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The Shamuzoki

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The Shamuzoki

Post by .Zack on Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:53 pm

Clan Name: Shamuzoki (Shamu - Shamrock which can defer from a clover, Zoki isnt from anything at all I just put it Neutral)

-Bloodline Description:

-In the brain of Shamuzoki members lies a line of enzymes supercharged from the inside out that latch onto the brain's inner walls; these enzymes are truthfully a parasite that feeds on the life force of the clan member so in short the life is limited to a number of short lived lives. The enzymes effect the main chemicals of the clan member's brain acting as a catalyst boosting the percent of the brain that normal human beings use, sadly it doesnt start up the parts of the brain that cant be used; infact it basically makes them super genius' .

-Intaking information is simply skimming over written information, waiting a few seconds to contain it and now use it for their own personal gain or the downfall of a great enemy.

-Tatical genius' and the ideal part of invading zones when needed and not be seen, calling it being an army of one.

-Drafting ideas and executing plans, inventing gadgets. Very handy when being a ninja.

-Eye sight is effected; movement time of the eye is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

-Constant rambling of a favorite book could be a side-effect, the mental state will take over and they will act like they are in a story that they have read recently.

-Death occurs naturally when the enzymes get too big for the brain and tumors take their place. the brain shuts down and dies instantly. An automatic deletion button basically.

Village: None

Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits: Black hair and tan skin, having the clan symbol tattoo'd on their neck just behind their ear.

Secret Clan Jutsu: None.

History: None.

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Re: The Shamuzoki

Post by Kaira on Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:55 pm



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