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Toshiko Magunetto w.i.p

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Toshiko Magunetto w.i.p

Post by Addiction on Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:15 pm

Name: Toshiko Magunetto
Nickname/Alias: The Kazekage's Shadow
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Toshiko is a calm collected individual who is at first sight to everyone she meets nonchalant. She is not quick to speak to anyone unless it is the Kazekage, but this is because she has built up a wall between herself and the world. Her facial features to the world lacks and she is mostly seen with a very aloof expression. The only person to see any other emotions besides this is the Kazekage himself. Away from the crowd away from people she takes off her distant mask and is like a whole different person altogether. This is not to say she has never let that wall down for someone else, but it's very rare which makes her a loner and very awkward when it comes to social interaction. Her past has made it so that she will never falter from the one she is loyal too or the ones she care for. They are her top priority along with most of the needs of the Kazekage.

When away from the Kazekage she is usually seen helping out in the hospital. Her heart is a very big one even though it's hard to tell on the outside. She will never say no to a request or to someone in need of help, unless of course it's something against her moral code. She is generous and really dislikes and discord or chaos, she thinks no she knows deeply that order is the only way to a peaceful way of life. With her obsession with order comes her addiction to keeping things tidy, when one walks into the Kazekage's office they will see this is true as it is in impeccable shape. She will at times criticize most people if they have a untidy look to them, but she will never do it with her words instead she will give them a look that says " I disapprove."

During a battle she prefers not to make high and mighty statements and stays quiet all through the battle. Even when taunted she keeps calm and remains silent until the very end. She is not one to run away but she won't fight knowing she can't win, and will run if she needs too. She rather live to fight another day than die and never see tomorrow. Her tactics\cs in fighting are usually thought out to some extent but she keeps her distance because really the first rule to being a medical ninja is to not get hit.

Toshiko has a very motherly and wife like attitude at times to. Her love of cooking and cleaning and her passion for it shows this very clearly. She even has a special garden in the back of the Kazekage's mansion where she grows vegetables and medical herbs. Inside she is a very sweet and motherly figure but because of years of hurt and pain she has to build a wall in order to protect herself. Her mental wall has only broken down once and now she and the Kazekage are the only ones behind it. It takes a lot for her to truly open up and it takes even more to get to her heart.

Likes & Dislikes:
*Helping in the hospital
*Being the Kazekage's assistant
*The Kazekage himself

*A messy place
*Those who disrespect the Kazekage
*Mindless Killings
*Unneeded Violence

Catch Phrase:
" I am the Kazekage's Shadow...How can I help you? "

Clan Name:Magunetto
-Bloodline Description:(Jishaku no tamashī - Magnet Soul) Magnet Release (磁遁, Jiton) is an advanced chakra nature kekkei genkai which allows the user to convert chakra into magnetic forces and magnetise an object. It is unknown where it originates from It is unknown what elements this nature entails.
Clan Symbol: [Optional]http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=128&u=15946985
Clan Traits: [Optional]White hair
Secret Clan Jutsu:
Name:Gold Dust: Control
Rank; C
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 1
Description: A relatively simple technique that is still able to deal damage. Controlling the gold dust, the user will not form it into any given shape, instead simply having the powder move forward to rush into the opponent. This technique ranks higher than the Iron Sand variants or standard sand used by Shukaku's jinchuuriki. This is do to more magnetic chakra being used for a diamagnetic material, making it faster and stronger. Via hand movements or even strong thought impulses, the user can completely control the Iridium Dust to preform attacks in its "liquid" state.

Name: Iridium Dust Artillery
Rank: C
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 2
Description: Manipulating Iridium Dust, this technique calls for the dust to float directly in front of the wielder. Forming it into numerous senbon, the wielder will then propel the senbon forward at extremely high speeds. Unlike normal senbon, these Iridium senbon are able to pierce deeper than normal, thus causing extensive damage.

Name: Iridium Dust Aerial
Rank: C
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 1
Description: A simple technique using the Iridium Dust. Placing a decent amount of Iridium Dust underneath their own feet, they will use their magnetic chakra to push the push the sand off the ground. This gives them a great advantage in aerial battles as very few ninja are able to claim the sky.

Name: Iridium Dust Breakthrough
Rank: C
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 2
Description: A technique limited to those using either iron sand or gold dust. Using their magnetic chakra, the wielder will manipulate the powder into a swirling column, appearing very much like a drill. This technique causes piercing damage, due to the sand spinning forward and acting as a heavy weapon drill. Although it spins faster, this technique is slower than other Jiton techniques due to more chakra being used to spin the dust than actually propelling it.

