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Training System

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Training System

Post by Suijin on Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:43 pm

Training currently grants you two things: stat points and technique points. The former is granted at a rate of 1 for every 200 words while the latter is granted at a rate of 1 for every 100 words. You can claim both for one training thread at the same time. For example, if you typed 1000 words you can claim 5 stat points and 10 technique points for that thread. You can train alone in a private, solo thread or you can do so with someone else.

Training with someone else does not split the word count or the rewards. You get rewards for what you alone type and only you get rewards for what you type and vice versa. The person you're training with also gets what they type for and types for what they get. The only benefit to training with someone else is that it is easier to get a story going and easier to post something rather than trying to post all by yourself and creating a mini story.

Criminal Actions
The only way to obtain SP or TP from criminal actions is by committing the crime against actual role-players, not NPCs. The first method is to rob someone of ryo. In this case, you will receive 1 stat point and 2 technique points for every 600 ryo successfully stolen. You can also obtain SP and TP from killing a player. If you kill a player, you get SP and TP based on how much SP they had. For every 50 SP they had, you get 5 SP. For example, if they have 60 SP you get 5 SP. However, if they have 100 SP you get 10 SP. You also get 10 TP for every 50 SP they had.

Kidnapping grants you ryo but only if the government or family of the person you kidnap is compliant with you, as the ryo comes from them. You can only demand a maximum of 2000 ryo for the person you kidnapped and for the time that they are kidnapped they may not post in any other place except for the place you are hiding them in. If your demands are not met, you are allowed to kill them. If your demands are met, you MUST release them. There are no exceptions. If you're given the ryo, you must release the person.

Mission Completion
The ryo granted by the completion of a mission is dependent on the difficulty of the mission and should be stated. However, SP and TP are consistent in how much is awarded and it is based on how many words you post. For every 400 words you are given 1 SP. For every 300 words, you are given 1 TP. With this system, you can earn SP, TP, and Ryo for completing a mission.

Engaging in combat with another role-player grants you SP and SP alone, whether you win or lose. For every 300 words posted (in combat) you are granted 1 SP. You are given the total at the end of the combat.

In order to gain the SP, TP, or Ryo for each of these you must have the transaction approved by a member of staff.

Training Classifications and Elements
So you are obviously not stuck with the element or classification you started with only, we have added this portion to the training system to allow you guys to train hard for other classifications and elements. Naturally, there is a limit on these such as the limit for classifications being no more than three per character. Elements are to be no more than two per character, unless your character's race comes with an element, in which case the limit is three.

In order to train your second specialty, you must start a training topic specifically for it (you also receive 1 SP for every 300 words typed and 1 TP for every 200 words typed.) and type approximately 3000 words. Your third specialty, however, will require 5000 words of training instead of 3000 and not grant SP or TP. For elements, your second element will require 3000 words. (Ignoring race elements.) Your third element will require 5000 words. Element training grants standard SP and TP at their standard rate.
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