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Roxas Yagyuu

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Roxas Yagyuu

Post by Suijin on Sat Apr 12, 2014 8:52 pm

Name: Roxas Yagyuu
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: 10/27

Height? What is height? What is it in size that matters? The bigger one is, the harder they fall, after all. The bigger they are, the bigger target that they are. The bigger they are, the slower they tend to be. What is it about size, however, that leads people to believe someone is stronger than another simply because they are larger? A small target is a small target, less area to hit. They are more agile and more capable. Roxas himself is relatively short in height, standing at a mere 5 feet and 2 inches. This is relatively short as compared to other people in his age group, though he tries not to bring it up, he gets quite frustrated if someone else points out his short height. He strives to prove that his short height and almost child-like appearance can not stop him from becoming one of the most powerful shinobi in the world. This is what led to him becoming Mizukage.

The heavier one is, yes, the more power they should possess in their core. However, one need not weigh much to swing a blade at their target. Roxas weighs a mere 135 lbs which leads to his slim build. Some call him rather skinny but he is actually pretty fit for his size. His body is rather toned and his light weight does not take much away from his strength. Although his build does not bother him in the slightest, he detests when others call him skinny or refer to him as slim and will often take offense to it. He does not believe himself to be 'thin' and he is not. Though his light weight and the form of his robe is rather misleading with regards to this fact.

His face is almost child-like and most would regard him as 'cute' though he himself would never use such a benign word to describe himself. His short blonde hair cascades down just below his ear and is usually slightly ruffled and does not appear as if it has been combed or neatly trimmed at all. He appears almost to be a slacker, though this is far from the truth. His eyes are a brilliant glimmering red color.

"Red. Red is a fading sunset on the horizon. It’s a burst of flame; a spray of the fire leaping towards us. It’s the heat of the warm afternoon. It’s the face of an angry teacher. It can also be an embarrassed pupil. It’s a flickering flame of a tiny candle. It’s the spark able to spread the wildfire of love. Red is the color of heat. It’s full of passion. It’s bold. Red won’t tolerate injustice.

It’s hard and unfortunately stubborn. Red will never give in. Even when it needs to. Red has the brawn of an ox, The skill of a pride of lions, And even the diligence of a colony of fire ants. It does not back down or grow weary. Red stands his ground firmly. It’s charming and romantic. Red is the color of a rising dawn that glides across the morning sky and through the misty white clouds. It’s the thorn that gets to prick your fingers when you choose to hold it. But it’s also a precious rose, that will always smell sweeter and sweeter than before.

"Black is the color that soothes my heart that comforts my eyes. It envelopes me in darkness. It protects me from happiness that is away from me. Happiness that can not be mine. Black is the color that shields me from false friendliness and flattery, carelessness and coquetry. A woman in its own mystery not eyeing to be a conquest is driven off by my black cloak. Black is the color that keeps me away from pink, purple and blue; colors that speaks so true yet do not define me. Black is the color that understands my misery, befriends me when I’m weary of the world’s worn out joke on me. Black is my comfort zone. Something I can call my own. Lined with precious metals, though oh so light, my cloak protects me. A dark garment that shrouds my body in mystery and shadows. On the back? My clan's symbol in a lighter shade of black. The blade on that symbol will always be the blade I truly fight with."

Personality: Roxas is a highly intelligent indiviual who is also calm, sophisticated, and arrogant due to his position as the Mizukage of the Hidden Mist Village. When he went to the academy he conducted himself a socialible, likable, and often easy going student however this was a mask to hide his true feelings. While on missions his true feelings were expressed, his charisma gained him the trust and respect of many Jounin and higher ranked shinobi but his dark belief that justice and order must be kept no matter how dark the means often repulsed many. While Roxas considered himself to be righteous and noble by nature he would be more than willing to do acts that go against his morality; this due to his belief that he must commit evil to destroy disorder.

Roxas can be ruthless and often merciless in battle and even off of the battlefield. He shows no compassion to anyone, regardless of how close they attempt to get to him. He would kill absolutely anyone to preserve his dark view of justice and order as well as to defend a Mist Village controlled by him. Due to his good looks and charm Roxas is quite popular with girls and even other guys; however, he does not care much for these matters and due to his focus on becoming something of a God, reigning over the world, he once lacked interest in love. However Roxas does show a slightly false sense of romanticism for Dante, his lover. He will doubtfully not be able to maintain an appropriate relationship due to his egocentric point of view and God complex constantly clouding his judgement.

