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funny pms

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funny pms

Post by Hakai Hozuki on Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:24 am

1st one

Hello and Good Day.
Himitsu and I have numerous problems with this site due mainly to one member of yours. We hope that you will rectify these problems quickly and without hassle. I don't understand why Beelzebub acted like he didn't know Himitsu, nor do I care. However, it is likely that he does indeed know her, and is trying to feign ignorance in an attempt to gain your trust. Please be wary of him.

Starting off, I just recently found this person's clan.

What you have: http://www.narutold.com/t1405-doragonhato-clan
What was stolen: http://www.narutomirage.com/t165-doragonhato-clan
By keeping that information on your site, you are willingly saying that you are keeping stolen information and that someone has broken our terms of service (most likely the creator of the clan on your site).

Now, this person in question has major problems: http://www.narutold.com/t1340-beelzebub-jigoku
To further prove that he was once at our site, here is his character application on our site: http://narutorpgsaga.forum-motion.com/t829-beelzebub

Here are the problems:

Name: Mist Servant Technique
While this is indeed Canon, the description is not.
If you compare the one here: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Mist_Servant_Technique
to the one here:
You will find that the one he uses is clearly much more like the latter. Take note that he even has the error of having the range be eye-contact, but in the description say that it is done by sound.

Name: Air Bullets
Again, Canon.
Canon description: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release%3A_Air_Bullets
Our description: (Yes, Saga is also part of this theft) http://narutorpgsaga.forum-motion.com/t575-fuuton#3119
This one is an obvious rip off. The only part left out is the training, which I assume is left out because you don’t have the same system.

Name: Vacuum Blade
Just scroll down from the last link from Saga, it’s right there. I couldn’t even find it on the Wikia.

Name: Vacuum Sphere
http://narutorpgsaga.forum-motion.com/t575-fuuton#3403 Again, stolen. Couldn’t find it in the Wikia either.

Name: Wind Release: Great Breakthrough
Canon: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release%3A_Great_Breakthrough
Ours: http://narutorpgsaga.forum-motion.com/t575-fuuton#3117
Other than the initial canon similarity (which is on ours anyway) it’s a direct copy/paste from ours.

Name: Gangbang
This one is not a theft, but is inappropriate on its own. The terms of service of forumotion explicitly prohibits anything sexual or pornographic in nature. Having this at all is very dangerous. (Also for your own note, it’s quite overpowered; I mean, really? It would prevent an opponent from moving for an entire 4 posts? Walking over to someone and cutting their head off would be faaaar too easy with that)

Now, provided you don’t want your forum to get in trouble, I suggest that you remove the offending stolen information and punish the member. The member in question, Beelzebub, has had multiple accounts on both sites (Saga & Mirage) and has caused much trouble on both. Other names he went by: Yoshi, Night, Zeref, Kazuya. His warning level on Saga was already half way down for various reasons (meaning he wasn't far off from getting banned) before we found out about this. Since then, he has been permanently banned on both sites with all accounts. If he tries to get around this ban, we will be forced to IP ban him. We would like to see some kind of punishment other than just the removal of the jutsu on your site. This is also a warning to you, as he would likely steal things from you, as well.

The person with the clan, I can't say I know for sure, but the clan belongs to Mirage and should not leave the site without the site's permission, which he doesn't have. His punishment should be less severe.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM an Administrator on either Saga, or Mirage. (You’ll likely get a hastier reply on Saga)

Thank you for your time, I hope you will fix the problems we have with your site.

2nd Pm - reply to first pm

Re: In Lieu of Himitsu

From ..Hakai Hozuki To Kyuumin Kagai, Mon Aug 06, 2012 5:35 am
Drama Llama! <---- you

scratch <--- me


Eager <----- you

:Zaru: <---- Me

You get what I am saying??

In case you don't know what I am getting at, let me flow with you, my nerd brother. You should check yourself, before you wreck yourself. By this I mean you should have had all the facts straight before you pmed me with petty internet problems. For starters, you should have check with the dragon clan of craziness, neo = nami. You saw him in the C box, why didn't you ask. I feel like these problems could have been avoided with just some communication. Its the building blocks of a good relationship you know; take that to heart.

