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Koutetsu Nara [Done]

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Koutetsu Nara [Done]

Post by Koutetsu Shiranui on Sun Apr 13, 2014 7:37 pm

Name: Koutetsu Nara
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthday:  Oct 23


Koutetsu is a fairly lean and athletic male whose looks and stature betray his actual age. Standing at 5'12 and weighing 190 lbs, Koutetsu in appearance looks like someone in their mid-teens or possibly younger. The hair which encompasses Koutetsu's head is jet black and falls to his neck while his bangs fall longer and stop directly at his shoulders and sit on the sides of his face. Unlike most of the members of the Nara clan his hair is always seen out and flowing rather than in a pony tail simply because it is more free and feels better to him. Koutetsu's eyes however are classified in two different shades, one being yellow which is always seen and its second color which is green but this unique coloration only appears when he goes into a fight. This change in coloration is due to his unique and often mistaken love for fighting or rather the planning and execution of tactics that come with it. Moving onto his clothing, Koutetsu sports a sleeveless hoody/vest which sits closely to his body and black loose fitting pants. On his arms are two tattoo's each of which are the same, these tattoo's are both of a black snake wrapping around his arms and stop on top of his hands. Another notable thing about Koutetsu is that he wears no shoes or socks and prefers to be barefooted at all times.
Known for being the quiet and reserved type, Koutetsu also carries the innate and often troublesome traits that each Nara male has. Outside of his office and around the village Koutetsu displays a kind and compassionate side for all of his village, stooping so low as to help many of the merchants sell their good or help the elderly with their shopping if they require it. Being a man of his village for his village Koutetsu will do whatever needs to be done to help his village prosper, even  shirk off his Kage duties to help with whatever needs to be done.

Outside of his Loving side for the village he also has his Kage side which is strictly business or inside of the office when his ninja report to him directly. Although he holds each one of his ninja in the highest of standards, any sort of insubordination or otherwise something else that would piss him off results in seeing a side of him that many have not been too pleased about. When dealing with things that are either private or things of which that deal with the villages dirty work, he shows an intense yet seriously manner which some confuse with his serious side when it comes to fighting or sparring.

The last bit of his personality stems from his clan heritage, the Nara's. Being a nara or well in his case has gifted him with an extreme intellect and above all a superior laziness. Although he will be as serious as he can while in his office working, he can not help but slack off and do other things until his secretary bugs him to do so or someone comes in to speak with him. His intelligence however is a key asset that he uses to help the village's economic standings as well as future military planning, however even with his high intellect he still finds himself being overly cocky when fighting someone and gets pissed when things do not go according to plan.
Likes: Shadows, Relaxing, Shogi, Tea, Sleeping, Women, Miso, Hot Springs and his village
Dislikes: Nagging, Boredom, Long Meetings, Losing, Uncertainties , Unknown Probabilities

Clan: Nara
Bloodline: Shadow Possession

Element: Fire
Specialty:  Ninjutsu, Taijutsu

Stats: 205
Health: 20
Strength: 15
Speed: 53
Reflexes: 50
Chakra: 52
Stamina: 15

Village: Konoha
Loyalty: Konoha
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Rank: Kage

Birth-Genin- Koutetsu was born in Konoha during one of its many times of peace into the Nara clan which at the current time was lead by Niicharu Nara and his wife Saku Nara. Their son whom they named Koutetsu Nara was given to the world during a respectable time where war wasn't a necessity and kids could grow up without being made to fight as soon as they were of age. Koutetsu from the beginning of his life was a quiet and somewhat typical for a kid of his age and stature but when he had became four that is when his life had turned up a couple of notches when his first mistake was mixing some of his father's medicinal fixtures and blowing up a small portion of the room. Before joining the academy, Koutetsu had spent his time with his father studying and helping out around his medicine shop while attending to the deer that he had specifically been tasked to watch, one of which became his friend and pet.