Due to the prejudice and loneliness he suffered in his childhood, Roxas developed a craving for acknowledgment, though primarily be brain-wahed masses. In order to achieve this, Roxas would assault important people and attack his fellow comrades constantly in order to defeat them and gain the attention of his superiors, whether it be good or bad. Even after graduating from the academy, Roxas was still determined to be recognized, but as he made more and more people fear and avoid him, the happier and more self-consumed he became. His mind became warped and his moral compass was out of whack. He no longer was capable of telling between right and wrong.

Roxas is a fervent believer in the belief that the will to do something is all one needs to do it, leading him to coming up with many gung-ho ideas and strategies that would normally fail that actually work out in his favor, despite the odds. Roxas's unstoppable determination and drive strongly impacts the lives around him, even his friends have been negatively impacted by his sinister beliefs. Many of his family and friends will even refer to Roxas's amazing charisma as a "unique power" to change the beliefs of others, an ability that was detrimental to the sake of society. he often uses his charisma to convince the village to take action for his own good and to do things that they would otherwise never even consider.

Roxas learns through his body. Overall, Roxas responds best to competition and possesses a great degree of confidence in himself, believing that he can easily master any technique that he so pleases. This has led to him quickly becoming infamous in the academy as the one who mastered all of the required jutsu faster than any other academy student. This was mainly due to him constantly training despite being told that it was impossible for him, as a younger shinobi, to surpass his older counterparts. Despite the prejudice that his superiors possessed he faced no issues with becoming one of the greatest graduating shinobi in his class. Even in the entire academy.

Roxas, surprisingly, is also something of a pervert, something that leads to him constantly teasing and flirting with members of the opposite gender and sex. He even goes as far as acting overtly sexual to his comrades and even enemies. He smirks constantly and rarely gives a genuine smile to those around him and even if he were to smile it would be to mask his true intentions behind his actions. No one is able to recognize whether the smile is truly genuine or not as he does a remarkable job at utilizing the fake smile. Despite his occasional genuine smile, it is rare that it is the real. Normally his smile is that of a sinister blood-loving murderer. One who is witnessing the death of his enemies or innocent civilians.

Roxas is a stubborn, short-tempered, occasionally confrontational, spontaneous, determined, outspoken, strong-willed, impulsive young man. Despite being witty and cynical, he is shown to be protecting of his position as the Mizukage of the Hidden Mist Village and will kill, lie, and manipulate any person that it takes to maintain his position. Another thing that highly distinguishes Roxas from anyone else is his extremely analytic way of viewing things; his primary belief is that the big things would not exist without the little details, in which he finds focusing on the minor or minuscule details will always bring forth the 'big picture'.

Due to his constant fights with unintelligent passers and his seemingly emotionless look, many shinobi are rather afraid of him. This trait makes him extremely unlikable to children and younger people. As such, he has been well known to be one to threaten and yell at even his supposed 'friends'. However, he has some trouble with authority and traditional respect, and is often quite rude and disrespectful when talking to those older than him. He is intentionally rude to other individuals, primarily ones who are older or look older, by calling elders by nicknames such as 'gramps' and insulting other shinobi's abilities and techniques.

Another tendency found in Roxas is his corrective personality. he tends to restate facts in a more technically correct fashion, which has earned him the title by some as a smart-ass or seen as too determined to be correct. This is not the point, however, Roxas's sole reason for correcting people's technical mistakes is to make sure everyone gets the correct idea, and do not believe what isn't necessarily true. At times, Roxas quite prefers a peaceful life of solitude, without the interference of others. he has an extremely improper social life, but is quite the strategic genius in battle; withholding the ability to conjure up plans at a moments notice, when they are most required - based on his own observations.

Although he only fights if absolutely necessary, he enjoys it quite a lot. he is very well known for utilizing science when in any form of combat, this adding to his technique's lethality - because he will often combine them. What also makes him quite a foe to go up against is his creativity and imagination, which drives his high ability to combine his techniques in just the right way that makes them that much stronger. When he isn't training his butt off at the training ground or sparring a friend, he is deeply emerged in research or studying.
Likes: Girls, fighting, training, science, reading, and plotting.
Dislikes: Disloyalty, guys, fat foods, and weak people.

