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Post by Hakai Hozuki on Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:30 pm

A tall man stood amongst the midst of 20 people. Each wore the same red mask, and were intently focused on the man. The man was an S rank shinobi and once the Anbu leader of the Leaf. With him are his loyal anbu followers and other members of the leaf they didn't stay when the Akatsuki took over. Today was the day they were planing for, they were going to let the Akatsuki know not everyone is ok with their occupation of the Leaf. The man would speak in a clear firm voice.

"TEAM ONE, you will lead the charge in after team three and four blow down the wall. TEAM TWO you are with me, stay close and keep with me. We are going to kill as many of these Akatsuki bastards as possible. Today we will all die, but we will let them know and let the people of the Leaf Village that we did not roll over like the Hokage. That death is better than betraying our values and beliefs." With that he would rise his hand and everyone was gone.

TEAM ONE: SPecialize in kenjutsu and heavy elemental jutsu.

TEAM THREE and FOUR: specialize in weaponry, focusing on massive ranged explosives. Each member is carrying 15 scrolls 10 filled with kunai attached explosive tags. The other 5 filled with massive demon wind shuriken and small shuriken.

TEAM TWO: These are the elite of elite each member is from a clan in the Leaf. Ino, Nara and CHo, as well as an Uchiha.

The leader: S rank capable of 4 elements, byakugan in left eye. Also has a powerful kinjutsu in his arsenal that will be released in battle.

Each team will be controlled by one person, the leader will be control by another. Assignments will be pmed shortly, if you would like to help pm me.
Hakai Hozuki

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Post by Kousuke on Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:44 pm

This isn't happening is it? There are only three Active Akatsuki.

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