During his time in the Academy Koutetsu was  known for his bright attitude and also his aptitude with Ninjutsu and its basic fundamentals. His abilities when it came down to executing and showing how well he could use each jutsu taught in the academy were superb but the only main issue with him was his encroaching laziness and sometimes he would simply walk out of the classroom just to get a breath of air and go to sleep. When it came down to the graduation exam however he had shown that through his lazy demeanor and sometimes sporadic behavior that his skills were still above all.

The path as a Genin was interesting for the young Nara as he spent most of it in his father's shop and if not there he was most likely out with his genin squad. Like all Nara members he was partnered with a Yamanaka and a Akimichi although unlike his father he would be joined with a male Yamanaka and a female Akimichi. It was weird at first being apart of a team like this and especially when he had seen so many other generations of the great combination. None the less he would offer his services to the trio and try not to mess anything up but as usual his laziness had begun to get the best of him. As his days of being a Genin continued, Koutetsu would slowly begin to work towards the medical aspects of his clan's business honing his knowledge with different medical plants and their various uses.

Chuunin-Jounin:When it came time for the chuunin exams however Koutetsu was ready as he was going to be but in the end it had simply came down to his training and his team. As time begun to wind down and the exams were drawing closer and closer, the team that Koutetsu had been on dubbed Team Four of Konoha or throughout his or rather their clans, the tenth generation of Shika-Ino-Cho. Part one of the chuunin exams went of without a hitch as he was the only one in the room to fall asleep during the first half of the exam and still manage to go through the questions without the slightest hint of timidness. The second part of the exams would be one of the easiest for the trio seeing as Koutetsu's intellect and luck had gotten them through it. Though most of the other two trials were filled with trouble, Koutetsu and his team made it through and became Chuunin.

It had only taken him a couple of months to complete the Jounin exams of Konoha and become a Jounin. During this phase of his life, he took on many missions ranking from A to S. He became more and more recognizable in the village as a respectable ninja. From being a lazy ninja to a full ninja, Koutetsu had rather enjoyed his indifferent life. It was at the is point that the village was in need of a leader, the council of Konoha deciding that they should have a Kage rather than running the village themselves. During this time the council had screened every jounin level ninja for the fitting credentials to be leader, unfortunately they chose the right and wrong one. Calling him to the central chamber, Koutetsu was told of his up and coming promotion....to Hokage. At first he had thought this to be a sad joke, thinking he could be the Kage, until they showed him the papers showing him to be the new Kage. Although he would have to wait until the proper time, for age since they came up with some dumb tradition for the Kage's to be over twenty now.. Instead of becoming Kage, Koutesu decided to take the spot of ANBU until either a more suitable candidate was found or of course he took it for himself.

Family: Father: Niicharu Nara
Mother:  Saku Nara
Acquaintances: None

RP Sample:
It was a dark and stormy night as the young boy returned to his home, now 14 the time had come for him to finally conquer his future and obtain his future. He would be walking through the doors when his father and mother were standing in the living room, their clothes being the same as he was wearing except their Kosada were white with black sleeves. Nakara knew what this meant and only stood as his father began to look at him,"Son it is time for you to accept your fate and become head of this family..become the next leader. You are the age the tradition states that you must fight me and either defeat me or die," his father's tone was harsh and cold not like his usual tone. His mother would only stand by the father and nod, her voice sounding just the same as his,"Your father is right, you have been trained since a young age and now is your time to prove your worth not only to this village but to this clan," as they both walked past him they would say in sync,"Come with us and face your fate as they walked into the street waiting for him.

Nakara would walk out of the house as an ominous wind blew past his face," I knew of this day since you two first told me i was going to be the next leader, i have trained up for this day. Each sweat drop, each drop of blood has been shedded for this one moment. I will live up to the expectations you and the clan has set up for me.," as he stood behind them and walked as they did. He would be lead deep into the forest where their clan's oldest building resided. The flag of the clan flowed in the wind as they all stopped in front of it. Nakara's father would stop in front of the door opening it slowly looking at Nakara,"Enter this building and be prepared to fight your way to your destiny," as the father disappeared in a plume of smoke,his mother walking behind him and hugging him tightly,"I love you my son and know that we always did...please survive," as she disappeared a flash, leaving him alone by the door.

