a mask depending on the occasion. He has learnt which personality fits well to the current situation. He is someone who loves manipulating a lot, and his speech is elloquent and charming, allowing him to capture anyone whose heart he desires.

Lelouch is an intelligent person who is also calm, due to his long experience in the world. He doesn’t freaks out or overreacts. When facing a difficult situation, he would just keep calm instead of wasting his time on emotions. He has learnt that if he used his time thinking or analyzing the situation instead of entertaining his emotions, he could actually solve the problem easier and quicker. Lelouch is also always prepared to learn new things. He loves learning, since to him, knowledge is power. To an immortal, strength, speed, reflexes; none of those matter, only knowledge does.

Lelouch enjoys manipulating and deceiving the emotions, thoughts and actions of people. He loves seeing people act under his influence; like a puppeteer. He loves experimenting the "cause and effect" experiment on people. Instead of trying it on himself, he does it on others. He loves seeing people being played in his hands. Since he knows he has eternal life, he does this as a time passer.

Although he can act like many people, he has his own emotion; one of pride and indifference. Being of a royal family indeed made Lelouch prideful. Not only that, his intelligence and hundred of years worth of experience has indeed made him a proud person that looks down on those who aren't worth his time. He is quick to judge someone, and anyone who isn't worth anything in his eyes immediately becomes his pawn.

However, no matter how much he looks down on someone, he will pretend to be nice to them, by smiling and acting like a good guy. He doesn't show his true intentions or emotions; he loves to deceive people, hence being called a deceiver. He loves acting passionately, and after years of living in this world, he knows a fitting expression for any situation.

Lelouch loves feeling dominant; that is why he loves controlling people. As a leader, he acts as a tyrant. He believes that most countries fall under certain leaders because of irrational decisions by them. To prevent such things from happening, Lelouch decides to be the tyrant, where only he makes the decision. He trusts his judgement, and doesn’t doubt it. He’s read tons of history scrolls, therefore he knows what decision to make depending on the circumstance.

In battles, Lelouch plays a part as a support; a healer, a booster, but definitely not a frontline killer. It is against the code to fight, therefore Lelouch doesn’t fight, even if he wants to so badly. As he used to be an assassin, he sometimes envy those who doesn’t have the code, since he wants to once again distill pain and torture those he hates.

Likes: Tea, Peace, Reading, manipulating people, learning new stuff.
Dislikes: Scrubs, People who talks big, yet they don’t have the skills to back it up, Boredom, peace.

Clan: Keruto No
Bloodline: Keltiasome

Element: /
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu

Stats: 185 + 10
Health: 10
Strength: 10
Speed: 40
Reflexes: 40
Chakra: 65
Stamina: 30

Village: Kirigakure
Loyalty: Indifferent
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Rank: S-Sannin


Hundreds of years before ninjutsu and such appeared, a special person came to earth. Someone, who will surpass the abilities of ordinary men. His name was Lelouch. In a world where war was a normal occassion, Lelouch destiny was set. Lelouch's father was a king, while his mother was a peasant, who was caught in an affair with his dad. Because of this, he was hated by the courtiers, and his siblings, who was of royal blood, unlike his illegitimate blood. He loved his mother, who showered him with his love, where else he despised his father, who ignored his mum and his existence. Although they stayed under the same castle, he never had the chance to speak to his dad.

As he grew up, he was never granted his father's presence, and neither does he and his mum have the right to feast together on the same table as the king. They were given a separate table, of where they will never be able to be acknowledge. Though he was the black sheep of the court, he was still provided with food fit for a prince, clothings, a fine furnished room, and lessons. He was taught literature, history, math, science and a lot more subject. In an era of war, he was, of course, taught the art of fighting. He learnt to wield the katana, and he soon grew fond of it. He would practice the moves of kenjutsu till he mastered each moves and techniques.

By the time he reached the age of 15, he was known to be one of the most skilled Kenjutsu master throughout the land. He knew that through this fame of his, he will soon receive his dad's recognition, one that he strives for among his siblings, even though he hates his dad. Gaining fame and recognition would equal to the throne, which Lelouch want. Being always transparent to everybody in the court, all Lelouch want is attention, and he has gained a lot of it now.

It was only a matter of time till his father would demand his presence. And Lelouch was soon called for the king's presence. As he approached his father's throne room, he knelt, as it was a custom to everyone who is in the king's presence. For the first time, his father spoke to him, "Arise, my son." As he stood up and looked at his father, he could see his father's warm smile amd that melted his hatred for his father. All he ever wanted was his father's acknowledment and now he had succeed. His father smiled at him, helped him up, and took a walk with him around the rotal garden, as they had a long chat. Right before they bid farewell, his dad offered him the position of the general of the army. Lelouch gladly accepted it, and was enthusiastic in serving his country; his father. He told his mum the good news, and she was proud and happy for him. Lelouch then got ready for his first battle.

The Fall:
Lelouch served under his father's army as a general, slowly winning battles with his supreme sword skills and his leadership. He was famous for his swift offensive, always striking with a perfect strategy, easily outmaneuvering the enemy, even with a huge army. Slowly, but steadily, he gained the recognition and respect of the land. He also gained his father's favor, and his sibling's jealousy.