Now we can talk about beelzebub, with his biblical ass name. For starters, why didn't you guys address him with these issues? I saw him on a few occasions attempt to talk with you. Yet we get to this point when you guys have pm my sexiness, right after I got home from visiting someone. You mood killing sluts. :C

Now addressing the canon jutsu, I saw this all the time.. FUCK THE POLICE. Now I have been joking up to this point but I am serious about this. You realize that you don't own those jutsu right? They are not original ideas, Kishimoto owns naruto and all the original ideas. Now you rewrote the jutsu after he created it and kudos on that my friend. But so did a 1000 other people on the web and I see no formal proof that its originally yours. I mean do you even pay to read/watch naruto? I do, I have be a shonen jump subscriber for years. (What does this have to do with what I am saying? Nothing.) So for the canon jutsu, I am sorry I am not going to rage on him about it. If you want pm him and tell him you are going to tell me about them, if he doesn't change them. But seriously, I am not going to make him change something that you didn't invent.

What it seems to me is this guy was a troll. A royal douche.. not unlike myself.. but people seem to love me. OMG But you banned him and now he has found a new home with a large a few other members from your site. So you have a personal vendetta against him and you want me to help. I say sheesh... its a canon jutsu, I have seen them rewritten 100 times and I will see them rewritten 100 more. So I am sorry but you won't see me raging on him about this.

About the gangbang.. for starters........... "prohibits anything sexual or pornographic in nature." Yes but you should read the rules of this in the terms and conditions. We are an adult site, and we are advertised as an adult naruto rp and in the directory information we have mature content. So under those rules, this site allows such things to be on our boards. Also that shit ain't oped, you don't even know what you are talking about. Canonly genjutsu binds your forever until you break out of it. Not to mention its like D rank.. so almost any ninja can just Kai to get out of it. I mean the kid wrote the jutsu when he found out, an admin on here is a female. XD So ya he is a rather gross person, but I don't hate.

In-conclusion my homie, who don't know me. This is the internet, there are freaks who leak.... creepers who creep.. stealers who steal and trolls who roll from forum to forum forever alone. Forever Alone! Why do we have to be so petty about stupid things like canon jutsu.. I mean they are canon. Not even custom ones and you are hating.

Also don't threaten this site again, forumotion has 1000s of sites. You really think you they are going to give two shits about our random naruto site and the fact that you claim someone stole something from you. I am not taking your word over a members of this site, on who made it. If it was custom I would have him remove it just for safe keeping. But its not and its not your original idea. So my friend enjoy yourself and if you have any other problems or concerns please pm me on my forumotion.com account.

Thanks, dark hand, demon of the mist, Hakai, 1000 years of Pain or Mario. tongue

ALSO My bad for grammar I was just doing some stuff that made me really really tired. So this might not make the most sense. lawls.

3rd and final pm

Kyuumin Kagai Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:04 am
Our terms of service, which he agreed to:

By clicking on " I agree to these terms " below:
- You acknowledge to have fully read these current rules;
- You commit yourself to respect unreservedly these current rules;
- You grant the moderators of this forum the right to delete, move or edit any discussion subject at any moment.
- You grant this forum the right to legally use the content you posted here that has been created by yourself.
- You grant this forum to ban you whenever it feels you've acted out of line.
- We are not liable for using any of your own produced work without your permission once you're registered.
- These terms are subject to change without prior notice at any time, and by accessing, browsing, or otherwise using the site after a change has been posted to the Site, You accept that change.

So yes, for the specific way the things were written, the intellectual property, belongs to us, and you are still stealing.

Last edited by ..Hakai Hozuki on Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:25 am; edited 1 time in total
Hakai Hozuki

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Re: funny pms

Post by Hakai Hozuki on Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:24 am

I want you opinions on this convo....

Hakai Hozuki

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Re: funny pms

Post by Neo on Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:43 am

Actually stupid Assholes nothing there grants you the rights to come here and attempt to say that it's copyright stupid niggas, yes you can use my stuff but outside that forum it's still mine so GTFO and besides that my clan was deleted on there there for it's not yours anyway and if it wasn't Fuck you Shy for sending someone over here and starting bullshit , stop thinking you can come up in here and claim something that isn't yours go back to your site and fuck off I left for a reason so lets leave it at that Ok fuck tards?

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Re: funny pms

Post by The Akiha on Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:46 am

I think they're making a fuss simply to make a fuss over something. I can't stand idiots like that but they exist everywhere. Personally, I would just change the clan so they shut the eff up. But it's not really my problem.

BTW - I super like the extra retarded llama creature that represents them. It's so apt, I chortled.

The Akiha

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Re: funny pms

Post by Sponsored content

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