Nakara would look at the door and enter as the door closed behind him, being encased in utter darkness as he looked around,"What the hell is going on here, what happened to the lights," as almost as if on cue the four torches lit up the room as a ninja was sitting in the middle holding a sword. This ninja carried the symbol of the clan as he stood up,"Welcome young Nakara to your first test, there will be six in total that will have to defeat even those close to you might be opponents. A leader must choose between life or death...either for himself or his clansmen," as he unsheathed his sword slowly he would open his eyes to Nakara showing he was blind,"Now Nakara, come at me and show me which do you choose," as the man dashed towards Nakara with blinding speed. Before he would even have time to react he would feel the man's elbow drive into his gut sending him into the wall, crashing with a thud that echoed through the room.

Nakara would let out a yelp as blood had begin to slowly seep from his mouth dropping to his knees as he gasped for breath. His breathing would return to normal as the man stood there looking at him,"I am disappointed in you...after my first hit you are already down..is this the future we have entrusted to you," as the man pointed his sword at Nakara. He would stand up and pull at his wires,"This is not all i have to show..i will defeat you old man and i will pass these tests," as his wires went flying at him with the simplest of movements. He know knew that this was a true matter of life and death and was going to treat it as such. The wires were infused with his chakra making what was once four become two as they started to converge on the man. The old man would smirk as he disappeared and reappeared behind him, bringing the sword down on his shoulder. Nakara gasped as he quickly rolled out of the way, moving the wires to grab at him again this time coming from a different angle than before. With his swift movements he was going to capture this man in a trap he could not see coming. The old man scoffed, setting the blade of the sword asunder with lightning as he struck the wires causing a clash between the two,"You are getting wiser young one, but remember the answer lies in your own abilities..think about your past battles," as he deflected the wires and came at him again, this time Nakara being prepared as he sidestepped to the right and jumped backwards. He would listen to the man's wise words and think about all of the training he did in the past.


Nakara would be training with his father in the woods, his father had just launched an attack faster than Nakara could see or predict as he quickly fell on his ass at the sheer speed of it. His father would stop in front of him with a Kunai and shake his head,"Son you need to know that just because you cannot see the attacks does not mean you cannot do anything about it. Even if i am faster than you, you can still do something. Listen to your surroundings and watch for things my boy," as he patted his head. Nakara would stand up and ready himself as he pulled his Kunai out and readied himself. He would look at his father who would nod and disappear. He would look at the spot his father disappeared. In his mind he would play everything in a slower time frame. Analyzing his surroundings, as he heard the shifting of the branches in a nearby tree and the falling leaves soon after. Nakara would nod as he threw his Kunai into tree, hearing the metallic sound of the Kunai's clashing as his fell to the ground and his father landing right beside it. Picking it up, his father would toss it to him and smile,"There you go my son..if you use your senses you will find a way to counter attack and to survive," patting his head as the world slowly went back to normal.

[Flashback End]

Nakara would shake his head as reality had set in a small smile on his face as he awaited his opponents next move. Waving his hand at the man, signaling he was ready as he disappeared. Nakara would close his eyes and take a deep breath, opening them and looking around observing his surrounding. The floor was wood, which would mean a couple of the boards would be either loose or ragged, making sounds as they were stepped on. The flames would still show a shadow if the man stopped and continued which made his attack pattern predictable. He would hear a small creak come from the side of him as he waved his hand making the wires swiftly move over to their destination. The wires would wrap around the man as the sword would stab into the wood,"Hahaha perfect young master perfect, now what will you do kill me or let me live...these are choices you will have to make not only as a ninja but as the head of this clan," looking in Nakara's direction, or one could say even into him. Walking over he would grab the sword and release the man, cutting his shoulder with them sword, but not to deep,"If i killed you..what would that prove, you are a strong warrior of this clan and i need you, with that slash the old you is dead and a new one is born, from now on you are my warrior..my blade," as he handed the man the blade and put up his wires.