At the age of 18, Lelouch gained the right to challenge for the position of successor. In this country, at the age of 18, any of the prince can request to be the successor of the throne. This way, if the current king pass away, the successor can immediately take charge without any family feuds. Of course, Lelouch took this opportunity to request to be a successor. His father grinned, and gave him a deal. If he could conquer their rival village, the position is his. Lelouch, who was confident about his abilities, accepted the challenge.

It took him days to plan his invasion. He sent scouts to gather the enemy's tactics, fighting styles, and size. He also gained knowledge of their battles. He drilled his army through with new commands and tactics. He had everything planned, all he needed to do was execute the plan. He was waiting for the perfect moment, and everything will be his in seconds. He had transported half his army inside the city, to defeat them from the inside, while his other half destroys the enemy from the outside.

Finally, the day for the invasion arrived. When midnight shrouded the sky, and the moon was at its peak, Lelouch continurf waiting at the city's outskirt, waiting for his opportunity. He could see a huge cloud in the air, flowing towards the moon's direction. The moment the cloud covered and shrouded the moon, Lelouch shouted the order. Immediately after listening to his outcry, his troops immediately went forth and charged into the city. The troops inside the city devastated the village, and the troops outside destroyed the walls. The enemies were confused due to the element of surprise and the total darkness. When the cloud passed the moon, all that was left standing was none other than Lelouch's troop, who with pride, raised their banner of victory, and in unison, shouted, “All hail the heir of the throne, Prince Lelouch!” With this challenge in the bag, Lelouch smiled, and went home, ready to claim his position as Successor to the Throne.

As he came home, he requested for his father’s presence. It was granted, with ease, and he entered his father’s throne room. As he knelt down, he said, “Father, I’ve achieved your condition, and succeeded in the challenge. Have I proved myself worthy for the throne?” His father, who smiled at him, grabbed two chalice of wine, and offered it to him, saying “Today, is a day to celebrate. Drink, my son, drink!” Lelouch grabbed the chalice, and drank it. After that, he blanked out.

When he woke up, he realized he was chained up, in the dungeons. His father, was in front of him, his legs on his head, saying, “Hahahaha, good job, my son. You’ve been a useful pawn, and you have served me well. However, your time is up.” Lelouch, who was surprised, answered, “Father, are you okay? Did something happen to you??” His father, gave off a menacing laugh, and answered, “All this time, I’ve deceived you well. I’ve given you all the trainings so that you’ll be a useful pawn, and I succeeded. All this time, was a gamble, to see if you will serve me well, or you would just be a useless pawn to me. Did you really think I would allow the son of a prostitute to become King? Over my dead body. You were never supposed to suffer this fate. You were supposed to continue being my pawn, defeating my enemies for me. However, you’ve gained the people’s trust. I can no longer let you roam freely, waiting for a coup d'etat. Here’s a surprise for you.”

After finishing his sentence, his father took a sack out and untied it, revealing his tortured mother from the bag. “While you were out for the challenge, I’ve tortured this whore, for raising you wrongly. You were never supposed to challenge me to be a successor. You were supposed to be a silent pawn, only to serve me. Remember son, the strong isn’t the one who will rule. It is those who can deceive and manipulate the strong. Say goodbye to your mother, Lelouch.” After finishing his sentence, his father, Charles, pulled out a sword, and cleanly slit his mother’s throat. A sharp scream of agony echoed through the dungeon.

Lelouch was left in the dungeon to slowly die. However, fate had another offer for him. Lelouch was approached by a hooded figure, who freed him, and offered him the ability of immortality, the ability of Keltiasome. Lelouch left his homeland, and swore never to return again.

Family: Long dead
Acquaintances: Jojo

RP Sample: Finally, after the long walk, Zenkichi finally made it to his destination. Today was an eventful day. Not only did he had a little fight, but he had also been to one of the driest country, and now he is in one of the wettest. Two extreme weather for today. Rainy days were hated by Rengar, therefore Zenkishi hid Rengar deep beneath his cloak. As he walked through the city, he could feel the aura around the country; a gloomy one. Constant rain had lowered everyone's emotion, making them all gloomy and less productive. No wonder they were just a minor nations.
"Hmmm. Where are we supposed to meet again?" thought Zenkichi. He then pulled out a note he made to remind himself. As he looked at the note, he remembered it was at a teahouse. As he he finished reading, the rain had already blotched his ink. He then crumpled it and threw it into a puddle, letting it slowly soak and sink into the puddle.
Zenkichi then walked towards the teahouse they were meeting in. He opened the door, and a tiny bell jingled. This was not the teahouse he pictured. The normal teahouse he goes to are the quiet ones; this teahouse showed that it was like a tavern. As he looked around, he saw 3 people,  each wearing the same cloak as him. He then walked towards them, took a sit, saying, "I'm sorry I'm late. I had a tiny scuffle in Suna and I kinda forgot about this meeting. I'm so glad we can all meet. I'm a new member and I'm pretty sure most of you don't know me. My name is Zen. What's your names?". Zenkichi then stretched his hand out, offering a handshake as he introduced himself to his fellow Akatsuki members.
Other Characters: Zenkichi
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Re: Lelouch

Post by Lelouch on Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:43 am


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Re: Lelouch

Post by Suijin on Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:42 am

Approved for now. Razz
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Re: Lelouch

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