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Oz the super genius.(done)

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Oz the super genius.(done)

Post by .Zack on Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:26 pm

Name: Yami Yoko Shamuzoki
Nickname/Alias: Oz
Age: 20
Gender: Male

The ideal attire for this individual is a black long coat with twelve inner pockets;six for viles,six for scrolls, on the outside around his right bicep area a pouch is where he keeps a copy of his favorite novel called, "The Wizard Of Oz" It is assumed that he has a fetish for wearing the color black or a dark grey. On his lower area he sports two different kind of leg straps; one carrying his kunai,senbon and shuriken, and the other carries special gel tablets and pills for most cases. An appearance as a whole would be defined in such a way that most people would count as someone who iced themselves with a simple ideal that black robes are in the most appropriate attire that included the meaning persona, his normal attire includes the normal kirigakure military wear, the flak jacket that had rarely been seen worn by Kiri shinobi except by a few named ninja which includes Zabuza Mamochi the demon of the mist and Mangetsu Hozuki brother of Team Taka's own Suigetsu Hozuki, Looking at Oz from afar the normal male would stark to jump right at you, this guy makes it seem that he was an apparition, his Tan flesh and his black hair make him seem as a normal guy, his firm lips pierce them in the view, before the explanation about his actual clothes lets make a detour down to his bare skin, his cold but somewhat milky organ are markings that are engraved some are scars and some are just tattoos of different meanings, half the tattoos are actually scars that Oz carved deep into his own living flesh as a means for self pleasure and an adrenaline booster. Now onto the clothes, mainly on his off time he wears kimonos and robes,even dresses, he is a master of disguise at times. He hides his eyes with small goggles that can stay on his face without a strap. On the side of his neck, just behind his right ear he wears the black clover of his clan.

Personality:The overall personality of Oz is separated into ten faces

Fears: each of them are based off the ten aspects of death which will be listed and explained below.


Rage-Oz's temper gets the best of him at times, he can get to the point

Where he would curse at dead people, that he probably had a hand in with them being dead, he rages so hard that he would have to take a nap to recover from the onslaught of profanity.

Greed- Oz doesn't like to share anything that he owns especially his weapons.

Madness- Madness is an understatement when it comes down to the money, Oz loses himself under the impression that he's going to get to feed that inner madman sometimes he just cuts and carves at the air cause of the intensity and the rush he gets that comes from killing and war, battles are usually when hr loses that suave persona.

Intoxication- This Face is looked at in a way that is more natural than an alcohol induced reaction, in fact Oz looks down on underage drinking, of there is a law on underage drinking, which is however you look at it, its funny cause of how he thinks slaying humans is appropriate.

Destruction- when there's destructible items, there will be things broken, shattered, ripped, stabbed, slashed, and damn right rendered totaled after Oz walls through.

Despair- The time comes when despairing views fall hard unto the eyes of Oz when he passes by the house he grew up in as a kid

Nihilism-isolation is one the major emotions that Oz cradles and keeps, it's going to be known that he wants to be alone, either acting out on his other emotions, they all counteract eachother during certain times.


Sacrifice- This used to be an all time thing with him, the praising of his own god, but now that he has turned his back on the society from which he has been born into;which will be explained on the history portion.

Old age-Believe it or not sometimes, a wisdom of a old sage surfaces whenever it's needed so.

Loneliness-To be lonely, it's practically inevitable due to the conclusion of Oz's psyche, he gets lonely all the time, but he shows out by anger and swearing.

Overall he is a genius to a normal 20 year old male ninja, his IQ sports a 250, higher than most people out there.

A true scientist at heart and mind whenever he wants to create things and perform experiments on either himself or others.

Quiet sometimes even cold, when infront on well known people Oz tends to act...Loopy..But most of the time he is daring,brave,couragous,dangerous and most of all always ready for a fight. During a bad situation Oz would most likely have a smile on his face.He even acts like Hidan sometimes.
Mostly laid back when it comes down to it like whenever theres a moment that causes people to freak out, he minds his manors whenever its necessary, walking a long road by himself is a great risk on its own,Oz gets lonely sometimes so it gets to the point where he talks to himself and has a conversation about the finer things in life or a poetical way of things. He lives by this honor code that he picked up which would be the same one of the samurai decent.Oz also stops whenever he sees memorials or graves on the road and prays there wishing them and their family the best of the rest of their lives. Keeping things cooled off even during a fight his expression doesn't really change much and he keeps calm during anytime of battle.
Towards females Oz doesn't care much about them at all though there are moments whenever he wants the touch of a female hand on his back.
Likes & Dislikes: War,battles,the rush from seeing bloodshed, calling any obstacle small then rushing through it,waiting for the time to strike and hitting its mark with precision and tatical interfactual intentions.


