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Bijuu System

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Bijuu System

Post by Suijin on Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:50 pm

Obtaining a Bijuu
There are currently two methods of obtaining a bijuu, both are extremely difficult and almost equally so. Please understand that obtaining a bijuu is no simple matter and almost always requires some form of jutsu to seal it within you, should you choose to obtain one through combat. Certain bijuu can only be obtained through combat. Examples of these are Shukaku and Kurama. Typically bijuu with a violent personality must be defeated into submission then sealed within your body in some manner.

First, to come across the bijuu, you must type 850 words looking for it. If you finish the 850 words and have typed them all out properly, let a staff member know and they will post as the tailed beast. If you end up failing, you must post once more looking for the beast with an additional 200 words added to the wordcount to search for it.

Moving on, we will discuss the first method of obtaining a tailed beast. The first method is, as has been stated, combat. Simply reduce the bijuu's health to 5% or below, even if it is 0% it is okay, the bijuu will not die. Once you have done so, the bijuu will become vulnerable to a sealing technique of your choice. If you do not know Fuuinjutsu as a specialty of some sort, you can not even hope to capture a bijuu alone through combat or force. You must either know Fuuinjutsu or bring with you someone or something that can aid you in capturing the tailed beast.

The second method is to simply avoid being killed by the bijuu while, simultaneously, convincing it to manifest within your body. This still requires a seal of sorts. It also requires a mandatory 8000 words and, if you were successful in convincing the bijuu to become your 'partner' the staff member will let you know through the tailed beast. If you failed, you can also choose to resort to the combat method immediately after attempting this method. If you choose to try again in a new topic, you must type 8000 words once again until you get the desired outcome.

Applying for Abilities
Click Here to go to the Bijuu Creation forum. Once there, if you have already captured your bijuu, you may fill out the template providing the details about what your bijuu grants you passively, as well as what it grants you in each form. There will be a first form, a second form, and a full form. Each must be trained and will be discussed in the next section. Please keep in mind that there are naturally rules and regulations for the over-all application of the bijuu which will be discussed in the template topic.

Training Abilities
Training the abilities is a simple, yet tedious, matter. For your first form you must type 5000 words and will not receive any SP for the words typed. You will, however, receive TP at the usual rate for bijuu-based jutsu (though they are not mandatory to be spent on this.). For your second form, you must type 7500 words of training in order to unlock it, and once more will receive TP at the usual rate. For the full form you must type 10000 words and will receive TP at a rate of 1 TP for every 200 words. After unlocking your full form, you will no longer have anything to train with regards to your bijuu, unless you would like to better your relations with the tailed beast for RP purposes. Please remember that first, second, and full form must be activated when in combat and are not passive in any way, shape, or form.
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