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Faeore Region - an AU Pokemon RP

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Faeore Region - an AU Pokemon RP

Post by volt on Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:43 pm

[blockquote]In the region of Faeore, it's relatively normal. Trainers, coordinators, breeders and gym leaders are bettering their experience with Pokemon. Though Faeore appears criminal free, looks can be deceiving and Faeore has it's own chaos behind the scenes. SHARP, an organization dedicated to the science and discovery of Pokemon. In the press, they are famous for finding new medicines for diseases that were other wise incurable, Pokemon communication technology and most recently researching the properties of Pokemon fusion. While the press and people of Faeore bustle over this, SHARP is not for the greater good.

A cult.

SHARP contains one leader, executives, elite grunt and regular grunt scientists. While they see their testing methods fit, they are quite literally Pokemon abusers. The leader has Kyurem in it's grasp, studying and testing of the pokemon's fusing abilities in cruel manners. The leader and his clan chase Zekrom and Reshiram in order to complete the fusion, they are desperate to find out what in Kyurems DNA makes it able to fuse. The Leader seeks the power in this, with intentions to create a super Pokemon, with more than three powerful
Pokemon infused. The hunger for this power is the result of the Leaders intentions of taking over Faeore, and spreading her conquest across the other regions fusing Pokemon to join the Leaders army and control the general population. Though these intentions are unknown, it is about time someone brings the cult to justice and exposes these horrific intentions. What will the common people think or believe, what will news continue to press? Who will you side with? Are you in the race to end the uninitiated destruction or be a part of it?[/blockquote]


[blockquote]- Graphics Designer, Pokemods and Trainer Mods needed.
- New excitingly evil plot.
- Banner Art contest going on currently.
- Whole new region to explore with all generations of Pokemon infesting every area.

P.S it's no biggie or a necessity but I'd be glad if you can refer me in your Application that you saw the Ad I posted that brought you to our site. ^_^[/blockquote]


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