mushy moments, the idea that people put in their head about world peace, systematic equilibriums, keeping head counts and hates being slowed down.
Catch Phrase:


Clan Name:Shamuzoki
-Bloodline Description:-In the brain of Shamuzoki members lies a line of enzymes supercharged from the inside out that latch onto the brain's inner walls; these enzymes are truthfully a parasite that feeds on the life force of the clan member so in short the life is limited to a number of short lived lives. The enzymes effect the main chemicals of the clan member's brain acting as a catalyst boosting the percent of the brain that normal human beings use, sadly it doesnt start up the parts of the brain that cant be used; infact it basically makes them super genius' .

-Intaking information is simply skimming over written information, waiting a few seconds to contain it and now use it for their own personal gain or the downfall of a great enemy.

-Tatical genius' and the ideal part of invading zones when needed and not be seen, calling it being an army of one.

-Drafting ideas and executing plans, inventing gadgets. Very handy when being a ninja.

-Eye sight is effected; movement time of the eye is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

-Constant rambling of a favorite book could be a side-effect, the mental state will take over and they will act like they are in a story that they have read recently.

-Death occurs naturally when the enzymes get too big for the brain and tumors take their place. the brain shuts down and dies instantly. An automatic deletion button basically.

Clan Symbol:
Clan Traits: Black hair and tan skin, having the clan symbol tattoo'd on their neck just behind their ear.
Secret Clan Jutsu: [Optional]
History: [Optional]

Village: Kirigakure
Title Rank: Jounin
Skill Rank: A

Skill Specialty:
Main: Medical Jutsu
Sub: Weaponry
Tertiary: Taijutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Lightning
Sub: Fire
Tertiary: N/A

Special Characteristics:

Name: Tatics Equal Opprotunity
Rank: Elite
Description: In a battle, Oz can mentally create a grid of the whole perimeter and sees things slowed down about 10 % and can 20% counter fowarded attacks on his fatal frontal, which is within 50 feet from the yellow zone which is 100 meters away, yellow meter means that things can be dodged and thus being rendered without harm. Oz can turn it on and off within two posts of the topic.

Name:I'm A Doctor

Rank: Elite
Description: Whenever a bladed weapon is present, Oz can create a point of contact where its a plethora of infinite harmless points of chakra rotations where they can cause body confusion of the enemy;say if there was a ninja versus a ninja who used this technique, when the first ninja holds a bladed weapon in his hand, this ninja could swoop in and poke a point of the body where it disrupts the chakra flow of the person, whereas their body cant think of what to do, as a body and if its confused then the normal reaction is to shut down.

Name: Quickness yes, out of sight.....Yes..
Rank: Super
Description: When in dark areas visability is reduced by 20%

Name: Master Of Disguise
Rank: Super
Description: Can dress in a disguise of his choice and 65% be successful.


Name: Death from the inside.

Rank: Elite
Description: If on the battlefield for too long or the case of something making him utilize his brain for a long time, Oz will be overcame by paralysis for 2 posts, if hes out in the open then he'll be better than dead.

Rank: Elite
Description: 30% chance of medical jutsu failing.

Name: Setting myself up for failure
Rank: Super
Description: When hidden, his steps will make a loud enough noise for enemies to be aware of his location.

Rank: Super
Description: Still if in diguised a 45% chance is that it will fail.


Name: Diaedge Swords
Appearance: Two short swords with a black and white hilt; each about 15 inches long.
Rank: S
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Crafted by the hand of Oz, made from steel melted in with cut diamond dust solution creating a blade sharp and sturdy enough for all situations. ALL..


Name:Chakra Scalpel
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Short ranged

This medical technique forms one's chakra into a small, sharp blade. This can then be used for highly accurate incisions necessary for surgeries and anatomical dissections. Unlike regular scalpels, the chakra scalpel can actually make cuts inside the body without actually creating an open wound, limiting the risks of an infection.

The chakra scalpel can also be used offensively, although it requires great precision to be effective. Because of this requirement, using the chakra scalpel offensively is highly unusual. In heated combat, even the greatest medic won't be able to exert the precision needed to make fatal cuts, but it can still effectively cut muscle tissues and tendons, rendering the target immobile.

Name: Delicate Illness Extraction Technique
Rank: B
Type: Medical Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: short ranged

When a person has been afflicted by a pathogen or toxin, this medical ninjutsu can be used to draw out the agent and heal the damage. The cause of the illness is first determined by perceiving disturbances in the patient's chakra. Then, using a chakra scapel, an incision is made near the affected part. Using their chakra, the medical ninjutsu pushes a large volume of a medicinal fluid through the incision. The fluid then draws the poison out of the affected part(s) and serves as a medium through which the poison is suspended and then forced out of the person's body. This technique thus removes the poison, while simultaneously repairing the damage caused by the poison.

