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The Contract Of Life

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The Contract Of Life

Post by DemonContract on Tue Aug 07, 2012 7:09 pm

Name: Akuma Sābanto
Nickname/Alias: "The Immortal Shinobi"
Age: 100
Gender: Male
Looks: Akuma's attire is an over-sized black winter coat with two empty pockets at the waist. The winter coat has an attach hood on the back of it, the inside of the hood and cuffs which are located at the wrist of the winter coat, are soft and white fluffy fabric to keep the user warm from harsh whether. Overall the winter coat serves as his general attire of choice, whether it be the harsh weathers, traveling or combat. Akuma's black hair is short and straight all the time, not a hair out of place. The shortness of the hair doesn't pass the ears, the hair is a fringe which covers the forehead. A cigarette can always be found on the tip of his mouth, lighted. The black pants is also made for the winter and is also baggy. The eye color of the user is blue and his pigment of the skin is clear white. Two regular sized pouches can be found on the back of his pants, at waistline level. The items in the pouches are liquid poison senbons, which cover the whole tip and can be visible from far away. The color of the pouch is a dark purple that is a bit dusty. The violin he carries is his main weapon and its located within the winter coat, strapped across the chest. The instrument stick of the violin is located on the back of his pocket.

Personality: Akuma's personality comes from a well groomed high society manner of tone. To high superiors he addresses them as "Sir" , "Master" , "My Lord", "Madam", "Mistress", and "My Lady". To those who are below him, he sees that everything goes well form to please the high superiors. Akuma can be describe as calm, obedient , Loyal , and trustworthy to his high superiors. He is the kind of servant who won't betray you, even when the times are tough or at your sudden death. He sometimes gets attach to the high superiors and grows to love and care for there well being. Which normally when it comes to his job, he isn't allowed to do that. The foods he enjoy are meat, examples would be: burgers, sausage, and chicken. The sauce of his choice is buffalo and his favorite beverage is tea. Akuma doesn't dress for the part, If it's combat, you will see him in his winter coat attire, If it's formal, you will see him in the exact same attire. He normally doesn't like violets, and just waits for the Master to die so he can claim the soul.

Likes & Dislikes:
+Red Wine
+Tooth pick
+Black (Normally for clothing of everyday)
+Black and Red (Normally for clothing of combat)
+Fruits (Apples , Peaches , Oranges)
+Vegetable (Carrots)

-White Wine
-Fruits (Pairs, kewii)
-Vegetable (broccoli)
-smelly attires
-Stains (mostly blood)
-Unwelcome Guest

Catch Phrase: "I will stay by your side till the very end"

Clan Name: The Underworld Agreement Society
-Bloodline Description:
Demon Curse Seal
Reincarnation: Advantage/Disadvantage
If the wound is small, an example would be a slash of a knife on the skin. The wound will repair itself back to normal. If the wound is medium, an example would be a stab to any non-vital organ. The wound will repair itself back to normal; however it will take a little bit more time than a smaller wound. If the wound is high, an example would be a stab to a vital organ which can be fatal. The wound will repair itself back to normal; however it will take a lot more time to repair.
Small Wound: By repairing your small wound, it will take 1 post of the user to describe the wound fully healing. (You are not allowed to attack this post)

Medium Wound: By repairing your medium wound, it will take 2 post of the user to describe the wound fully healing. (You are not allowed to attack during the 2 post)

High Wound: By repairing your high wound, it will take 3 post of the user to describe the wound fully healing. (You are not allowed to attack during the 3 post)
The Contact:
The Contract: The servant (which is the clan member), Must offer their services to anyone. After the shinobi signs the contract, there soul will be taken from them the moment of their death.
Ten Commandments:
1)The shinobi who gains the services of the servant will be called, “Master”, “Sir”, and “My Lord”. If it’s female then the appropriate words will be titled for them.

2)The shinobi’s right eye will be replaced with the curse seal, which when activated; will give the shinobi the ability to telepath with the servant to come to their aide.

3)The servant will be by the shinobi’s side at all times, this is to ensure the safety of their life.

4)Any language can be thrown at the servant, whether it is nice and polite, or ruthless and evil.

5)The shinobi is not allowed to break the contract once they have signed it.

6)The shinobi is not allowed to wish death upon the servant, this will and cannot happen.

