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Tokugawa Ieyasu WIP

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Tokugawa Ieyasu WIP

Post by Asher Nara on Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:32 pm

Name: (Your char's full name.)
Nickname/Alias: (A-S rank Shinobi Only.)
Age: (How old are you?)
Gender: (What gender are you? Male or Female only)
Looks: (If you would like to post a picture please include 1 paragraph talking about your char's looks. If no picture is provided then please give at least 2 paragraph's explaining your looks.)

Personality: (What is your char like? This section should be at least 2 full paragraphs.)
Likes & Dislikes:
Catch Phrase: (Does your char have any catch phrase's? Optional)

Clan Name:
-Bloodline Description:
Clan Symbol: [Optional]
Clan Traits: [Optional]
Secret Clan Jutsu: [Optional]
History: [Optional]

Village: (If wanderer, put 'Free Lands'.)
Title Rank: (Either your rank in that village or 'Wanderer'.)
Skill Rank: (C, B, A, or S.)

Skill Specialty:
Main: (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Medical Jutsu, Kenjutsu, Weaponry, etc.)
Sub: (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Medical Jutsu, Kenjutsu, Weaponry, etc.)
Tertiary: (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Medical Jutsu, Kenjutsu, Weaponry, etc.)

Elemental Affinity:
Main: (Your most proficient element.)
Sub: (Your lesser proficient element.)
Tertiary: (Combined or third element.)

Special Characteristics: (Your characters special characteristics.)
Flaws/Weaknesses: (These are here to balance special characteristics.)

Name: (Name of weapon or item)
Amount: (How many of this weapon you have.)
Appearance: (A pic or brief description of the object)
Rank: (What rank would this be classified as?)
Special Abilities: (What abilities does this have? It can be none)
Origin: (Where does this weapon come from? Why does your char have it?)

Name: (Name of jutsu)
Rank: (E,D,C,B,A,S)
Type: (Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, etc.)
Element: (Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water, Fire)
Range: (Optional for cannon jutsu.)
Description: (About a paragraph describing your jutsu)

Familiar Rules Here
Name: [What is the name of your pet?]
Nickname: [What do you call your pet?]
Age: [How old is your pet?]
Rank: [Rank your summon/pet]
Species: [What species is your pet? e.g Is it a dog, cat, snake, bird etc?]
Personality: [How does your Pet act? Please give a detailed description.]
Background: [How did you meet your Pet? How did the bond form? -OPTIONAL-]


Name: [Name of jutsu]
Type: [Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Puppetry, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu]
Rank: [E,D,C,B,A,S]
Element: [Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water, Fire]
Description: [A well detailed description of your jutsu. Remember to add in such fetures as it's range, chakra cost, drawbacks, etc to give an overall view of the technique.]

History: (Your character's background story and life. Optional for B-rank or lower.)
RP Sample:Asher whose sitting down with Lei playing a game of Shogi witch lasted 3 days, Lei whose playing shogi as smart as his Asher whose, Asher place a Shogi piece on the board as it whose game and Asher beat his best friend in the game, Rin Yamanaka then walk by the open door wanting to grab a few Saki Asher and Lei then got up left.

Asher then head to the near by bar with Lei yama, Asher an grab a bottle of Saki and started to drink from it, Rin Yamanaka then walk in and ask to join in a drink as Shikaku said the more the better tasting the Saki is as Asher Fainted from to Meany Saki.

The next day:
Lei whose playing another game a Shogi with Asher that lasted 10 Hour's, Asher then finish it up the same way he did before. Asher started to walk around town to buy a few stuff for a mission as Asher walk buy Lei in a Sparing match with his Friend Asher use his Shadow Imitation Technique on Lei and his Friend as Asher sayed "hay Lei we have a mission".

Lei replayed "what? already? will i need to finish this game up fast" as :ie finish the match with style.

The next day:
Asher whose in a field mission at a fort with Lei yama and Rin Yamanaka also know as the Lei-ash-Rin trio whose doing a mission to get info on a hidden jutsu as Asher rush a the fort door and use his Shadow Imitation Technique to control the guard to make him unlock it and as Lei swing the door open to knock the Guard out for the Lei-ash-Rin trio to get in as Asher walk slowly to the next door Asher next the door to see if its unlock.

Asher use his Shadow Neck Bind Technique to get the other Guard out of the way the Lei-ash-Rin trio make there way threw the fort as Asher use his Shadow Gathering Technique to gather the enemy to him as Lei got ready to knock the other guards out but no Guard are in the room so the Lei-ash-Rin trio make there way down true the cell area to get to the Scroll with the hidden jutsu on it as Asher saw a weird jutsu on the place as Lei and Rin also saw it as Asher the thought of a way out of the Genjutsu, Asher the rush to the right to break it as the Lei-ash-Rin trio got the info on the Hidden scroll and return to Konoha.

Back In Konoha:
as Asher gave the info to the hokage Asher return home and then started a Game of shogi with Lie and thy played piece by piece Asher then played a Piece down and beat Lie in a game as Asher when to the bar to get a drink with Chouza and Inoichi to Grab some drink and rest after a perfect mission finish as Asher took a drink and started to fall a sleep at the bar.

That Night:
As Asher woke up and saw the bar almost close Asher then walk home as he made it a little way out he could see some poeple playing poker for money and a Shogi tournament going on as Asher enter the tournament and won over 1000.

The Next Day:
as Asher got up and when to the Academy to tell the young ninjas how to be better at a battle Asher said to the kids "ok kids my name is Asher Nara and i will tell you all how you must train you mind to improve you Tactics" as Asher talk for 3 hour on to improving the mind half of the class fell fast asleep and Asher help the jonin teacher with the class and left to his next job.

That after noon:
As Asher started to go to the bar to get a few drink and left after a few hours and whent to the next job Asher went to help kids with Kunai training and jutsu training also Taijutsu trainng with kids to help them survive in a mission when thy become Genin Asher show the kids how to toss a kunai and other ways to throw a kunai Asher toss one and toss Another kunai at his kunai to bounce it off of eatch other as the kids whose getting use to the kunai training Asher move on to jutsu training and show the kids how to use a clone jutsu and how to use a transformation jutsu also as Asher move on to taijutsu training and show them how to perform a few combos and left the he place to join his friends for a Mission as Asher return to is house after the mission whose over and then went to the bars again for a few drinks with Lei and Rin and have a few drinks and rest.

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Re: Tokugawa Ieyasu WIP

Post by Rizuma Jigoku on Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:56 pm

Can you please put "wip" in the title so we know you're not done please?

Thank you.

Name: Jigokugan [Cancer Hell]
Rank: C
Type: Kekkei Genkai
Description: Raises the perception of the user allowing them to see clearer and react 5% faster. Also allows the user to use their Nether chakra. this is only on one eye and the image in the eye will never leave, whether the Jigokugan's abilities are active or not. The user can also mimic the handsigns of the opponent only, not the jutsu.

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Re: Tokugawa Ieyasu WIP

Post by Asher Nara on Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:32 pm

i forgot sorry

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Re: Tokugawa Ieyasu WIP

Post by Sponsored content

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