Name: Third Eye
Rank: D
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Hnadseals: 2
Description: With chakra, the user connects an eye made of sand or Iridium Dust to their optic nerve, which enables them to know what happens in the artificial eye's field of vision, this is genuinely a third eye for its user. The user can control the size of the eye depending on its use. Its main purpose is spying, since it can form and disperse in any location on command

Name: Iridium Dust Scorpion
Rank: B
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: B
Description: One of the more powerful techniques of those utilizing Jiton. Manipulating the gold dust, they will form it into a large scorpions tail. This tail is 20 feet in length, being 6 feet in height. The user the compresses the dust tightly, making it harder than most steel. Keeping the jutsu active, the user can manipulate this tail to attack, causing blunt damage and able to strike most enemies. The tail can move a total of 20 meters away from the user, making it an excellent long ranged technique. While this technique is active, no other Gold Dust technique may be used due to most of it going towards this technique.

Name:Iridium Dust Wall
Rank: B
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 2
Description: Making use of his Gold Dust, the Jiton wielder raises it in front and above to create a thick barricade in order to block incoming aerial and frontal attacks, whilst using hand gestures to dictate the shape that the barrier adopts. The most common form is that of a simple wall, although one can make it look like a an animal or human if need be.

Name: Iridium Dust Cataclysm
Rank: A
Element: Jiton
Type: Kekkai Genkai
Handseals: 4
Description: The Jiton wielder causes a considerable quantity of Iridium Dust to erupt from beneath the surface, by placing both of his palms onto the ground directly in front of him, before manipulating the resulting substance into a wave of tidal proportions. Said wave is enough to wipe out nearly any defense, and suffocate and crush most enemies due to the sheer weight and pressure of the gold dust.

Name: Iridium Dust Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu
Rank: C
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 2
Description: After forming the handseals, the user will draw the gold dust from the surround area and create a thick "mist". Having similar effects to sand, the gold dust will cause irritation to open wounds as well as eyes, nose, and mouth if allowed into these areas. The dust "mist" also severely limits the eyesight of those caught in it other than the user. Being made out of the user's chakra, sensors have a hard time locating people within it, though it is not impossible.

Name: Hiding Iridium Dust no Jutsu
Rank: D
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals; 1
Description: Though often un-useable, this jutsu allows the user to completely submerge themselves in a little pool of gold dust. Because of the rare chances that someone would not find a pool of Iridium Dust un-suspicious, users over the ages have a tendency to mix it with any surrounding sand to make it look as natural as possible.

Name: Iridium Dust Animal Creation Technique
Rank: B
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 3
Description: A jutsu used by the users of the gold dust technique. After forming the handseals and checking to see if there is enough dust, the user gives a "solid" shape to the dust in the form of an animal. The type and size of the animal varies and is completely dependent on the amount of dust in the area, the users chakra amount and their imagination.

Name: Sakin: Emperor's Funeral
Rank: B
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 3
Description: After forming the handseals the user with make a grip motion with one or both hands. As if one cue, the surrounding Iridium Dust will converge and attempt to ensnare the target, wrapping them tightly in a compacted layer of IridiumDust. If this technique is used after Sakin: Shihai, the user does not have to make the gripping motion, for the Iridium Dust is already at his/her disposal.

Name: Iridium: Royal Catacombs
Rank: B
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 3
Description: A technique meant for when facing multiple opponents, or for a definite capture of one skilled target. Similar to the parent jutsu Emperor's Funeral, Royal Catacombs is often used as a surprise technique, aiming right for the targets legs en mass. While the target is distracted, several "limbs" of Iridium Dust would appear from their blind spot and attempt to converge onto the target. Meanwhile the user will create a makeshift tomb, the final destination of the target once trapped and captured.

Name: Iridium: Entombment of the Ancients
Rank: A
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjustu
Handseals: 4
Description: Meant as the finale for the Iridiumtechniques like Catacombs and Royal Funeral. Once the target is ensnared by the Iridium Dust, the user shall preform a crushing motion with his hands, or if he/she is at that level of mastery, a simple nod of the head and the Iridium Dust will cave in on itself, crushing whatever it has ensnared. This jutsu can also be used even if the Gold Dust has not completely covered the intended target. As long as the targeted object or opponent has something (ie leg, arm, neck, instead of the full body) covered, it can be crushed. Due to the nature of the jutsu, the wound tends to have left over Iridium Dust lingering, allowing the user to preform even more painful techniques with the remaining Dust.

Name: Iridium: Iridium Shower
Rank: C
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 2
Description: Exactly what the name implies. The user, after forming handseals will force the Iridium Dust to form into a cloud above. Though this will be happening simultaneously as the Iridium Dust makes no attempt to hide the fact that it is trying to wrap around the person`s legs. Raining from the sky, about the size of senbon though without the sharpness will fall in clumps. The objective is to cover the opponent in Iridium Dust, enabling the user to unleash other greater techniques.

Name: Iridium: Vayu's Breeze
Rank: C
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 2
Description: As basic as basic techniques get. Gathering a bunch of Iridium Dust in the users hand, the user will act as if they sneezed and cause the Dust to fly at alarming speeds. Usually used up close, the technique tends to land into the mouths and eyes of the target, temporarily blinding them. On a larger scale, the Dust can be blasted into a 10km radius around the user.