After the agent is drawn out, it can be used to create an antidote or medicine after it has been analysed. This can then be given to the patient to ensure a complete recovery. This technique requires the utmost care and ability in diagnosis, incising and unmatched chakra control. Therefore, it is considered an extremely difficult technique, even among medical ninjutsu.

Name: Chidori
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Lightning
Range: Short-range

Description: This technique channels a large amount of lightning chakra to the user's hand. The amount of chakra is so great that it becomes visible. The high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping, hence the name. Once the technique is completed, the user charges forward and thrusts the Chidori into the target. This produces heavy amounts of damage that is usually fatal. This technique is classified as an assassination technique because of the speed at which it is performed, despite the loud noise it produces




Birth to Academy arc.:
Riptide.......Could explain alot while the waves struck the face of the hidden mist village Kirigakure, but it was more than a wave that hits the village, more or less what came with it a wrapped gift of what it seemed to be a pearl, crying out as a siren in the wind, but as an infant things like this wouldnt be a problem to push for a life to have, to want; cutting flesh wouldnt even cross this innocent's mind, infact alot more had developed in his mind even as something as fragile as he.

Not too much longer, this child was founded by a woman who had a daughter and a husband, her name wasnt important to the youngling at the time, all there was left for him was great family who belonged to the Hidden Leaf village, though the Mother and daughter were just visiting there as a way to escape the family "curse" that may as well ended the mother's life as well as started a life of a daughter that she didnt quite want to have, as for this boy who was named Yami learned from reading books as his clan's special cells in his brain developed his IQ higher each hour,day and each waking moment passes.

He learned that there was something for him as he aged into the age where he could become a true ninja, his intent was to beat his opponents with tactics and strategic endevours rather than strength and speed, as he came to know himself better than anyone else did cause in all truth he was on his own...Sadly his adoptive mother was dead and gone and his sister was gone doing her own thing as the assassin of a night sky that he couldnt see. Yami started to doubt his existance and became a ghost to society, even as this age. calling his friends out of bluffs and silly little mistakes trying to make it known that he was truely and most defiantly a "genius".

And with that he has passed the academy and went on to become a Genin.

Genin to Chuunin:
Genin missions were too easy and simple for his IQ, as he grated through his missions, something came up as he was to become a chuunin soon, here in the hidden leaf village as an outcast for his existance, which really wasnt a problem due to Yami being as a shadow to the society so he forbade himself from getting attached to "Military sludge" he called the ninja of his village of adolsence, Through many battles and losses, Yami has founded himself gaining the rank of Chuunin, although he lost the battle in the finals, simply by confusing the enemy by blinding him with a smoke bomb and messing with his mind by whispering on the level that causes sleep spells, then giving up by raising his hand to the judges and speaking out the words,"Im done with the exams." he said as he walked out the stage, soon enough he was recongnized for his brainpower and made into a chuunin.

This is when he found out where his sister was located somewhere inside the hidden mist village.Dropping everything, he asks the Hokage up front to change villages for a few months, call it a special assignment.

Jounin through present day:
Carving through the life he once had as a Leaf ninja was being thrown away as Yami showed his true colors when he became a Mist ninja, the first time he saw blood, the first near death experience, and the first ever torturing of his life and the one he caused..Yami started reading and repeating verbally the book called "The Wizard Of Oz" Within reasoning he wanted to find this wizard, he called it a goal of a life time, "To find infinite wisdom within the golden city" he states as his journey goes on, The Mizukage recognized Yami as one of the characters when he was getting promoted to Jounin,"And I shall call you the name of the land of the beings of one book, you're now known as 'Oz'"

Oz now lives as a medical specialist for the Kirigakure's Jounin rank, he wants to find this golden city now, his life has more to expect of him and his family ties.
RP Sample: :
Rp sample:
Captains log: I travel far and wide searching...Searching for that diamond inside the rough, searching for the substance that makes black diamonds shine within the sunlight, I am traveling around looking for the sparkle in everyone's eyes...My travels have been long enough without anyone around me, but they seem to be longer with people with me in my crew. They're all idiots....But their my idiots..and their my crew and I wouldn't replace them for the world....So this I say to my fair patrions, "Those Scurvy dogs took my lucky bottl' of rum. da fuck?!" Captains log end..Captain Gato Matamurai.