Clan: Yagyuu Clan
Bloodline: Kurogan [Kurome, Akame, and Midorime]

"Fire on your finger, Fire in your eye, Fire in your spirit, Fire that won’t die. Fire in the bare bones of being, Fire to uphold what’s right, Fire in the heart of darkness, Fire to fuel Love’s light. Fire to burn but not consume, Fire to learn and not assume, Fire to live and give living room, Fire to love and sing her tune."
"The blade of a sword can take a life, it can cause chaos, it can wreak havoc, it can cut your head clean from your body. But that is in the hands of one who wishes to do and cause such things. The blade of a sword... It can be used to enforce justice. Used to instruct good and maintain honesty. It can be used to send evil running. It can be used to repel all that is bad. The blade of a sword, a sword itself, is merely a tool. It is generous enough to lend its great power to whoever holds it, regardless of that person's affiliations. However, the sword can not be blamed if it used for evil. For just as many who use it for so, there are just as many who use it in the name of good."
"I can see what others can not. I can sense the world in ways others can only dream of. I can see the fire in your heart, the cells in your body, and even if you are behind me, I still see. I see so much and yet I see so little. I must traverse the entire globe if I am to see all the evil it holds. But all must start in one place. The place they began. I am limited to eliminating evil in my own home, before I may do so within another. Once I know longer see evil with these powerful eyes of mine... I will seek it out elsewhere, and destroy it there once more."

Stats: 205
Health: 5
Strength: 10
Speed: 60
Reflexes: 80
Chakra: 30
Stamina: 20

Village: Hidden Mist Village
Loyalty: Roxas is entirely devoted to his village as well as to what he believes to be right and justice for what he believes is right. Everything else is irrelevant to him except for the prospect of right and wrong as well as justice exacted upon those who do wrong.
Alignment: Chaotic Good; although he is good-natured he goes about enforcing good in relatively twisted and chaotic ways. He is willing to be quite underhanded and evil himself if it means exterminating evil around him.
Rank: Mizukage

History: It was a cold winter night in the Hidden Mist Village, all was silent, and all was peaceful. Not for long though, for a scream filled the area with a piercing cry. The source of this noise came from a home not to far from the Kirigakure Medical Hospital. "Hold on!" Tatsu Yagyuu, Roxas's father, told his wife soothingly. "We'll get you to the hospital!" he picked her up gently, and ran out the door towards the Medical Building as fast as he could. He then body flickered into the room in front of the receptionist. "My wife is giving birth help us!" he shouted, as another piercing scream echoed through the building. The receptionist seemed to hesitate with fear before pressing a small button on the desk and a beep was heard. "A baby is coming!" she shouted, frantically as medical ninja came in with cot, placing the woman on it, and rolled her through the emergency doors. Tatsu followed his wife Nibu as the medical ninjas rolled her away. He prayed silently to himself as they prepared to remove the baby by applying anesthetics and soothing the mother.

"We're losing her!" a medical ninja shouted, now becoming nervous as a drop of sweat swelled up and dropped from his forehead. "We can only save one and kill the other!" another shouted, looking towards Tatsu. "Save...Nib..." he began, but his wife gripped his hand with strength. "Save...our son..." she told him, her eyes watering as she let out another piercing cry. "I-I Ca-a-an't..." he told her, beginning to cry as well. "Save...him" she told him, now demanding before her grip grew weak and she screamed once more, now gripping the blanket. "We need an answer now!" the medical ninja shouted. "Save...the child..." Tatsu told them, forcing out the last two words like raw meat. "Save...Roxas..." he repeated as he crouched down taking his wife's hand as he caressed it gently. "Please. Take care of Rox..." she tried to say but it was too late. Her eyes sat emotionless and her face expressionless. She was now dead and the cries of a baby filled the room as the medical ninja wrapped it in a blanket and handed it to Tatsu.

He looked at the baby with loving eyes as it cried. He began to softly rub the baby's head as it stopped crying and looked back at it's father with curious eyes. "I love you..." he said, looking towards his wife as tears streamed down his face. He didn't care about anyone else's shinobi way. He would cry if he wanted to, and he needed to. He walked out of the hospital back home and placed the baby in the crib they had bought in advance. After covering up the baby and giving him a warm bottle of milk Tatsu went upstairs to his room where he lay sprayed out on the bed ready to be overcome by sleep. That day had been the worst day of his life. He lost his wife. But not only that, although he has lost a life he had also received a new one. 'His name is...Roxas Nibu Yagyuu...' he thought, drifting off into the empty void of sleep. He knew that he had long days ahead of him and a bigger job. He was now a single father and he would probably have to live in an apartment unless he was able to go on more missions.