Name: Iridium: Master Imperial Spear
Rank: B
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 4
Description: A technique meant to be used as the ultimate form of penetration. By gathering the Iridium Dust into the form of a spear, the user compacts it, and hardens the material until it reaches maximum potency. After the preparation has been done, the user will throw the Spear towards their target. Distance is often a factor, though despite being a B rank technique, regular defenses of the A rank category have yielded to its power.

Name:IridiumDust Armour
Rank: A
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handseals: 0
Description: One jutsu that does not need handseals, the user can cover their whole body in the Iridium dust. The Iridium Dust covers the users body in a thin layer, undetectable by the normal eye, and confusing to the average Doujutsu user. Up close, the user would seem to have a slight glow on their bodies. This jutsu does not have to be used on the full body however, it can be used on limbs, enabling protection from kenjutsu, and especially taijutsu techniques of equal rank.

Name: Iridium Ever Searching Eye
Rank C
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handsigns: 3
Description: Unlike its name, this jutsu is a sensory technique. For most jutsu there are only one way to use it. For this technique the way in which it can be used, is completely dependent on the user. All this jutsu does, is create Gold Dust that can be sensed by the user. The Dust can then be launched onto the clothes of the target, or placed upon the floor, where they would stick to the bottom of the shoes/sandals of the target allowing easy tracking.

Name: Iridium: Peasant Entombment
Rank: B
Element: Jiton
Type: Ninjutsu
Handsigns: 4
Description: Used in conjunction with Iridium: Control. Instead of using more complicated jutsu to capture and ensnare their opponents, the user may use Gold: Control. Once that jutsu however has latched onto its target, the user may use Sakin: Peasant Entombment to crush/shatter
History:This clan of magnetic chakra has been around since the time of old, the clan was very popular and well known for their ability to have control over magnetism. As times passed the clan members dwindled some due to assassination and others not having the trait of magnetic chakra. Through the years there has been no sign of life for the clan not until that of Tana Magunetto revealed herself to the world. She along with a handful of members from the magnet clan following her lead had been in hiding for the past few years. She had decided that now was the time that the clan returned to the realm of mortals.

It didn't take long for rival clans and such to begin attempting to hunt down the clan but Tana and her family members were ready defending off every attack that was brought and soon enough they stopped. The clan wasn't back to its former glory but they would be safe for a time. Tana had hated having to put an order of power within the clan but there was no other choice as the clan was in such disarray. The clan now follows the lead of of Tana's first and only Son and now current Kazekage Neo and only time will tell if fate deems him worthy of being the leader of the clan.

Village: Sunagakure
Title Rank: Jounin
Skill Rank: A

Skill Specialty:
Main: Medical Ninjutsu
Sub: Ninjutsu
Tertiary: (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Medical Jutsu, Kenjutsu, Weaponry, etc.)

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Earth
Sub: Magnet Release

Special Characteristics:

Name:Master Knowledge of Poison
Description: Toshiko being a medical ninja has grown up learning all about poisons and their effects. She can effectively create dangerous poisons and create antidotes against almost any type of poison within mere minutes. Her knowledge has allowed her to perfectly cover up a poison without having anyone know they have been injected with it, usually before it's too late.

Name:High Chakra Reserves
Rank: Elite
Description: Toshiko has been blessed with a high chakra reserve of fifty percent higher than those of the same rank as herself.

Flaws/Weaknesses: (These are here to balance special characteristics.)

Name: (Name of weapon or item)
Amount: (How many of this weapon you have.)
Appearance: (A pic or brief description of the object)
Rank: (What rank would this be classified as?)
Special Abilities: (What abilities does this have? It can be none)
Origin: (Where does this weapon come from? Why does your char have it?)

Name: (Name of jutsu)
Rank: (E,D,C,B,A,S)
Type: (Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, etc.)
Element: (Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water, Fire)
Range: (Optional for cannon jutsu.)
Description: (About a paragraph describing your jutsu)

Familiar Rules Here
Name: [What is the name of your pet?]
Nickname: [What do you call your pet?]
Age: [How old is your pet?]
Rank: [Rank your summon/pet]
Species: [What species is your pet? e.g Is it a dog, cat, snake, bird etc?]
Personality: [How does your Pet act? Please give a detailed description.]
Background: [How did you meet your Pet? How did the bond form? -OPTIONAL-]


Name: [Name of jutsu]
Type: [Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Puppetry, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu]
Rank: [E,D,C,B,A,S]
Element: [Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water, Fire]
Description: [A well detailed description of your jutsu. Remember to add in such fetures as it's range, chakra cost, drawbacks, etc to give an overall view of the technique.]

History: (Your character's background story and life. Optional for B-rank or lower.)
RP Sample: (A sample of your RP ability. Not required for C-rank.)

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