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Site Officially in Open Beta!

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Site Officially in Open Beta!

Post by Suijin on Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:34 pm

The site has officially escalated to open beta! What does that mean? It simply means that while it is open to the public, it still requires some more tuning. Over the next week or so it is vital that you make suggestions and give feedback regarding the site. This is also known as a "debugging period" where we will try to find any, if any, flaws in the sites systems and rules. We'll also be testing a few things. We apologize deeply if the site happens to go down once or twice over the open beta period. However, the site will only go down if a very major flaw is found. The chances are unlikely.

During this Open Beta period any applications that are approved, up until August 9th, will receive a free customized item designed by yours truly! The rank of your weapon or item is irrelevant to your character's rank so even a Genin might win an A-rank weapon! Apply now while this offer lasts! The site is also recruiting members of staff! If you're interested in becoming an Administrator or Moderator, you may find the Staff Application in the Site Updates.
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