"Da-da?" Roxas said, adorably. "That's right..." Tatsu told him lovingly as he picked up his infant son in his arms and cradled him gently. "I'm Da-da." he told his son, as he tickled his exposed belly. Roxas was only one and a half years old and wore only a diaper as he lay in his father's arms. "Ma-ma in hee-aaven?" Roxas asked, his eyes goggling as he looked past his fathers gentle and encouraging face to the pattern of the roof. "Yes. Mama in heaven." he reassured his son as he carried him outside. Many of Tatsu's friends passed by as they waved at Roxas. Some stopped to hold him or play with him, or even introduce him to their pets or own children. Roxas seemed to never be interested in any of it though. He would normally pay attention to everything around people, like nature, the sky, and everything that wasn't man made. He loved nature and the sweet scents of flowers and the colors of the different petals that were like sugar for his eyes. Although he yet to knew what any of this meant he was a pretty smart baby.

At the age of two he began to develop a liking for fruit. He loved how fruit could be eaten without drink because of how much moisture was in it. He especially loved cherries, tomatoes, and sometimes he could eat parts of watermelon if it wasn't too rough or hard. He was still interested in God and Heaven and about his mother and constantly asked his dead what his mother was doing. The same reply came every time "She's watching over us from heaven. She's with Jesus." Roxas loved to learn and mostly enjoyed his father reading him stories about past ninjas and sometimes even make believe books of ninjas that never even really existed. He loved the stories a lot none the less. He always asked his dad if he was ever a ninja and Tatsu felt a low wave of despair as he answered. "I gave that up a while ago." Tatsu told his sun. "Why?" Roxas asked, in that broken tone that only babys had. "Because I wanted to spend more time with you." Tatsu said, picking up his son and tossing him into the air before catching him skillfully in his arms. This always made Roxas giggle because he enjoyed the thrill of flying.

When he was three years old he began to dream of becoming a ninja. "Daddy, I'm going to be the best ninja that ever lived! I'll even beat the Mizukage himself!" Roxas shouted, as he jumped around punching pillows. "No one will stand a chance against me!" and with that he kicked the pillow into the air and punched it into the wall. "I won't let anything happen to my little ninja..." Tatsu said, as he came up behind Roxas and tickled him. Roxas was subdued as he fell to the floor laughing as he was tickled nearly to death. Roxas loved playing ninja and loved to dream. His father wanted to do anything he could to help his son achieve his dream of becoming the most powerful ninja ever, although Tatsu doubted it was possible but he believed in his son and began to train him at the young age of 6.

"Dad! I've finally got it!" Roxas shouted, as he leapt into the air and spun in a complete three-sixty rotation tossing kunai and shurikens as he swirled. Every kunai and shuriken hit their bulls-eye except for two or three that hit a couple of inches off. He was now seven and very skilled with kunai and shuriken and that sort of basic weaponry. He enjoyed training with his dad and that was one of their favorite things that they did together. As Roxas trained harder and harder each day he finally completely mastered the move at the age of 8 when he first began to gain his abilities, his Kekei Genkai. He was able to make his movements precise and complete the thrust and angle with such effectiveness that it was hard to miss.

Now nine years old Tatsu enrolled Roxas in the academy. Roxas was the only Yagyuu clan member in his class and at time he felt left out among the others. Roxas loved learning new jutsus such as the academy jutsus and when he had mastered them all, which was easy for him, he graduated from the academy and finally became a Genin at the age of nine. He loved being a Genin and wore his headband as soon as he received it. His father was so proud of his son and his accomplishment and took him out to celebrate at Ichiraku's ramen shop. They ordered the usually and had a good time as they ate and talked about the future to come and how Roxas wanted to one day become the Mizukage.

Roxas began to spend a lot of time on missions but still spent some time with his dad and some of his friends when he wasn't working hard to help out his dad. He wanted to make everything perfect and make it where they could move back into their old house. Someone was currently living it it but they planned on buying it back so Roxas was saving up. His dad was saving as well from selling ninja gear. He sold shurikens, kunai, scrolls, ninja wear, and other items that were essential to a normal ninja in Kirigakure. His best seller were senbons and they were a personal favorite of Roxas as well. His father always told him it wasn't the strength or size of something but the skill of the user using the item. He taught his son that honor and virtues were the most important part of life and to not dabble in money and riches but love and good always conquered evil and hatred. Roxas always loved to hear what his father had to say and wanted to teach the same to his son when he grew up.