Stormy days this weather was, enough to keep the meanest of captains off the the sea let alone out the taverns and bars, Gato doubted that even the marines would be out of the picture for this kinda weather,"How purrrrrrfect,it's kinda dangerous for this stray cat...Course I have to get the mouse while the other cats are away...SO I suppose I should take a boat and a mouse trap." Gato was thinking of the ways of dealing with this one, he hated the water, though it would have been better if he would stay in....He wanted this mouse so bad that he would swim for it...And he wasn't that far away from the destination, but those waves weren't exactly the nicest of the pact from the earlier times, not to mention the wind and the lightning that is known to strike masts of bying ships and causing a giant flame to it and sinking it. Gato has seen a few flaming ships sailing across the sea pretty much bypassing until it finally crumbles down and sinks and then Gato would count the seconds to how long that the flames would consume the ships and the longest that last was indeed about a minute and thirty four seconds,"That one was a biggy.." He says to the audience waving his finger and purring while he turned back around watching the sea once more with an umbrella over his head. But there was a good thing so far, all he had to do is not use a ship with a large mast or one at all, infact just a row boat would be simple enough to get to wherever he wanted to go. Dragging his feet to the boat that was so graciously sitting at the docks Gato turns to the audience and says."Who would have thought, this must be a lucky day for me..Nya!..Here I come you mouse!!" Jumping into the row boat and trying to row away but he wasn't going anywhere cause the boat was tied to the dock still, jumping out the boat Gato unties the rope and throws it over board, but didn't realize that it was still floating away, Gato even took out a white hankerchief and waved it accordingly,"Bon Voyage my dear row boat..Have yourself a grand journey through the waves without a body in you guiding you.." waving for about sixty seconds before pausing and turning white with a blank expression on his face,"..."


One thing is watching your boat float away without you in it, another thing is waving it goodbye as it was just floating away, and now Gato here is swimming for it with everything he's got, who knew a cat would even jump into the water, oh but lets recap; *Gato jumps into the water out of panic* Oh and lets see that in slow motion! *Gato jumps into the water out of panic IN SLOOOOOW MOOOTION* Oh did you see how he ran and hit that water NOW lets turn to our judges,

Judge 1:"I'd give him a five if it was anyone else, but this guy made it so hilarious so I give him a five...AND A HALF!"

Judge 2:"He was horrid, two all the way.."

Judge 3:"Uhm Uhm....Uhhh......TEN!!!"

And folks thats how you tell that this must be off key, cause this is all about Gato today, at least he could have been all tens.

Still swimming he turns and looks at the audience,"Aint that a bitch?!" resuming his nice long swim to the boat or at least until his can reach the rope thats five and a half inches away from him but can't help but to chase it instead of grab it,"I'm too cat like, what am I to do?" pratically playing with it as he finally got the mind to grab it and snake up and get back into the boat it was pretty windy that day. Gato got on all fours and started to shake the water off, it got most of it off but his it wasn't easy to dry his damp clothes so he figured, the hell with it and striped butt naked.


Laying in the boat with his clothes hanging on the side of the high part of the row boat, staring at the clouds and drifting through quiet waters as the storm passes on through, hoping that there was somthing to do to kill time, maybe he should have brought somthing to scribble on, at least something to do than lay in this boat in his birthday suit and cook in the sun and drift off until he finds land. Drifting silently, relaxing waves bouncing the ship up and down, just rocking the boat like a cradling baby in a mother's arms..Shutting his eyes Gato purrs as he drifts into a deep sleep, it was one of those dreams where Gato was a cat and there was a mouse and then there was a moment were the Itchy and Scratchy type view on things take action and the cat gets blown up or murdered in a violent way, well.....This time it ended with a car battery being connected to his nipples and his eyes burned out....Fun. Waking up feeling weird, it was like he had something on his manhood, looking all distraught and out of it he sits up and stares a fish that jumped up and latched onto his manhood..."......" panicing once more he jumps up and punches the fish trying everything that he could to save his johnny, his poor johnny...As a ship moves pass the row boat that Gato was in, from that ships view it could be seen as Gato was practically raping the fish, due to him moving his hips and pulling on the fish, trying to get it off.."...." Looking at the ship and the pirates on it, he hissed at them as they whistled at him. Gato felt relieved that his johnny was okay after the fish died from suffocation...That was Gato's dinner afterwards.


Captains log: I found myself sexually assaulted by the unicorn of the sea, or known to most people as a Narwhal, they are PURE EVIL, I repeat EVIL! I attempt to put my pants on and I'm poked in the ass by a horn, luckily for my cat like reflexes I aborted the ass rape,*Visualize Gato being poked and him jumping into the air, and the Narwhal swimming under the water once more* "HEY HEY HEY it didn't happen like that!! Not at all, I swiftly rolled out the way and dropkicked the beast in the face breaking its horn and I kept it as a trophy".."You really wanna argue with the narrator of this?...Wheres the horn at Mr.Gato?", Pausing like this usually happened whenver I Gato hadn't a word to spit,"What horn?" Captain's log, Captain Gato Matamurai.


