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Shaunic Hiiginzu

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Shaunic Hiiginzu

Post by Shaunic on Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:16 am

Name: Shaunic Lacoon Higinzu
Nickname/Alias: (A-S rank Shinobi Only.)
Age: 14
Looks::Wears a brown cpoat on top of a white shirt. Got bands on the left side of his arm. Has three scars on the right side of his chin. has spiky white hair. has a red bandana under his whiteish hat. wears brown pants.

Personality:a nice and freindly guy. dosent really like it when people dont play fair even though he never plays fair. he usally doesnt care who has the first hit. As long as its ONLY the first hit. not three first hits. Will look for a Girl freind evryday for his free time and can be very easy to fool. He is loyal to his freinds wich is his weakness. You figure out how to use it against him.

Likes & Dislikes:
Catch Phrase: "Wanna go?" and "I WANNA BE HOKAGE!"

Family Name: Higinzu
Kekkei Genkai: n/a
KKG Jutsu: n/a

Title Rank:B
Skill Rank:B

Skill Specialty:
Sub: Weponry
Tertiary: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Sub: lighting
Tertiary: tornado (Special)

Special Characteristics: n/a
Flaws/Weaknesses: Loyal to his freinds. you figure out how to use that against him.

Name: Wind sword
Amount: 1
Rank: S
Special Abilities:Can channel chakra in it. if he cuts just the open air an air blade will come out of nowhere. and can cut people.
Origin:When Shaunic became older he was walking around his house when he saw a room. He opned it and saw a sword. It said "For Shaunic when he becoms genin". He then took it and never left it.

Name: Multi shadow clone jutsu
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Description: If you have this jutsu you can make clones of yourself. as much as you want.

History:[b/]When he was just a baby his father went out on a s-rank mission. Shaunics father promised he would come back
but he never did. Once Shaunic turned 10 he promised himself he would become hokage.

Academy days.
shaunic was a bad student and always failed tests and usually skipped classes. But finally he passed. So he ran home to tell his mother.
But it turns out she’s sick and nothing can help her. once she gets another dieses she will die.

Shaunics first mission

shaunic finally got to do a mission but while he was out his mother got the flu. And she died. Also shaunic learned some new moves.

Shaunics mothers funeral.
shaunic stood by himself at the tombstone written "Haley Higinzu."

[b]RP Sample:
In a very shiny day with a small wind blowing trough village streets, Shaunic was laying on a high building roof looking at the bright sky thinking about his parents. Thoughts of his parents always made him calm and feel more welcome and loved. Then he sat up looking at everybody walk by. He jumped down from the roof and walked to his house. Some body was looking at Shaunic. He looked very mysterious. Their Shaunic was looking at his only picture of his family. Then he heard a big boom. “sounds like it was by the forest of death.” Thought Shaunic. He got up and left his house. Once again the mysterious man was right their watching. Shaunic had to sneak out of the village because he could not tell the hokage about it. Once he was finally out of the village he went to the forest of death. Their he saw a monster. A huge monster. If Shaunic remembered correctly it was the three tails. Three tails saw him so he held up a fist and tried to kill him easy. Shaunic had to jump out of the way before the fist killed him. Shaunic tried to get away by jumping from tree to tree. But the tree Shaunic was on three tails broke it. Shaunic ended up falling on his back. He barley doged it by rolling to the left. But that would not stop three tails. He used a tail and almost broke his arm. But Shaunic did a back flip out of the way at the last second. With that Shaunic got up and started running. But Three tails used his second tail to wipe Shaunic off his feet. But Shaunic was getting mad so he got some shrunken. He than threw twelve at him. One hit his tail while one more hit his eye and the rest his body. With that he ran to a small town. Not far from the hidden leaf village. But three tails followed him. Which was bad. Once their the Three tails started destroying everything in his path. Buildings,people,and ninja. So Shaunic just stared in horror as a nice little village became a destroyed village. Shaunic ran to the monster but got held back by the remaining ninja.


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