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Village Rank-up System

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Village Rank-up System

Post by Suijin on Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:56 pm

Each time you rank up you will automatically be granted 20 additional stat points to add to your character sheet as well as 50 TP.

Academy Student to Genin
In order to rank up from Academy Student to Genin you must pass your village's Genin Exams which can be administered by the Kage at any time that there are 20 or more Academy Students in the village. The Genin Exams include a written portion as well as the performance of the basic Academy Jutsu, which the Academy Student must know fully in order to pass the Genin Exams. Other requirements for passing the Genin Exams are purely dependent on the Kage. Only 5 Academy Students can be promoted to Genin for each Genin Exam.

Genin to Chuunin
If you wish to rank up from Genin to Chuunin you must participate in the monthly inter-village administered by the Administrators. This will be held each month, starting when the combined Genin count for all villages reaches 40 Genin or higher. The total stat requirement is 120 or higher to even participate in the exams. Furthermore, you must have been a Genin for at least two weeks. Only 3% of the participants will actually be promoted, rounded to the nearest whole number.

Chuunin to Jounin
There are a few ways to achieve Jounin rank. One of such methods is by passing the Administrator administered Jounin Exams, which will be started at random times when the Chuunin count is seen to be abundant or over-abundant enough. In order to become Jounin you must first be a Chuunin. The requirements to participate in the Jounin Exams will be stated in the sign up topic. If you do not wish to wait for the Jounin Exams, you may meet the minimum stat requirement of 240 and request a personal exam from your Kage, to be approved by a member of staff to see if the exam is suitable or not.

Jounin to ANBU
In order to become an ANBU you must not request it or ask for it from the Kage or a member of staff. Your respective Kage must come to you and appoint you to the position. However, you must meet a minimum stat requirement of 300 or higher in order to be appointed to the position of ANBU as well as be understood as a loyal and devout member of your village. You must also have completed at least 6 S-rank missions.

Ranking up to Sannin
In order to rank up to Sannin you must first request the guidance and training of your Kage at the rank of Genin or Chuunin. Once you have trained a total of 10,000 words with your respective Kage, reached the rank of Jounin or ANBU, and have performed 10 S-rank missions, you will officially obtain the rank of Sannin.

Becoming Kage/Lord
Becoming the Kage of your village is no simple matter. There are many ways of becoming the Kage but do not expect to become one easily. The first requirement is that your stats be completely maxed out. The second requirement is that you already be an ANBU, Jounin, or Sannin. If both of these requirements are met, you may become a Kage by: being appointed by the late Kage, killing the late Kage, defeating the late Kage (if it is agreed upon prior to battle), by means of revolution, or any other valid IC reason that would grant you Kageship over the village. Becoming a Lord or Lady of your village is the same way as becoming a Kage.
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