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Missing Ninja System

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Missing Ninja System

Post by Suijin on Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:57 pm

Missing Ninja are shinobi who have left their home village or were rejected by their home village and now roam the lands as rejects with regards to their home village. They are typically criminals in their own right and therefore rank up by criminal means, unless they join a village in which case they will be granted a village rank based on their Missing Ninja rank and rank up in the same way as village ninja do.

Missing ninja are ranked by their skill level, E, D, C, B, A, then S. E is the lowest level of missing ninja while S is the highest. They are ranked in a similar manner to jutsu. Below, we will discuss how to rank up to each rank. Please note that you can rank up multiple times at once by stealing large sums of money or killing multiple people at once, or fighting multiple people at once. Each time you rank up you will receive 20 stat points and 50 TP, or that amount for each rank that you ranked past at once.

To rank up simply do one of the following things listed. You only have to do one of the things listed, not all.

E-rank to D-rank

  • Kill an E-rank MN or an Academy Student.
  • Defeat a D-rank MN or a Genin in battle.
  • Steal 1000 ryo from someone.

D-rank to C-rank

  • Kill a D-rank MN or a Genin.
  • Defeat a C-rank MN or a Chuunin in battle.
  • Steal 1500 ryo from someone.

C-rank to B-rank

  • Kill a C-rank MN or a Chuunin.
  • Defeat a B-rank MN or a Jounin in battle.
  • Steal 3000 ryo from someone.

B-rank to A-rank

  • Kill a B-rank MN or a Jounin.
  • Defeat an A-rank MN or an ANBU in battle.
  • Steal 4000 ryo from someone.

A-rank to S-rank

  • Kill an A-rank MN or an ANBU.
  • Defeat an S-rank MN, Sannin, Kage, or Lord in Battle.
  • Steal 6000 ryo from someone.

Becoming a Missing Ninja
To become a missing ninja you must first have been a village ninja for at least 72 hours. After that, you may post a topic at the village gates of you leaving the village. You must then either acquire the Kage's approval of you leaving or fight off their attempt to stop/kill you. If no one tries to stop you after 48 hours, you are free to leave. If someone does try to stop you, you must either fight them off or escape from them.

Entering Villages
In order to successfully infiltrate a village you must post a topic at the village gates of you either sneaking in or forcing your way in. After 24 hours if no one posts, you have successfully entered the village. You may also acquire approval from the Kage of the village. If someone notices you you must either evade or defeat them.
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