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Alphard's Blades

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Alphard's Blades

Post by Makina Hoshimura on Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:06 pm

Name: Ichigo no Tsurugi (The First Saber)
Amount: 6
Type: Bladed
The First Tsurugi is comprised of Six blades.

Main Blade

The main blade resembles an exaggerated two-handed sword in its shape and appearance. It consists of a long hilt wrapped in a red material, a distinctively large handguard which the other swords are locked into, a wide length of blade, and an equally long but thinner length ending in a point. The main blade is the only sword among the six that is double-sided.

Hollow Blade

The hollow blade does not have an inner core as expected for a sword. Rather, it is essentially (though not exactly) a thick sheet of metal folded in a V-shape when looked from above, the edge of the sword being the bottom point of the "V", with its lower one-third of its length wrapping around a red double-hilt. The hollow blade is locked onto the main blade's front edge, where it snugly covers the entire edge of the main blade, and its own edge serves as the striking point for the assembled sword. It is this addition that turns the completed construct from a symmetric shape to the distinctive Buster Sword appearance.

Back Blades

The back blades are identical long swords, mirror images of each other, with one straight edge and one saw-toothed edge, with a long black hilt for each. The two swords are attached to the main blade's back, on both sides of the main blade's back edge, with the saw-teeth pointed forward toward the hollow blade. The addition of these two swords completes the fusion swords' trapezoidal silhouette.

Side Blades

The side blades are identical, mirror image dagger-like swords, though they are still quite long. They are single-edged, with a gear-like mechanism between the hilt and the blade that allows them to fold up like a switchblade. It is in this folded form that the two side blades are locked onto the two sides of the assembled sword, with their edges turned forward toward the main blade at the sword's front. In addition, one of the two blades can be quickly ejected from the assembly if needed, providing Cloud with a needed off-hand weapon.

As part of the assembled fusion sword, the side blades do not appear to have any vital function like the rest of the swords, possibly only adding extra mass, and therefore force, to strikes, and providing a decorative appearance. The side blades may also possess some sort of locking mechanism designed to hold the other blades in place, or be meant to cover the hilts of the other blades to the same effect. It is also entirely possible the blades are merely for convenience so as to provide an efficient secondary weapon without compromising the assembled construct's strength.

Rank: S
Special Abilities:Chakra Conductor Metal Which allows it to be used with jutsu of Kenjutsu and Focus Chakra to it
Origin: This Blade was gifted by her Grandmother as it was a family Weapon once used by her grandfather
Makina Hoshimura

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Re: Alphard's Blades

Post by Kaira on Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:14 pm



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