With nothing but a shirt on Gato was getting pretty hot in this row boat, he is keeping his pants on cause another moment like that would have been detramental to him and his ass, and he liked his ass the way it was, without a second hole..Gato clawed at the wood on the floor board to sharpen his nails and to kill time as usual, there was...A tiring view that the sea gives the traveller, no real sight of a land and if there was, then it was a hundreds of meters away, and its nothing if you're used to it, but if its just something that you can't wait for at all...Sorry to say but you have to wait your as until you hit LAND!





"Land ho!!" Gato expressed, it was an instant as the the row boat rubbed against the face of the island as a hand would rub on a sand pile, AND RUB ON IT HARD, pretty much Gato had finally reached the island that he ounced all of his blood sweat and tears at, quite literally to be exact, the charisma of this island and the characters that were inhabiting this island, geez it could have been like an army of karate fools there,"Great a gay parade has welcomed me to their island once more.....How fun..." The guys who surrounded the area were colored in different colored Gis and had different belts and such, but now that there was something there that filled in the shadows, Gato had to dig for that mouse somewhere on this island, somewhere that a person like Gato would scratch through the dirt and sand, and pull out the fruit of gods, or devils...Depends on the person who utilizes it.


Gato hops out the boat with his bag close to him and shuffles through the sand to end up where it looked like stepping on top of a beached whale,"Hahaahaa Take that WHALE!! Oh it was a Narwhal...Forgive me.." digging his nails into the sand and proceeding to cover the whale with sand to hid it, it looked like it was still wet and still alive,"I'll eat you later...Farethewell my new found friend." practically skipping through the sand, there were truely and litterally booby traps after every other step, oh it wasn't big ones, just spikes and pits and spike pits and trap doors and explosives, pratically the indiana jones and the crystal skull on the beach. Gato had his fedora on and his buttoned up shirt and his black pants, using his whip to swing across the vast bottomless pit that was at least forty five meters wide. Swinging like the amazing spiderman over the vast area while looking down at the bottom of it he was sure that he was gonna make it, he reached the end chanting."I'm gonna make it....I'm gonna make it!!...IM GONNA MAKE IT!!!!"


Creepy moment when the pit moves WITH the person trying to jump over it, Gato lets go of the whip and claws at the side, trying to climb up the hole, all that he could do is climb for it but it didn't help at all....So he fell...Gato pauses while in mid air and looks towards the audience and says,"Kitty went down the hole..Ok bye now!" He says as he fell down the hole, and fell....and fell, and fell......Oh yea and fell. Its more like Gato was being suspened over a giant fan cause he didn't seem to be falling anywhere, there was no bottom...Picking through his pocket and finding a penny he throws it at the bottom, all he saw as the penny hitting the blackness, the floor was there, and the more that Gato's eyes adjusted to the dark then he could see that there was indeed vents, theres a practical joker present and it pissed Gato off...."Ah...A joker I see....I suppose I could play there own game...And win of course.." A menacing yet playful grin made him seem like he had a face of a cat,"Lets play...A game hehehe...Meow."


Throwing a rock into the vents to break the fan, the gears grinded and sparks showered out the vents making everything look epic like a fourth of july light show...If they have that in this kind of universe......Anyway, Gato hits the surface of the the black floor and it looks as though its a painted piece of wood over a fan that blows outwards, now that the fan is off, they are gonna try to turn it on soon or come test it out, lifting the plank of wood up, Gato sees a switch that says reverse and forward, his playful manor became more sniviling, scoffling as he turned the switch and slipped through a door that lead under the fan, probably for mechanical usage, it was more like a tunnel, a deep and dark tunnel that had lanterns on the sides, what it lead too who knew? who cared? Gato sure didn't...Infact this was one of the moments that Gato would loved to be in so he could act out a play he once saw inside the school once, hell he even sat and watched it, enough of it to understand and remember it...It was of this one guy chasing this other guy through a tunnel almost like this one, it was like....Gato hunched over and started dragging his foot behind him,"Bleh Imma get chu!" and the spins around and acts out as the other guy."Nooo What I did was for my lord I am sorrrrrry.." then running around like an idiot Gato trips over a wire,"Shit..." Hearing something coming from behind him...And infront of him..He could hear them coming fast, two boulders, quite heavysome and large as they rolled towards Gato, all Gato could do is look up and grab at the ceiling like a scared cat would in a situation that causes them to stiff up, haha almost as Tom's cousin would when Jerry would scare him. The boulders come and collide. Dropping down from the ceiling and hitting the ground, Gato kept scurring through the tunnel and managed to reach the end."HONEY....IM HOME!!"