7)The servant will have a demon curse seal on their left hand to stay in contact with the shinobi

8)Once the shinobi dies, there soul will be taken and they can’t be revived back by edo tensi or any revival jutsu that would bring them back otherwise.

9)If the servant is sealed in an object or sent in another dimension, they can only be freed if the shinobi commands them to be freed. This will cause the servant to vanish from the object or dimension to appear right next to shinobi. However, if the shinobi dies while the servant is still in the object, there soul will still be taken from them and the servant will remain in the scroll until freed. If trapped in a dimension he will just come back to the shinobi world once the shinobi is dead.

10) The servants live forever just to serve the shinobi world.

Village: Kirigakure
Clan Symbol: [Optional]
Clan Traits: [Optional]
Secret Clan Jutsu: [Optional]
History: [Optional]

Village: Kirigakure
Title Rank: The Contract Of Life
Skill Rank: S

Skill Specialty:
Main: Taijutsu
Sub: N/A
Tertiary: N/A

Elemental Affinity:
Main: N/A
Sub: N/A
Tertiary: N/A

Special Characteristics: (Your characters special characteristics.)
Flaws/Weaknesses: (These are here to balance special characteristics.)

Akuma was born in the village of kirigakure,however he wasn't placed at the academy. The father and mother weren't shinobi, they were servants of the underworld, but of high society with power and wealth within kirigakure. Akuma was just a child and already being a butler for the household at the age of five. The mother and father who created him only used him as a butler. He would do the cleaning, cooking, studying and take harsh lectures. The father and mother also couldn't die, however they had to serve the shinobi society. The father and mother gave up to serve the shinobi once they had a child. The father and mother souls were taken from them and was eaten by the demon. This caused both of them to be imprisoned by the demon haunted forever. The demon told the Akuma that if he didn't want the same fate like his parents, he would have to keep serving the shinobi world. However since he was just a child he wasn't allowed to serve the shinobi society until he was the age of 21. During that long period of the he just kept training everyday, having worse and worse conditions and fatal wounds in his body, He healed the wounds and kept training endlessly. By the age of 21, He was fully skilled in fighting and was to serve the purpose of serving the shinobi of this world. He looked around his village and found a 14 year old Genin who was completely depressed, constantly picked on and made fun of due to his weight and wearing glasses. The 14 year old Genin was an orphan who didn't really have a home. Akuma greeted him in a king gesture and offered him the services. The genin at first didn't believe him, but he showed him proof. He ordered the genin to stab him directly in the heart. The genin did this being terrified and scared, Akuma fell on the floor pretending to be dead. Seconds later he came off the ground repairing his fatal wound. The genin was surprised and knew the consequences if he were to sign it. He agreed to sign it, and wanted a new life. The genin's right eye was replaced with the contract, and Akuma's left hand was placed with the contract as well. This adventure continued until the genin was at the age of 60. The genin, now a jounin was going up against tough opponents of the world. The jounin was going up against a sannin who was skilled in sealing. The sannin killed the jounin and sealed Akuma within a scroll. Akuma was 67 when he was sealed up in the scroll, 40 years have passed, and Akuma is still sealed in the scroll, now being 100, he still awaits someone to release him from the scroll and to make the deal with him. The question that remains is....

Will you sign your soul away to make the deal of your life?

RP Sample:
The weather is freezing cold and the night comes falling by. The Sun quickly swifts to the full moon within midnight. The grass blows with the wind and the glare of the moon shines on the large boulder. On top of the boulder contains a scroll in which seals Akuma Sābanto. The scroll just has to be slide open to awaken him. A bit of your blood will do, and the smoke will rises to the sky if you so choose to do the following correctly. The smoke will clear and Akuma Sabanto will emerge from the smoke standing on the scroll. He will offer a nice greeting for setting him free from bondage for over 40 years of his life. Akuma Sabanto then will offer you his services in return. If you accept the services then you must sign the contract and your soul will be his the moment you die. However, if you decline his offer, he will simply leaves and move on in the shinobi world. The choices will always be yours, the moment the choice isn't yours, is when the contract has been signed away. Akuma now rest inside the scroll waiting for someone to just open it. Until then, he will enjoy the life of being sealed away. The only member left.....


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Re: The Contract Of Life

Post by Hakai Hozuki on Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:01 am

Please place clan in clan section so it can be approved. Thank you so much
Hakai Hozuki

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