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Kushinada Clan ~ Harbingers of Fear [WIP]

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Kushinada Clan ~ Harbingers of Fear [WIP]

Post by Nuitari Kouga on Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:01 pm

Clan Name: Kushinada Clan
-Bloodline Description:
Basilisai ~ The Basilisai is a doujutsu that is born into 1 of every 100 people born into the Nuitari family line. Those with these special eyes are seen as instant high-ranked people amongst the family, almost to the point that they are seen as living symbols of the family itself. The trait is so rare that seeing more than two people with this ability is unheard of. The doujutsu has a no trigger words or fancy incantation, it is simple activated at will. The ability of this doujutsu alone makes this one of the most feared and most noticeable in the land. Upon activation the chakra of the user can be felt within a radius of 20 meters instantly. The chakra of the Nuitari is made to connect with the body itself causing instant signs of fear that all bodies go through. The body of the bystanders or victims will begin to heat up and sweat, their hair on their neck would begin to stand up, their heart rate will increase, and they will begin to get chills up their spin. Regardless of if the person is fearless or not, they will be struck by these symptoms and the closer they are the greater the effects are. If the person is within 3 meters they will instantly find it hard to concentrate and all their basic movements and thinking process would drop by 5%.

The ability of the Basilisai itself is to induce fear into the enemy, even for those that are normally fearless even at the face of death itself. The ability is meant to use chakra to force out the symptoms of fear so much so that it is impossible to simply ignore it the closer you are to the user. Should a person be able to get close enough to see the user they risk the most dangerous aspect of the KKG and that is actually looking into the eyes of the user. A single glance into the eyes of the user will cause the victims body to be scared stiff, moving is hindered greatly to the point the user will drop to the average speed, thinking, and strength of a shinobi two ranks lower than them. This is caused by using chakra from the activation as a means to increase the dose of fear in said opponent. Even if said person is unafraid in his/her mind, but his/her body will be reacting as it if was. This effect lasts until either the doujutsu is deactivated or the victim steps out of the 20 meter range of the foes chakra.


*Chakra sensory types must stop sensing the chakra of the foe otherwise the effects will continue even after they step away from the 20 meter range.*
**Also due to the nature of this ability kai cannot be used because it does not involve illusions of fear. The chakra simply brings out natural feelings that are already naturally present within the human body.**


However with this power comes a downside and that is the extreme chakra toll it has on the body. Though the family is blessed with naturally high chakra, just to activate the Doujutsu requires a B-rank to activate and to sustain it requires a C-rank amount of chakra per post (users only). The visual effect that is seen on the body, that allows the victims to know when this is activated, are the eyes itself. The wielders chakra will appear as there were flames in his eyes being that the chakra will take on a orangish red and yellow color and flows around the pupils as if they were truly flames.

Village: Any.

Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits: [Optional]

Secret Clan Jutsu: [Optional]
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