Captains log: I Gato the man of many talents, has taken interest into something as a whole, studying as somewhat tiring traveling around this fucked up enviroment, I make a discover of something that caused me to be periodically chased by a group of monkey's in karate uniforms, who knew that they even trained monkey's in this place?!, Looking over at the audience Gato zooms in and glares."You all are enjoying this aren't you?!....Yes yes your are....Go to hell..." I ran forth and jumped high into a tree and hid there for the longest I could...It was full of bananas....Great place to be..What will I do now? Captains log...Captain Gato Matamurai.


Just sitting in that tree, chilling out as he made his his final escape plane from the karate monkeys who would probably want to eat him...Counting that they have monstrous teeth and strong jaws...Who knows it could happen, Gato just go the brilliant idea to pull out the cat man suit, yes..The cat man suit that makes the children cry and run away but causes the cats from all over to try to mate with him...Male and female felines.....Like actual cats...Not joking....Actual cats..Anyway moving onto putting on the yellow jumpsuit that was skin tight, the utility belt that included the following;smoke bombs,a wipe,throwing knives and a can of day old sardines..Of course the sardines is the secret weapon of this part of the story, the middle area has a cat paw print on it. Gato put on his boots and his gloves that had sharpened nails at the end, and then he puts on his mask by pulling down his hood covering only the upper part of his face and revealing his mouth area alot like batman's mask, and ontop of his mask there was cat ears. standing up he says.


"I am the meistro of justice, avenger of all the avenged, nice line.....Now that there is something I can write down...I AM THE CAT MAN MEOW ROAR SCRATCH HISS!!" He made a pose that seemed like he was a cat almost as Gao white from the Super Sentai series Gaoranger who was really a girl, but Gato can utilize it cause he's epic like a kitty cat. The Cat man jumps down on one of the monkey's back aiming to use his weight against it. The monkey flips Gato over and throws him away like he was nothing.."...." Gato can now say that he was beat by a monkey in one move and it was epic..He wanted to learn more from it so he uses his style.."OH TAKE ME ON!" Taking a stance as Rock Lee would from Naruto, He runs at the monkey at his full speed, Catman kicks the monkey in the face and flips backwards and the monkey fell over dead,"Dammit....."


Shaking his head Gato walked on forward for the other monkeys still in his Catman costume and still forcing through the barricade of exploding bananas and crazy monkey ninjas that surrounded the area with his bear hands and feet, well his hands and feet are covered with boots and gloves. A couple of moments left and Catman stands over twenty seven dead monkeys and small craters from the exploding bananas. Gato rips off his costume and throws it into the burning crater keeping the utility belt on him, running through the forest area of the island, Gato swings on the branches to enter the area where its known to to keep the mice and fruits buried, Column after column..There was an area where it looked like a buddhist monk type scenerio, there was a patch behind the shrine and it was gonna be difficult to get through there with the guards around, according to the map that Gato seemed to have...Dont ask where he got it...He just has it...


Gato looks at the guards and bites his thumb thinking of a way to pull this off and not getting raped or killed by the monkey menances that are infront of him, at least they arent flining poo, thats a relief. Gato plans his next feat, maybe gonna do a guriella tactic or in lamens terms, a hit and run..So Gato just takes his chances and summons his cat friends by using the voice changer that is in his Catman utility belt, giant monsters that look like cats come through breaking trees and stuff at the moments of him calling, Gato pulls the tail of one and causes it to go on a rampage, and run through the area swinging its arms, monkeys go flying around and then body parts come and go,"not very clean are they...?" Gato says to the audience once more. The mystery of the audience will never be revealed, and who is Gato talking to in the middle of no where? We as viewers will never know.


Gato jumps on the back of the cat monster and is pulled through the commotion, by riding on it like a horse, Gato points so the cat would bust through the walls of the sealed off temple in order to retrieve the prize within, and looking at whats inside it but he couldn't get through cause the door was too small and it seemed too unstable for it to be broken, and if it is broken then it would fall down on top of them killing them both. Gato slips through and tells the Cat monster to wait and fight off any monkeys that were left over, now that it was only him and a straight away, all he had to do is run for it....Turning to the audience Gato says,"Running through a straight hallway is only screaming butt rape...And I dont do butt rape.....I dont even wanna think about being butt raped.." Staring at the item at the end room thats straight ahead, Gato just went for it...."ITS MY BOOTY AND YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!!!!" Running forward through the straight way, the hallway opened up and big giant african warriors jump out screaming,"BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY!" Pausing while running Gato turns towards the audience and sighs,"I told you all..Butt rape from Booty bandits....I have to stop doing this....." Gato dove forward dogding one of the spears thrown at him, and then landing in the room that sealed itself off after someone went through the room. "BINGO I GOT THE GOLDEN BANANA!!...Wait........DA FUCK?!"


