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Post by Zofia on Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:42 pm

Clan Name: Kaminari Clan

-Bloodline Description: This clan has the ability to combine and manipulate fire and lightning into a form of Static hell flare. A colored high powered and hot fire that has some plasmid electricity and fire heat mixed into one. During the occurrence of a solar flare, plasma is heated to tens of millions degrees Kelvin, while electrons, protons and heavier ions are accelerated to near the speed of light. They can also turn the Static hell flare into concentrated beams. This type of fire is able to burn through steel and titanium. This certain type of lightning is able to crack the earth and stone. They can be Solar flares produce electromagnetic radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum at all wavelengths from long-wave radio to the shortest wavelength Gamma rays. Solar flares cannot typically be detected by the naked eye from the surface of the earth. In different types of ranks, gives you different types of power and heat.

During bad times and times where one will protect someone or something important, the clan member would turn destructive, the eyes would glow, their aura turns visible greatly and their body turns 56% unaffected by fire and electricity, due to their body turning into see through purple solar fire, electricity and fire flowing it's body inside and out but they can still get burned and electrocuted but with lower change in that happening.

Their speed would increase greatly and so would their blockage. Only a selective few, will be birthed with a certain type of 'demon' inside them.

Village: Suna

Clan Symbol:
Clan Traits: Usually all people from her clan has a monsterous form or a type of unatrual birth effect such as: Wings,horns,body of a beast (In their forming state) and etc.

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Lighting strike
Rank: B
Range: 6 meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Lighting
Handsigns: 2
Description: She charges her muscles and the electric magnetic charges to the tips of her fingers. She feels a little shock and is not aloud to be in water at all times while doing this or else she would get hurt greatly. When she connects the two of her fingers with electric, it will form into a shape and use it has a dart and throw it at someone or use it as a weapon of some other kind.

Name: Flaring Dragon
Rank: S
Range: 20 Meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Solar Flare
Handsigns: 2
Description: When in the form of time (when her aura is visible) she is able to form the visible chakra and form is as a dragon and then cover it with Solar flare. The creatures eyes starts glowing and the dragon becomes part of her and her soul,heart and brain controls the dragons moments and actions. The dragon is able to burst out solar concentrated beams and which could demolish things. The dragon is about 32ft tall. It lasts for six posts, after the first post, slowly her chakra burns off C rank chakra until the sixth post.

Name: Electrical shock
Rank: D-A
Range: Self-14 meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Lightening
Handsigns: 1 (2 for A rank)
Description: She electro charges the tip of one of her hands and when it's fully charged she can touch walls or some area and put electro shock static to the area. When touched...

D rank: Get a little shock enough to frizz someone's hair.

C rank: Get enough shock to numb the fingers and feet.

B rank: Enough electro static to where they would get paralyzed for 3 posts.

A rank: Able to make things explode after doing the last single hand sign.

Name: Melting malts
Rank: B
Range: Touch
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire
Handsigns: 3

Name: Ball Of Annihilation
Rank: S
Range: 45 Meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Solar Flare
Handsigns: 4
Description: As she stands and takes a deep breath, she would concentraite most of her energy to her hands and mind, and turn all the energy into a huge round ball of Solar flare as she combines the elements of her clan. Once finished she would release the huge round ball of energy and anything in its path will be annihilated. In the first post, she will gather chakra on her palm as her hand is in the air, creating the ball shaped thing and this is ready to be released in two posts.She has to keep it under control or it would explode and destroy everyone including the user. The amount of Chakra used is about 86 percent.

History: Time has past and it was a long dark misty night and his horse galloped in the water and the man held onto his steed and made the horse go faster. The man’s name was Zasu. He looked up to see a snowy mountain and beyond that was a village. He walked to the little village and women were looking at him and loving his charming looks. His moon looking eyes with black stars deepened within. Then there was only one woman that caught his eyes.
She was beautiful like three moons with three different colors. He got off his horse and walked up to her and all she did is look up at him with no stutter and he carried her to his horse and went to where she lived. She didn't know much about him but he did seem mysterious and loving. She saw that he was bleeding on his arm and healed him. He loved and enjoyed the company anyways because he is usually alone with his horse. She was 18 and he was 20 only two aged difference.

Two years later they were close and their bond grew closer at that time. He fell in love with her as she did with him. He took her to a romantic moonflower tree while the full moon was up and looked into her eyes and ask her to run away with him and marry him. She was so excited and smiled and said yes of course and so they made love that night. He then told her that he was a prince of a clan and she was astonished and left to go to the palace. Months later after they made love she started getting sick and her stomach grew large. She was sent to the doctors and they found out she was pregnant with a one.
She was then born and she had beautiful hair and lovable eyes. a year or two after they birthed another and then another after that. The place is unknown and so are they but the family still treats the chiefs like family. Their father went to war and the mother left with later on they both died, father from war and mother from an unknown sickness. Later on the daughter became the leader of the clan anyways since she was the only loyal one born.


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