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Aura Ikinami - Divine Priestess [WiP]

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Aura Ikinami - Divine Priestess [WiP]

Post by Suijin on Tue May 29, 2012 6:21 pm

Name: Aura Ikinami
Nickname/Alias: Divine Priestess
Age: 19
Gender: Female
As a High Priestess, Aura has been quite blessed in terms of aesthetics. With medium-length golden blonde hair that twirls into two curls in the back, her hair can be described in no other way besides beautiful. Her eyes almost match her hair, being a vibrant golden hue that often causes many to mistake her for something of a Goddess. Her eyes are likely her most unique and noticeable feature as it is what many remember her by. The charming, kind, and gentle gaze of her eyes leave many stunned and at peace. Accenting her beautiful features her face has a very well-shaped appearance and her skin tone is just right, being a light peach color. Her nose is petite and the perfect size for a female, as is her mouth. Her lips are only slightly full and are a light pink shade. She doesn't wear any make-up, though it is hard to believe with how perfect her lips and eye lashes are. She is a model of physical perfection in both her face and body.

Her body is very slender and perfectly filled out. With somewhat massive breasts she is idolized by many perverts throughout the village, though they wouldn't dare act upon their desires as the High Priestess is a shinobi of God. Sexual relations with her would potentially mean eternal damnation. Lower down her body one would notice her thinner abdomen, along with her perfectly rounded hips and butt. Her lower body is also a target of idolization and lust, even her thighs. Her lower body is barely covered by a short yellow skirt that is striped at the bottom with black. It extends down to five inches above her knees and covers very little of her legs. Lower down her legs are long leggings that start inches above her knees. These leggings are dark purple and vertically striped with gold lines. They extend all the way down her legs to even cover her feet. Covering her feet, however, she also wears heeled shoes that have an inch-high heel. These do not hinder her movement what-so-ever anymore as she has spent her life training with them on. If she were to take them off, her evasiveness would increase substantially.

Atop her head is a formal black hat that practically sits on her hair rather than covering it. Extending from the side is a tail-like fluffy extension that is made up of an extremely soft material. It extends roughly seven inches from her hat to the tip of the fluffy tail. It is speculated to be made of a fox's fur. Right below the hat, to the right of her hair, is a hair-clip. It is golden in color and shimmer in the sunlight. It has a flower-like metal shape decorated on it. On her upper torso she wears a white blouse-like attire that is laced down the center with a golden fabric or material. The neck of the blouse extends slightly upward in the neck area and is parted down the center. The neck area is lined with gold as well. Around the tip, between the neck and torso, is a ribbon tied around the blouse to keep it together. If the ribbon were removed, her upper chest would be very exposed. She also wears a black vest-like attire over this blouse. It loops over her shoulders and appears to start just under her bust, her breasts hanging over it. The vest is lined down the center with gold, leather straps latching over the middle in three spots. At the top and bottom of the vest is a line of white frill that extends completely around the vest.

Covering her slender arms are sleeves worn separate from the blouse, though made from the same material. The begin at her elbow and extend all the way to just past her wrists. The sleeves have small cuffs at the wrists and mark the start of her fingerless black gloves. These gloves are very sturdy in nature and are resistant to fire, electricity, and most cuts. They start the wrist and extend to the middle of each finger and thumb. On the back of her skirt, right between the vest and her skirt, is a light blue ribbon in place to keep her vest on. Along with the golden ribbon, this keeps her upper body's attire in tact. If both ribbons were removed, her upper attire would fall off. This ribbon is blue and is tied in a neat bow with two loops and two strings. It is approximately two inches in width and wraps completely around her vest, inside of it so it is not visible on the sides or front, only the back.

Personality: Aura is independent, friendly, humorous, sensitive, caring and kind. She comes off as naive and rather clueless, which is at odds with her exceptionally high IQ and intelligence. She studies hard because she constantly wishes to know and learn more about the world around her, striving to learn more and more jutsu to add to her arsenal. She is the High Priestess of Tenrai no Teikoku and likes to invent very ridiculous sports for the citizens to partake in for the sake of rewards. She tends to zone out with her mouth open and loses track of what she was thinking or dreaming about. She has an over-active imagination and gets carried away thinking of implausible scenarios when she is in a joking situation. However, she can be very serious and analytic in situations that call for it, such as battle. She can analyze just about any situation and instantaneously conceive a plausible strategy.