Captains log: This may be my final entry as a whole.....My manhood may be taken away from me as I record this, But not from any primate, from a dreaded Booty bandit, they are the worst and can be found all over this island I guess I was in their territory, I probably would have gotten through if I went around the building instead of being an idiot and rushing through screaming Booty rape, the whole way....Sometimes I think I do this just for the shits and giggles. Sad to say I wanted to see if I could settle down and get married, Y'know get married...I would have cleaned myself up from this flirtatious drunk and moved on somewhere, even if I am a pirate I can proudly say that my life would be better off as a person that isn't raped up the ass, no matter what...And I support this ideal to everyone who reads this log, I'm mean seriously, dont give up on your ass, you need that to survive!!, Hell...It could be worse off, but now all I have to do is look for an exit, thats all I need. so I am....Moving items around pausing, opps let me fix that, okay that was about to fall and it...Oh okay I got it covered now..Theres a breeze coming through this corner...Its a door! I FOUND A DOOR!! I better get out of here before one of the guys hit me with a ceramonial Goosh goosh..I can't believe that even is fit to happen to a male. I mean really, it could have been somewhat of a ideal with them, I read up on what a Goosh Goosh was...wasn't making any sense to me until I happen to turn the page and they showed me pictures...I couldn't eat for a week...BUT I COULD STILL DRINK!..That just was so...so..bad looking...And now their trying to bust through the door. hang on let me get this opening wider....


Gato uses a stick and tries to pry the space to get wider, wide enough to slip through,"There almost have it, just a little more, just a little more!!..Okay its so simple...Okay here we are." Slipping his arm through the area Gato used his free hand to push more to get the room open, now that he could get his head through he crawls out the room and ends up in the back of the shrine, it had nothing but dirt, thats all....Dirt thats what they were protecting behind their shrine.....Dirt," now that thats over I can finish my Captain's log.." Reaching into his back pocket he was feeling around but he couldn't find it...It was back in the room that the booty warriors were about to get through all Gato had to do is to reach in and get it, Rushing over and reaching into the opening and pulling out his log book Gato uses his strength to close the opening shut, their not that smart to open it...Diving for the ground area Gato takes out his pen and continues on into his log book.


Continuing the Captains log: I seem to have an angel watching over me or something, because I've had too many close calls, thats it when I get out of here and I get what im looking for, I am gonna cut my hair, quit drinking, quit being a pirate and joining the house of holy sing song...Is what I would have said and done if I wasn't having so much fun doing what I doing..And I wouldn't change for the world, unless there was someone out there to change me that was sent by fate, and I really do think there is an angel watching me. I wish I can find resolve, but I can't cause Im still searching for this mouse...Oh and I think Im gonna go have a nap afterwards, I need to rest somewhere, its been a long morning... Hey if there was something else I could have done it would be stripping at the bar and singing how its wonderful to be a pirate...true story, I'm known as a hero in that place...well not exactly a hero more like the guy everyone knows and isn't wanted for sleeping with the mayor's daughter.......Like that happened more than once.....Anyway...Happy thoughts are all around me when im on my way to find my mouse, but looking for it is the hard part...Getting to it is the painful part.


after the fact of things that happened Gato found his mouse..and then some..the story ends on the dime when hes sitting at the bar, sipping a tall glass of ice cold milk purring gradually, listening to the smooth jazz that usually plays during the moments that show themselves when something unimportant happens, but its that unimportant part that makes everyone like to read things, especially stories and all that jazz. Now were just beating around the bush...Its a cold night, a Gato sighs as he walks out the door that turns to a narrow path that leads into the main resting area of the park, as he looks around to see where he could sit on a nearby bench then looks at his shoes,"I wonder If anyone will like me?...I hope I can make friends here.."Gato stared to sing, he likes to sing while he's troubled.


This song was about this girl,"Falling blossoms"


Rosy cheeks,pale skin and blonde hair would express pure beauty, and when she opened her eyes for the first time to reveal her eyes, those eyes that would be mistaken for the clearest ocean that reflected the bluest sky. Her parents were very happy with their daughter, they admired her with all their heart...They held her and loved her..What was her name though? they had the hardest time to think of anything...Though they thought of something at first, it was the first thing that they said about her. That word was "Beauty"

so they named her,"Utsukushi" which had the same meaning.