Roxas was now eleven and the Chuunin Exams were coming up. He wanted so badly to win and finally be promoted to a Chuunin in his turn. It wouldn't be just' another step to achieving his goal, it would be a large step, an important step. Anything but 'just' a step. He signed up and registered as soon as the stands opened up. The line was pretty long but Roxas was a very patient person and finally registered. He felt excited and couldn't wait. His anticipation was rushing through his veins with every passing day as the week ended and it was close to the first exams. He spent the last three days training as hard as he possibly could before the first test began. The first one was a written test, he had read many books on the material and has passed with a breeze. After all it wasn't that hard.

The second portion of the Chuunin exams was what he had been waiting for. The fighting. He faced off against a Hyuuga and easily defeated him and won the match, and moved on to the next portion. After defeating a regular clanless ninja in that portion after a vigorous battle, he was finally moving on to the finals. They would determine who became a Chuunin and who wouldn't. He was kind of nervous but he shook it off after remembering his past matches that flew by like a breeze. They hadn't even been hard and he doubted that this one would be any more difficult. When the day came he found out that he would be facing off against a powerful Uchiha. After intense training Roxas had nearly mastered his kekei genkai abilities, and had even made his own jutsus. The match started off with his opponent winning but Roxas came back easily and defeated his opponent, winning the Chuunin Exams and becoming a Chuunin.

He ran home to tell his father about what had happened and his father was so proud of him. Roxas loved being a Chuunin, now instead of the boring old D rank missions he was now going on C and B rank missions. There was a lot more action and adventure and he loved practicing and training with his dad. They would even spar from time to time, his father defeating him most of the times but Roxas winning occasionally. Roxas couldn't believe his life. It was utterly perfect in itself. He was a success as a ninja so far and hoped that his success continued. His dream remained the same, he wanted to become Mizukage and be the greatest ninja who ever lived and maybe even make Kirigakure more powerful. It was possible but doubtful. He still dreamed such dreams of these concepts though even though no one believed any of it could ever happen except his father. His father always believed in him.

After a very difficult A rank mission that had been bestowed upon Roxas's agenda, Roxas was promoted to highly respected and wanted rank of Jounin. All of the Jounin except for a couple were out of the village and those couple were busy so Roxas was the only one left. He was the strongest Chuunin and was sent with two other Chuunin on the mission. It was a mission to retrieve information from Sunagakure and it went by smoothly and after bringing the information back to their village Roxas was promoted to Jounin and not soon after that, he acquired his first team of Genin. He was now twenty-four and extremely skilled in Weaponry and Sensory. His father, not soon after, died by the hand of a missing ninja while out for a walk through the forest. Roxas had offered to escort him but his father insisted that he went out alone, but he never returned.

This death left Roxas grief-stricken at first but soon turned into cold, violent core that changed who he was forever. He became a merciless man who would not hesitate to slaughter those in his path if they were evil or even a little so. Roxas soon ascended to the rank of Mizukage and now rules the Hidden Mist Village with an iron fist, enforcing law with his own hands with the assistance of his fellow shinobi. He imposes his rule authoritatively and will not accept treason or resistance to his rule and laws.
Family: All Known Relatives are Deceased [Some May Still be Alived]
Acquaintances: None Currently.

RP Sample: Fuka watched her fellow Akatsuki member make a simple defensive action to avoid Fuka making contact with the Jinchuriki. Apparently Raina had known that her actions were wrong for why else would she be acting in such a way towards a fellow Akatsuki member? Fuka showed no emotion, no anger, no willingness to battle. Her face was calm and completely expressionless. Without any catalyst to cause the action, Fuka could only assume that Raina knew the Akatsuki were supposed to be capturing these bijuu and that associating with the enemy was not the best idea. It was true, she produced a decent argument as to why they could wait, but there were all too many reasons why they should.