The old man would laugh and sit down crossing his legs,"you are an interesting one...i want to see how far you can go as the leader now, go on through the next door and prepare for the next challenge," as he tapped the sword onto the ground. A door would open on the right side as it slid open, the old man handing the sheathed weapon to Nakara,"This sword is yours now..it was made for you and is your passage onto the next test," as Nakara took it he would feel a new power wash over him as all of his strength and chakra would be replenished. Walking through the door he would prepare for the next challenge.

As he walked through the door, it would close behind him as a chair would appear in the middle of the room and three torches would encompass the room. In front of the chair would be a women, another member of his clan that would motion him to the door,"Sit my dear and let us begin your next test. My name is of little importance and you will need all of what you have learned from your mother to pass this test.," as Nakara sat down he would wonder what she meant by that. As he sat down her hand would be open palmed over each leg,"This is a test of your feelings, both strong and internal. Each time you answer me wrong i shall hit you, and with each hit a different effect will happen. During this you will pass out and if not answered to my expectations you will die," as she opened her eyes, those orange eyes staring into him nodding that it had begun,"What does it mean to show compassion," she asked looking at him. Nakara would look at her and sigh,"Compassion..in the clan means to show mercy to those who are weak and are unable to fight back...In life Compassion is a Human emotion which dictates how we feel for one another, but to a ninja Compassion is an emotion that does not carry any weight or notion in an enemies eyes," as he looked into her eyes. She sighed and nodded signifying she put a finger to her lips and smiled,"this will be harder than i expected.

Now i will test you with this final question...You have an option of saving yourself or the clan, which will you choose
," looking at him with those piercing eyes. Nakara was always taught to put himself before the clan, but could not answer this question,"I do not..know," she shook her head as her fist slammed into his stomach repeatedly, blood coming from his mouth as he coughed,"Give me a real answer or you will die," the next barrage of punches would put him near unconscienceness. His vision swimming as the answer came to him. As the next punched reared his stomach he would catch it,"My answer is simple..i would risk my life to save this clan..without this clan what point is there of having a leader if there is no one to protect..no one to lead. This clan is my body and i am the blood and heart that keeps this body alive," as he pushed her hand back slowly. She would pull him into a hug and kiss him on the lips. He would feel revitialized as he blushed and looked at him,"You shall be a great leader and your cute to boot...if only you were older. Now enter through the next door and take your fourth test...the person you face will not be as easy as the blind man or myself," as she motioned him to the door. Nakara would nod and walk through the door, the door closing behind him as he stood in the middle of the room.

The room's wall would be covered in cherry blossoms and instead of a floor there would be multiple standing posts for the floor. On the other end was a women, and one he knew too well. It was his mother as she stood there with a large Naginata in her hand. She was wearing a long flowing Kimono with cherry blossoms on it much like the walls as she smiled and spoke,"You finally made it son...Congratulations on making to the fourth test-the test of will/ The goal is simple defeat me, or die...you were warned that i would not hold back and i will not.," she giggled as she swung the Naginata around. Nakara would give a sad face as he looked at her. He could not fight his own mother..he did not have it in him,"Mother i cannot fight you...you know i can-," he sentence stopped short as the blade of the Naginata cut his face, leaving a cut on his right cheek,"I do not care about what you cannot do..you will either fight or die," as she brought the blade back and cut his right arm.