Aura likes flower print clothes and comedic or romantic plays. While she does eat some normal food, Aura cooks and eats unusual meals, which other people often find unappetizing. Her favorite food is red bean paste and she likes putting butter on sweet potatoes. She enjoys cheese and butter most of the time. Aura has demonstrated that she is perceptive when it comes to people's mental and emotional state, especially in regards to Kaira, as she is able to tell what kind of driving force is pushing someone. She has a crush on Kaira. She has exhibited traits that appear to have some connection with God, such as her extremely giving personality, constantly being helpful to all those who need it, and an awareness of what is right and wrong. She hates to see others in pain and often gives until she can't give any more just to see others happy.

Aura and her brother, Sora, were raised by a drunken father and a prostitute mother, who always argued and beat their children. Fearing that their parents would kill Aura, in the March that Sora turned eighteen, he ran away with Aura, who was three years old, and raised her on his own from then on. Aura has always found hope and faith in the idea of God and his existence. This led to her extreme joy when Tenrai no Teikoku eventually selected her as the High Priestess. Her perfect sense of morality, gentle aspects, great power, and political know-how caused her to be the natural choice for such a position that called for all of the aforementioned.

As an adult, she is much more mature, composed, logical, sophisticated, and intelligent than when she was a child. She is also relatively level-headed in terms of how to fight, stating that if one's excuse for a battle is to fight out of hatred, prejudice, or simple competition, as her opponent does, then it is merely instinctual and animalistic, and that it makes the challenger look "childish," "unworthy," and "not much of a warrior". Though Aura has proven that fighting is acceptable when done out of a sense of justice, rather than vengeance. Unlike many other shinobi, Aura is somewhat pacifistic has despised engaging in combat even when she was a member of ANBU, unless it involved self-defense and protecting those dear to her heart. She refuses to finish off weaker or injured opponents, and will stop fighting them once they've been disabled or incapacitated.

As witnessed during her numerous fights in life, Aura's shown to be relatively calm and silent when fighting, preferring to speak only when spoken to, a rather uncommon trait among most of her allies. She actually enjoys to read or sit calmly until her opponent has regained consciousness after a battle. Aura's also shown to be a loyal, respectful, and trustworthy warrior, who will diligently follow the orders of her commander, provided said commander has proven his worth. She's also knowledgeable, analytical, easygoing, fairly compassionate (usually towards her friends), humorous in her own right, and exhibits a cheerful, energetic demeanor when off-duty. Although having grown up physically, she somehow retains her child-like affection over boys.

Likes & Dislikes:
Likes: Boys, morality, church, God, studying, reading, eating bizarre foods.
Dislikes: Fighting, war, bullies, the Devil.
Catch Phrase: "This life is a test from God... And death means you've passed or failed."
"If it's something worth dying for, then it's something worth living for!"

Family Name: Ikinami
Kekkei Genkai: The Ikinami clan possesses a special bloodline trait that is extremely rare. In fact, only a few members of the clan even possess it. However, those who do possess it are feared by their enemies and well-respected by their allies. Their power extends over quite a few areas. The primary and most well known, however, is their ability to visualize their chakra aura and even manipulate and use it as a solid entity. They possess chakra reserves on par with a bijuu, which is what causes them to allow their aura to become visual as that is just how condensed the large amount of chakra can get. The higher ranked the shinobi is, the more solid they can manifest their chakra. A C-rank shinobi's aura could only become as condensed as dirt, for example, while someone who is S-rank could condense their aura to the point where it is as strong as diamond. This aura can manifest itself and be used in a variety of methods, including but not limited to: weaponry, entities that take on the form of animal familiars, and more. In the same regard, the aura also has other effects. When activated, the aura can be used as a defense of sorts against incoming attacks. It slows down anything that enters it by 20% while increases the speed and strength of the user by 10%. The user is immune to the slow-down effect as well.
KKG Jutsu: Name: Iki Tedzika - Spiritual Familiar
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: Iki Tedzika is a jutsu that utilizes the aura of the user to create an entity separate from the user. The animal form that it manifests itself as is determined by the personality of the user and can vary dependent on the user and the state of the users psyche. For example, the user could conjure the familiar of any animal that conforms to their current mood and personality. The abilities of the entity are simple, besides being a physical manifestation capable of combat, it can also be used in conjunction with techniques such as Iki Bakuha or Iki Dobu. Meaning that the familiar can be detonated or even used to drain the chakra of the victim.

