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Visiting the valley [Open][Non-Pk]

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Visiting the valley [Open][Non-Pk]

Post by Rizuma Jigoku on Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:08 pm

Rizuma had been patrolling in the area when the next shinobi had taken over the patrol. Of course he'd seen nothing, that's usually how his patrols go, but he'd never been to the monument before. He had decided to blow off reporting the same thing he always did and just visit the valley for a little bit.

Sitting on top of The first Hokage's stone head, Rizuma opened a bento filled with nothing but rice and started to pick at it with chopsticks. He tried to eat a small variety of food. His diet consists mostly of rice, rice balls and ramen. He looked at the lake below him that the waterfall beside him fell into. Even from this height, Rizuma could see the crystal clear water.

After Rizuma had finished half of his bento, he laid on the head of the first hokage'a statue and looked at the sky. Rizuma was bored and wanted something to happen, anything at all. He sat up and looked across the valley at the statue of Uchiha Madara. This is the man the first hokage killed to protect konohagakure, he thought. He picked up he bento and continued eating his rice, staring into the stone eyes of the Uchiha man.
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Re: Visiting the valley [Open][Non-Pk]

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:05 am

They had been walking in silence for hours now. Basically ever since the pair had left the previous village, and she’d no idea where they were now. Some sort of valley but she wasn’t really paying attention to the scenery at the moment. And she dared not ask to ride the creature. It wasn’t her fault, though, how was she supposed to know that he did…those kinds of things. He was a beast, he should do that with beasts. Though Tatsuna didn’t know how many females of his kind were roaming about so perhaps that was a bit unreasonable but still. It wasn’t her fault. She swiveled a jade colored eye back surreptitiously to catch a glimpse of him now. Only a snout and a wingtip were seen before a deep, half rumbling half grating voice almost made her jump.

“If you can’t look me in the eye, don’t bother glancing, Kagi-chan. Next time knock. Foolish girl.”

At that probably very true admonishment, the girl walking in front of the voice blushed and was glad the beast couldn’t see her. Knock!

“I thought there was trouble… I told you.”

Her comment was met with a barking laugh and the slight creaking of large wings stretching and then going back into a folded position. She had learned the sounds his natural form made very well by now and to a point they comforted her even. However , at the moment, it just irritated her.

“Don’t laugh, Kaiten-san! How was I supposed to know all that screaming was for a different reason! You’re such a pervert! Dragons are supposed to be kind and gentle and upstanding. You’re just a lecherous brute.”

Even so, the laugh turned into more and the redhead’s back went stiff with indignation. Visions of a squirming woman being held down crossed her mind and she valiantly wished she could scrub her brains like she scrubbed her body earlier. She had figured that the dragon would eventually mate with someone but she believed it would be another dragon and that it would be a ‘for life’ kind of thing. She didn’t have any idea that he was a womanizing pervert in human form.

“You know by now, littlest one, that this Shinano Kaiten does what he wishes when he wishes to do it. Nothing more and nothing less.” Came the amused voice.

Tatsuna rolled her eyes. She knew that very well and didn’t need a reminder. It was just so very awkward to walk in on your beast companion in coitus with a human. Besides, she really thought there had been trouble. The woman had been screaming for a while by then and the redhead had been afraid that her male friend had gone to bloodlust and was torturing the poor thing. Little did she know that when she’d burst the shoji door aside and stood there, Denki blades at the ready, she would be greeted with the sight of the dragon’s human form nakedly thrusting away at the squalling woman he was pinning to the ground. It was a very awkward feeling indeed.

Especially when the ‘man’ had begun talking to the battle-ready redhead without stopping his onslaught of the female he'd dominated. Tatsuna had stood there in shocked silence before slamming the shoji shut and fleeing to the nearest water source to dunk her head into. After the shock of sudden cold water had pulled her from her stupor, she immediately went to scrub herself clean of the experience. Even now, she shuddered at the awkwardness of it. He was a beast! Not a man! It was weird!

“Yes, yes. You’re so ominous and lordly, Kaiten-san. How could I possible forget?”

Her sarcasm won her a long tail shoving into the back of her head, making her stumble forward.

“I see you have not grown out of being an obnoxious brat. Pity. You might be pretty were it not for you horrid personality. As it stands, however, I fear you are unmarriageable.” This was said slowly and deliberately so that it would really sink in. The dragon known as Shinano Kaiten waited with a toothy grin.



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Re: Visiting the valley [Open][Non-Pk]

Post by Rizuma Jigoku on Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:47 am

Rizuma had finished his rice when he heard a faint yell. sounded like a woman had yelled, "what!?"

Rizuma looked down into the valley. Nothing. He couldn't see anything really, it was all too far away. He thought he could see two different looking smudges at the bottom of the valley. He had two choices: go down there, or use his Jigokugan. channeling a some chakra to his left eye, Rizuma was able to see the girl and dragon from his perch on top of the stone head Senju Hashirama.

He thought about this situation again. There was a dragon and a woman down there and the woman at least seemed to have a problem. I didn't seen them around earlier. Maybe they just came from the village. Going down there would be a good idea, but i'll watch for a little bit more...

Name: Jigokugan [Cancer Hell]
Rank: C
Type: Kekkei Genkai
Description: Raises the perception of the user allowing them to see clearer and react 5% faster. Also allows the user to use their Nether chakra. this is only on one eye and the image in the eye will never leave, whether the Jigokugan's abilities are active or not. The user can also mimic the handsigns of the opponent only, not the jutsu.

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Re: Visiting the valley [Open][Non-Pk]

Post by Sponsored content

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