Nakara would jump back and hold his arm,"I cannot do this..it is impossible for me," he thought in his head as he pulled the blade he recieved from the old man and held it in his right hand. He would not harm his mother at any cost. She would come at him like a phantom leaving after images of her as she appeared in front of him, aiming for his gut, but he blocked it with the blade. She would quickly swing the blade to his right side, attempting to cut at his leg. He would try to block the blade, but to no avail as he was kicked into the wall. He would hit the wall with a thud as he stood back up. She was getting pissed by the moment seeing him not fight back at his full potential and body flickered right in front of him, kicking him back into the wall repeatedly,"Do you not understand that i will kill you, son or not you need to man up now," as she bounced him off of the wall and kicked him to the other end. Nakara would hit the wall with a thud, leaving a body dent inside of it as he coughed up a alot of blood. His body would be slumped against the wall as he sat there one eye open,"If...i do not do anything i will die..and my dream will be unfulfilled. It cannot end here," as he stood up shaking, even the sword was shaking,"i have to win..no matter the cost," as he began to spit out some blood onto the ground. His eyes dead set on his mother as he dashed at her,"I WILL NOT LOSE,' as his blade met his mothers. She threw another kick, in which he blocked with his own leg. Throwing his right hand forward the wires would grapple the Naginata, as he pulled it from her grip and threw it, kicking her into the wall and pressing the blade to his mothers throat,"I command you to give up," his eyes full of determination. His mother would nod and say no more as the door opened. As he walked through the door he would look back to her,"Thank you Mother for the lessons you have instilled into me and i love you," as the door had shut behind him. A small tear could be seen from her face as the door closed.

The hallway would light up as he traversed it going up multiple stairs as he reached a door with the clans symbol on it. The door would slide open as he looked in. His father would be standing in a traditional fighting style similar to the Shaolin fighting style. He would look to his son and smile,"Welcome my son..to your nightmare....this is simple fight me until that sand runs out." pointing to a hourglass,"if you can survive you pass...if you shall fail you will die simple as that now begin," as he was already in his face. None of his injuries were healed from the previous fight and seeing his father this close meant business. Nakara would use the wires on his calf muscles, by flexing his hands and calves, making them sprawl out, stopping his fathers attack as he backed up.

His father would chuckle as he looked at him, running at him at a fast pace. His palm would strike true, forcing Nakara back to the wall as he hit it with a thud. More blood would be coughed up as his dark purple eyes would gaze over to the hourglass. It was not even half way down like the sands were mocking him. As he stood up he would become enthralled in a fierce combo that would drop him to his knees, his Kosada ripped. His father struck him with his fist faster than Nakara could see ripping the clothing from the sheer power. Nakara fell to his knees blood coming from his forehead and his body as he fell limp. Everything flashed before his eyes like a dream, the world growing cold and distant as he could feel himself slipping from his body. Something continued to scream at him, making him stay in his body. The voice was his as he stood up slowly at first looking unconscience,"Shut up voice i am up..and i will not give up just yet," as he ripped off the remaining shreds of his Kosada only reavealing his bare chest and his gloves, which came to his forearms. He would look at his father and chuckle,"You have not beaten me yet old man, now let me show you what a real Kuoga can do," as he held one hand in front of him and the other parallel to his side. The sands would be to its end as they both ran to each other and clashed. In the end of the fierce battle, Nakara would have his wires wrapped around his father as he tapped one of them, giving his father various cuts all over his body, even ripping his clothes to shreds. Nakara would fall to his knees as he smiled,"I finally beat you...you old bastard," on the verge of collapse his mother would catch him and smile,"You passed son, you have attained your dream my son," as she kissed him. Nakara would pass out in his mothers arms as he was tended to.

When Nakara awoke he would be in a well lit room, each of the test givers were in it including his mother and father. The first to speak would be the women who gave him a kiss on the cheek,"You did it..congratulations....leader," as she bowed to him and assumed her original position beside his mother. Nakara was bandage from his chest down even his arms and legs were bandaged as he sat up. His father looked at him and nodded,"You passed all of the tests set before you and have proven that you are capable of being the leader of this clan...I pass the mantle onto you and present you this," as he gave him a white and black Kosada with the clans symbol on it. He would stand up slowly and put it on as he also put on his gloves and wires. Looking to all of them as they bowed he would smile,"With you all by my side this clan shall become better and push to a better future," as he looked outside the sun was rising. That night the old Nakara died and was reborn as the Kuoga Leader Nakara.

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Re: Koutetsu Nara [Done]

Post by Suijin on Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:39 pm

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