Bringing her up in a small area which included a crib, a bed where the parents lay, a odd looking clay stove with three holes as eyes and a mechanism that works as the thing to ignite the flame and a gas area which in fact was very self explanatory so moving on, there was this table in the middle of the room, probably where they sat and ate their meals or discussed family meetings or just sat there to just to be sitting, understanding that this room is very small just imagine, crib at top bed at bottom, table in middle, stove on the left. On the right was an area where they kept something of meaning, a shrine where they prayed every night before bed to their god(s).


Each day passed almost the same quiet pace, suns went down and came up, full moons came and went, and things happened that made the parents of Utsukushi grow apart in their relationship which could happen to anyone so theres a chance that it could possibly be fixed. They just stopped talking to each other due to them fighting everytime they disagreed with something. years go by and Utsukushi learns to walk,talk,play,learn and explore things, her mind was more open than most kids cause she heard things that her parents would normally fight about, and that made her think outside the box with somethings. Her hair grew to her neck and she got taller.


Sitting in her room Utsukushi looks out her window staring at the sky, she sat there for

hours just trying to prove that the sky changed colors from just looking at it for a long time, and there she was just staring real hard at the sky as it turned from bright blue to amber red then to dark dark blue. the temperature changed too. just seemed that her eyes could do anything and she figured that she could see through anything. At this moment Utsukushi should be around seven or eight or somewhere in between and she could do math and figure out some of the hardest puzzles that her dad couldn't even figure out. Speaking of her father, he had been working in the coal mines underground and that was a very dangerous task. He was one of the best coal miners there until there was a shift in the mountain, it made rocks fall when he was working and it injured him really bad.


He had injured his lower back that rattled his spine causing minor paralysis in his lower legs, he had to stay in bed for weeks just to be able to walk again, who knew when he was going to work again. Since they all had plenty of workers, they didn't really need him back at the mines so they were all set, though his wife on the other hand wasn't very happy with him still and it seemed that she wanted him away for a much longer time. Then one day they argue and this argument was so bad and the mother was struck by the father and swore that he would pay. Sooooo the mother stayed quiet the whole day and did whatever he said then by the time that dinner came around she slipped something into his drink and he was poisoned to death.


Utsukushi watched this from her window, and not only that...Her mother took a knife to her own throat and made it a deep fatal cut, blood spewing out from her wound, gagging noises leaving her mouth, dropping to her knees, then hitting the ground hard leaving a warm dark red pool of blood only to be flowing continuously. Utsukushi just sat there and watched her life about to change and change for the worst, its never easy growing up without parents or close relatives watching over her,teaching her,loving her...It happens that there were people watching over her, just not the right people that would be considered a good influence for a 7 year old girl.


But he always forgot the lyrics to that song, looks up and watched the sun come up,"I always loved sunrises..They're purrfect."He mewed...Now that he saw that sunrise, he could go around flirting with a good heart and mind,"Rawr, now where did I put those Sardines from my trip?!"

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Re: Oz the super genius.(done)

Post by .Zack on Fri Aug 17, 2012 10:28 pm

App done.

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Re: Oz the super genius.(done)

Post by SUN on Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:08 am

4 Days without a reply? Sorry let me get on this for you.

Okay. I need you explain your SC strengths better please.
I'm not understanding the yellow meters. All I kinda get is that your mentality graphing the area in your head. A 20% chance to counter attacks that come infront of you by 100 meters doesn't make any sense. Please explain this better. You're also attempting to disrupt the flow of chakra, with your I'm a doctor SC. The only things I know of which could disturpt the flow of chakra. Are Hyuuga Style Taijutsu, Pain's Chakra Rods, and Genjutsu to a slight degree. If that's what you're attempting you seriously need to rework this sir.

Your flaws need to be reworked in areas.
Rank: Elite
Description: 30% chance of medical jutsu failing.
Not really reliable. As you can rp this basically. A suitable flaw this could be replaced with is 30% Less Chakra.

Name: Setting myself up for failure
Rank: Super
Description: When hidden, his steps will make a loud enough noise for enemies to be aware of his location.
Not a super, and not a reliable flaw. You can basically control this.

Rank: Super
Description: Still if in diguised a 45% chance is that it will fail.
Not a reasonable flaw. Not even a super. Your SC which is kinda silly imo is 65% chance of your disguise succeed seriously make this useless. If it was accepted it would be an Average.

Fix this and we'll come back to the rest of it a bit later my, friend.

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Re: Oz the super genius.(done)

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