This was very well their greatest opportunity if they wished to captured the five-tails Jinchuriki. With a second glance at the Jinchuriki, Fuka's emotionless eyes scanned her. "Raina. You need to keep your emotions in check. This is not even the nine-tails, it's the five-tails." Fuka stated matter-of-factly, her cold gaze locked onto the young kunoichi who bore the five-tailed beast, not letting up. Fuka took a step back, still completely calm as she pulled her hands from behind her back, not even bothering to form a handseal as she let them sit at her sides.

The five-tailed Jinchuriki, in a moment of cowardice, had ran off in another direction, Fuka assumed this was the direction where she would look for help. With a simple, glance to Raina then back to Jinchuriki she had what seemed like seconds to make her decision, for through her eyes the girl was much slower than she actually was, subject to Fuka's enhanced reflexes and eyesight. The Akatsuki member would easily have no trouble what-so-ever catching up with the girl and dispatching her. It would be so easy that it could simply be done and they could leave. After all, if Raina interfered she would be making herself an enemy of the Akatsuki. Turning against her own organization for a village that probably didn't even want her there.

Fuka detected no other signs of anyone else being close enough to interfere in time, being able to be within such a close proximity and not being easily detected would require that they were either very weak and lacked a strong enough chakra signature, or possessed a ninjutsu technique used to conceal their presence from those skilled enough to detect such simple things. She had made her decision quite quickly, the girl still perfectly within range. It had only taken two seconds real time for Fuka to come to her conclusive action. She would do as the leader wanted. The organization was all she had.

'Sentiments.' she thought, almost scolding herself if her thoughts had not been just as nonchalant as her voice. With a simple hand-seal her body was completed enveloped in water, the physical boosts of her clan instantly reacting with her Water Release Armor. She would not even need such an armor to keep up with the Jinchuriki but she would like to pull out all the stops just in case. It was with a momentary flicker of speed that Fuka's image disappeared from the view of the naked eye, only to reappear exactly eight meters in front of the five-tailed beast host, her cold eyes once again locked onto the Genin.

"Stop. Cutting off your legs would be inconvenient for transport." her cold stare was accompanied by these cold words as she extended her right hand to the right, instantly summoning her Fukachenso to her hand, the great blue steel chainsaw revving instantly in response to her black water chakra. She had easily spotted the origami in her hand and quickly regarded it as a weapon. Perhaps a cutting weapon or an explosive weapon. Regardless of which, a cutting weapon would be hopeless against her and an explosive weapon would have to be strong to even do decent damage against her Water Release Armor. Given the shape and texture of the origami, Fuka could tell that it was probably the latter. It obviously didn't seem like much of a cutting weapon.

Revved up, Fukachenso was without a doubt one of the most powerful cutting weapon to date. Fuka shot black water through it, letting it cover the blade as it spun at approximately 30 spins per second, about half of what it was truly capable of. Being ranked SS meant that the chainsaw Fukachenso was obviously an extremely powerful weapon. What made it even more lethal was the fact that was wielded by the most powerful member of the clan. Fukachenso had two sides, and two handles.

The bottom side was opened up for the bladed part of the chainsaw. The bladed portion rotated in response to black water chakra, meaning that only a member of the Mizuoni clan could wield it. Due to the incredible sharpness and virtually indestructible material of the blade, spinning at such a speed gave the chainsaw the ability to slice through most anything while facing little to no resistance. It was known as the most powerful cutting weapon throughout the world and was coveted by many.

Essentially, the entire chainsaw was made from a variety of different materials. The blade of the saw was made of wurtzite boron nitride, a material that was both sharper than diamond and could even take approximately 18% more stress. However, the rest of the chainsaw, notably the top defensive portion, was made of a completely different man-made material. Fuka held the chainsaw comprised of wurtzite boron nitride in front of her, still keeping it revved up at 30 spins per second as it faced the Genin. If the Genin turned to run past Fuka she would simply slice the chainsaw in an arc, easily catching the Genin at such a distance.

If she continued head on, she would simply be killed by Fukachenso. Her only other option would be to pull off a miracle or simply stop. Fuka had already run just about every possible scenario through her head. The Genin was a mere five meters away at this point and would have to make her decision quickly. Fuka would be able to easily react to whatever the jinchuriki chose to do, her cold gaze not missing a thing. Of course, she also made sure to keep a perifreile eye on Raina, her associate. If all came to worse, she would just have to resort to drastic measures and drown them both.
Other Characters: N/A
Projected Activity: Every day for at least 6 hours. Probably 8.

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Re: Roxas Yagyuu

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