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The Sticky World Training

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The Sticky World Training

Post by Gitta on Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:36 pm

Kurai standing in the konoha forest at the valley of end. Kurai closing his eyes as he begins to inhale so much air into his system, his chest becoming flatted real big for a split second. While the chest is being flatted, he does his hand signs to perform the sticky world technique. He would mutter the jutsu in his head as he begins to spit out tons and tons of glue out of his mouth covering a 50 meter radius around the whole environment of the valley of end and also the forest. After the glue covers the sections, his main body is stuck on a bark tree, in which glue is on his waist, his both hands, the joints of the elbows and knees. Exhaling air in and out of his system as he begins to take focus of his surroundings. Kurai begins to form a glue dome which has four walls trapping himself inside of it for protection. Kurai then making glue clones within the dome around three of them to his front. He would be doing this by just concentrating his chakra through his palms and such. The main kurai that is trap within the bark of the tree begins to open his mouth wide open. A glue figure coming out of the mouth of kurai, the glue figure begins to take form being the main kurai. Kurai then looks to the clone that is against the bark of the tree. The main kurai begins to plant his right palm on the forehead of the glue clone that is against the bark of the tree. He begins to give him more chakra to the clone’s system, giving him more power to controlling the environment around him just like the main kurai but not that much. The main kurai begins to form into a puddle of glue, being completely blended into his surrounding due to the environment being glue. The main glue clone begins to form a maze within the large dome, just like the walls, the maze would be harden by using chakra, having tons of layers on it so the enemy can’t just simply break through it. The main clone begins to open the ceiling of the dome this instants, the dome would then rise up high in the sky being as tall as the trees, Glue pillars begin to form underneath the main glue clone this instants, having two of the pillars rising him and the tree out of the ground to the higher part of the dome. The main clue clone begins to open up the ceiling of the dome. All of a sudden the dome begins to fall apart and starting to form into a giant figure taller than the trees of the forest, this glue figure would form into a giant Kurai this very instant. The main glue clone would be within the chest plate of the giant kurai clone. Suddenly the main glue clone begins to lose all of his chakra due to excessive use and what not. The glue environment begins to lose its chakra all at once. The giant kurai glue clone begins to shatter into nothing but glue substance being the first state which is a liquid. The giant tree that held the main clone would shatter off his body. All the glue clones except for the main glue clone begins to form into particles of glue. The main glue clone hits the terrain ground being weaken to the max. The main glue clone panting and panting to himself as he feels his chakra is at an end at this point. He begins to form into nothing but glue as the main kurai forms out of the glue puddle looking down at the main glue clone that just died. Kurai begins to pull out both his twin scrolls from his back pocket with each of his hand. Holding the two scrolls, he begins to open both of them with just his fingers alone. He begins to activate the scrolls as the 2 gallons of glue shoot against his whole body structure, this would have him completely covered in glue at this very moment. The glue starts to be evaporated into his entire body system, not letting an ounce of glue go to waste. The glue that he just took into his body begins to gain his chakra back to 100% once again. Kurai begins to inhale so much air into his system once more weaving the hand signs in a faster motion this time. The chest being flatted big once again, the hand signs being completed. Tons of glue begins to exit his mouth, flooding the area once again, overlapping the current glue that already have been displayed before. His body structure would be on a tree bark once again as all of his joints being locked cause of the glue. Kurai begins to mold the glue on the ground using his chakra to create 50 clue clones at once. The clones being to form all around the area pulling out there double bladed kunai for protection. They would all be in a stance as they see a giant snake coming to attack them. The giant snake sends his huge mouth to 10 clones at the front lines. The snake consuming the clones but his mouth being covered in glue. The glue would then harden, having the snake unable to open his mouth. The snake begins to try to put pressure into opening his mouth, he successfully open his mouth but at a cost of having his gums open up as he bleeds out of his mouth from the pressure and pain from the glue. The snake begins to slam his tail instead at the clones, all of the clones take the hit turning into glue the moment they got hit. Kurai begins to form a glue prison around the snake, trapping him inside of it. The snake begins to bite against the glue bars having him free himself within a whole minute. The snake breaks free as he rushes towards the kurai, Kurai begins to open his mouth wide open aiming towards the sky with his mouth. He begins to let a glue figure come out of his mouth in the nic of time. The glue figure forms into the main kurai in seconds. The main kurai jumps into the sky as the clue clone against the bark tree gets eaten by the snake. Kurai begins to clap both his hands as he lands on the ground this very instant. Kurai begins to send tons of glue out of his hands over to the snake’s giant figure this very moment. The snake begins to get consume by the glue forming the snake into a glue statue this very moment. The snake begins to freeze completely falling to the ground unable to move his body at all. Kurai begins to inhale so much air into his system once again as his chest flats and turns big once again. He begins to exhale so much glue out of his system again, but only this time it covers only a 20 meter radius due to him releasing too much chakra. With the last bit of his chakra he begins to form a dome all around his body structure making four walls made of glue. He then begins to make five clones within the dome this very instant. The glue start to form, first starting from a liquid state, then finally turning into a solid state by using chakra on them to do so. Kurai begins to close his eyes as he begins to break off the glue that locks his joints into place by just focusing his chakra on all of the joints. The glue begins to come right off as the stick world jutsu is cancelled the moment he did that. Kurai begins to walk through the forest leaving the glue covered terrain as he heads towards the valley of end, over to madara’s statue. He jumps high in the air landing on top of the head of madara. He then takes a seat on the statue’s head looking over to the first hokage, with a grin upon his face. He then closes his eyes as he looks up at the sky, opening them again he see the clear clouded skies, with the sun glaring down on his body.


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Re: The Sticky World Training

Post by Rizuma Jigoku on Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:23 pm

1406 words. Good Gitta.


Name: Jigokugan [Cancer Hell]
Rank: C
Type: Kekkei Genkai
Description: Raises the perception of the user allowing them to see clearer and react 5% faster. Also allows the user to use their Nether chakra. this is only on one eye and the image in the eye will never leave, whether the Jigokugan's abilities are active or not. The user can also mimic the handsigns of the opponent only, not the jutsu.

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