Name: Iki Bakuha
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: Iki Bakuha is a technique that takes advantage of the users ability to manipulate their aura, even after using it to create something. What this means is that the user can detonate the manifestation of their aura. It can be used in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: creating aura-based weaponry and detonating them or detonating an aura familiar. The resulting explosion is capable of obliterating flesh within a 4 meter radius and can even break through most armors that are B-rank, lower, or have no rank.

Name: Iki Dobu
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: Iki Dobu is the usage of the user's aura as a means of absorbing or draining the victim of their chakra. It can be used by direct contact or by contact of familiar. In order to drain the target's chakra, the familiar or the user must maintain physical or aura contact with the target. The rate at which the target is drained per post is equivalent to using an A-rank jutsu per post.

Name: Iki Buki
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: Iki Buki is a technique in which the user manipulates their aura into a weapon or multiple weapons. This can range from creating a sword to even projectile weaponry such as senbon or shuriken. The strength and endurance of the resulting weaponry is determined by the skill level of the user. This technique can be used in conjunction with other techniques such as Iki Bakuha.

Name: Iki Shokushu
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: Iki Shokushu is the manifestation of the aura in the form of multiple tendrils. These tendrils can be used as if tentacles and are quite agile and maneuverable in nature. Their density is determined by the skill level of the user but can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon. They can also be used to bind a target, even being able to detach and be used as rope to bind them.

Name: Iki Ooi
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: Iki Ooi, also known as Spiritual Shroud, is the most prized ability of the Ikinami clan. The purpose of the technique is to enhance the user through their aura. By condensing their aura around them their abilities are enhanced and a defense is formed. When activated, the aura can be used as a defense of sorts against incoming attacks. It slows down and weakens anything that enters it by 20% while increases the speed and strength of the user by 10%. The user is immune to the slow-down effect as well.

Name: Iki Heki
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: A method of execution only able to be performed on or by members of the Ikinami Clan. Primarily used to deal with traitors or rogues of the clan, this technique is used by binding the target in place with Iki Shokushu and causing aura spikes to extend from inside of the tendrils that are binding the user. The result is instant death as the specialty of this technique is that it pierces the very aura of the target, which is their life force. By piercing their aura, whether it is internal or external at the time, they instantaneously kill their target.

Village: Tenrai no Teikoku
Title Rank: High Priestess
Skill Rank: S

Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Taijutsu
Tertiary: Medical Jutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Suiton - Water
Sub: Raiton - Lightning
Tertiary: Katon - Fire

Special Characteristics:
Name: Enhanced Speed
Rank: Elite
Description: From years of training her speed and agility Aura has become a model of speed. Her ability to maneuver her body flexibly and skillfully in order to make quick movements has earned her the title of one of the fastest Shinja there is. Her speed is approximately 30% above that of those equal to her rank in every instance of the word speed.

Flaws/Weaknesses: (These are here to balance special characteristics.)
Name: Lowered Strength
Rank: Elite
Description: Due to her extreme focus on enhancing her speed, Aura possesses strength that is 20% lower than that of other equal to her rank.

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Amount: (How many of this weapon you have.)
Appearance: (A pic or brief description of the object)
Rank: (What rank would this be classified as?)
Special Abilities: (What abilities does this have? It can be none)
Origin: (Where does this weapon come from? Why does your char have it?)

Name: (Name of jutsu)
Rank: (E,D,C,B,A,S)
Type: (Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, etc.)
Element: (Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water, Fire)
Range: (Optional for cannon jutsu.)
Description: (About a paragraph describing your jutsu)

History: (Your character's background story and life. Optional for B-rank or lower.)
RP Sample: (A sample of your RP ability. Not required for C-rank.)
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