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Jugo's Clan

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Jugo's Clan

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 13, 2014 7:37 am

Clan Name: Mirakuro
Home Village: Scattered
History: These people were born near Ryuchi cave. Clan members grew mad because of the power of the natural energy.  Occasionally they would journey away from village and cause great casualty amongst the civilians.  This clan would fight often for long spans of time.  These battles would be fierce but must of the time everyone would survive because of their uncanny affiliation with natural energy it gave them great resilience.  Twenty years ago one of the clan members started working on control his powers and rages.  By going to the snakes and having them help train his self control he would oneday be able to rise to position of great authority amongst the clan.  With his help he brought order, law and stability amongst the clan. Some were lucky enough to also learn to control there surges.  While the boy still young he left the village seeking bring greater stability for his clan he sought to get affiliated with major village. In his absence the clan still remained stable for the most and utilized the system young boy had built

Clan Bloodline:
- Bloodline Name: Sage Transformation
- Originating Clan: Mirakuro
- Appearance:Upon full transformations looks varies between members but they all get darker skins tones browns and greyish.  With black sclera
- Description: Clan members are born with natural ability to passively absorb natural energy. This allows them to transform their bodies.  Transformation are powered by natural energy increasing their physical abilities.  The transformations give user monster like appearances and can include weapon appendages such as bladed arms.  Like with sage mode the power of their jutsu also increase while transformed. There are two levels to this transformation.

Benefits +5 stamina
Level One
+10 Stats to allocate

Level 2
+20stats to allocate

Drawbacks/limits: Clan member can fight in Level 1 for 6/10 & Level 2 4/10 of the total allotted fighting post, according to stamina rounding up. After that they loss buffs and - 5  from reflex.

Partial transformation 5/10 but receive buffs of level 1+5 isolated for them limb that is transformed. For example if you transform and you increase that arms speed and or strength by up to 15. This also must be included in register transformation. The benefit to using partial transformation is you can fight a little longer than lvl2 and you get access to jutsu that might require lvl 2

While the user can stay in the mode indefinty it comes at cost.  It will put a strain on the body causing the user shrink and look like they did when they were a child.

Round up for post.

Since stats will be based on the form transformation take you allocate increase you self.  All transformations must registered.  Clan members can achieve level 1 and 2 in seconds because they passively gain natural energy.

- Requirements: Those to utilize Sage transformation must strongly defined personalities. They must role play as that defined personality.
- Other Information:  Level 2 is limited to Jounin plus and trained chuunin. Chuunin must role play finding Ryuchi cave or being brought there by someone already knows. Training word count 1500 words and you must wait a week regardless of how long it takes to finish the word count.
Clan Element: None
Max two member


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Re: Jugo's Clan

Post by Suijin on Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:56 am

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