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Jojo's Scroll (Please no posts)

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Jojo's Scroll (Please no posts)

Post by Jojo Soren on Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:27 am

Message: I'm doing this so that I may condense all my knowledge here and put all jutsu I know in one thread so I may link it to my siggy and allow some people to be able to get to my jutsu easier.

  • Name: Medical Clone
    Rank: B
    Range: Short - Medium (0 - 10 meters)
    Type: Medical
    Element: n/a
    Handsigns: 4 hand signs (Tiger, rat, horse, and ram).
    Description: A medical Clone, unlike the elemental, shadow, and regular bunshin, requires strictly medical skill to pull off. These medics perform surgery as well as restrain the one in the surgery. Up to 5 clones may be created first time learned and then every time learned after that another 1 is added to the count - Maximum is 25. The clones last as long as they are not destroyed like any other bunshin. When destroyed they dissolve into a green mist that does nothing but give off a green color. Each clone is worth a B rank worth of chakra.

  • Name: Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Jutsu)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Rank: C
    Element: N/A
    Range: Where the user stands
    Description: A jutsu that allows the user to summon objects, but more commonly, animals and summons to the user's location to fight with the summoner or for a variety of other uses. The user must first sign a summoning contract with an animal that they wish to summon, and can only have one summoning contract at a time. The user completes a number of hand seals and slams their right palm onto an area of the body. Then the kanji symbol for what ever species of summon family the receiver has, appears. Depending on the summon family and the person, the kanji symbol will change into a more individual pattern. (This allows for a bit of customization. If you have fire dogs, a dog figure may appear in front of fire and is red. Up to the person receiving it). The seal can be placed any where on the body, but is usually placed on the hands or arms. The seal becomes permanent, and can never be removed.
    Seal Appearance:

    Replace the main bit of the simple with the snail symbol: "ユ"

  • Name: Selin
    Nickname: Sel
    Age: 453
    Rank: S
    Species: Slug
    Selin's Look:
    Personality: Compared to frog and snake summons, Selin is quiet and more subservient to its master. It addresses Jojo with the highly respectful honorific "-sama", and once in a while calls her Mistress or Milady. Katsuyu tends to also use honourifics like "-kun" and "-san" on other villagers and those who may sign the summoning contract. Jojo shows it considerable respect, addressing it as "Selin-sama". Once in a while calling Selin "Lady Selin". Katsuyu is also shown to have a playful side and a jovial friendship with Jojo. It will laugh at dumb jokes just to keep its master happy.
    Jutsu Known

    • Name: Separation
      Type: Ninjutsu
      Rank: B
      Element: n/a
      Description: This is a technique that makes Selin impossible to capture. Because she has a boneless body, she has the ability to divide her whole body or to reunite it at will. All blunt, not cutting, physical attacks are nullified before this technique. No matter how violent the strike, it won't amount to more than a fruitless attempt. Any enemy who attacks her will only exhaust themselves. Selin can also divide herself for other various purposes such as channeling Jojo's chakra into shinobi with one of the slugs on them to heal injuries.
      A combination technique between Jojo and her slug summon Selin may happen during this point of time. First, Selin divides her body into many smaller slugs, and then attaches herself to several persons. Jojo then channels her medical chakra through Selin, who transfers it to the wounded person, healing them. This technique allows Jojo to heal an enormous number of people at the same time regardless of distance. While using this technique, Jojo is apparently also able to communicate directly with Selin as well as have a sense of what Selin experiences.

  • Name: Heal Bite
    Rank: S
    Type: Medical
    Element: N/A
    Range: Self
    Description: When the user of this technique focuses their chakra into a certain fashion they then allow the injured person to bite them. The person biting the sensor will then begin to suck out their chakra. In sucking out the Sensor's chakra the biter is then healed dramatically. All injuries except delimbing or death will be healed and a D Rank amount of chakra will be restored, however the depletion of chakra makes it dangerous to use this ability more than once a day and the bites always leave a permanent mark on the body. Each wound will take a different amount of time to heal depending on the severity and how long ago the injury was received.
      Minor Wounds: 1 post
      Mediocre Wounds: 2 posts
      Severe Wounds: 3 posts
    Drawbacks: Can only be used once a day. Bite will leave a permanent mark. Due to the massive amount of chakra being used for this technique one must lose two times their amount of chakra to fulfill this technique. Can't heal yourself.
    Clarification: Once a day means only once a thread unless a collective approval by all participants say it has been at a day's time and it may be used again. Without that vote however, the technique can only be used once a thread.

  • Name: Shosen No Jutsu
    Rank: D, C, B, A, S
    Type: Medical
    Element: N/A
    Range: Short
    Description: The user gathers chakra into their hands, creating a bright green glow around them. The user then forces the healing chakra into the body of the patient, healing physical damage. This technique requires two posts to heal a minor injury and four posts to heal a major injury. Starting at B rank, the user is able to heal critical injuries with this technique. Critical injury healing takes 5 posts to heal; minus one for every rank in this technique above B the user possesses, to a minimum of three.
    Drawback: Certain injuries may be impossible to cure or may take a long time to cure. The amount of chakra used is proportional to the injury required to be healed.

  • Name: Hone Chiyu (Bone Healer)
    Rank: C
    Type: Medical
    Element: n/a
    Range: Self
    Description: The user focuses chakra along their hands, creating a faint green glow along them. They then focus the chakra into the patient’s body, boosting calcium levels and encouraging the repair of bone breaks or fractures. This technique takes three posts to fix a break and four posts to heal a fracture.
    Drawback: The bone will heal in the position it is in, therefore must be properly set in order for it to properly heal.

  • Name: Kenzan Metsuki (Seeing Eyes)
    Rank: C
    Type: Medical
    Element: n/a
    Range: Close
    Description: The user forms the hand seal, holding the rat seal and holding it in between their eye. The user focuses chakra into a lens on either side, allowing them to see inside their patient’s body in a small area, one roughly six inches by four inches in area. The user can perceive the chakra circulatory system as well as the inner systems of the body when looking through this lens.
    Drawback: The user must be stationary when performing this technique.

  • Name: Dokutaika no Jutsu (Poison Degeneration Technique)
    Rank: C, B, A
    Type: Medical
    Element: n/a
    Range: close
    Description: The user focuses chakra into their hands, creating a strong white glow. They then focus chakra into the patient’s body, causing it to rapidly create new white blood cells in order to fight off the unnatural substances within the body. When the user learns the "C" rank version of this technique they are capable of removing the effects of anything that is common for the certain Region over the course of four posts. When the user learns the "B" Rank version of this technique they are capable of removing effects of anything that is uncommon for the certain region over the course of seven posts. When the user learns the "A" rank version of this technique they are capable of removing effects of anything that is rare for the certain region over the course of eleven posts. Remove one movement for every rank of this technique the user possesses. If the user is unable to cure a poison with this technique, they may extend its duration by two posts for every rank the poison is above their knowledge of this jutsu to cure that poison.
    Drawback: Strong poisons may be incurable or require large amounts of time to cure.

  • Name: Siren’s Kiss
    Rank: B, A
    Type: Medical
    Element: n/a
    Range: close
    Description: The medic coats his/her mouth with a layer of chakra and presses their lips on the lips of the target, sending his/ her chakra into the targets brain, where a large cocktail of different chemical matters will be excreted, including Melatonin, and endorphins, causing the target to go into a sleep that lasts four turns that is as deep as if the target has drugged with an anaesthetic. (When the target resists this is boosted up to an A rank style where they suffer the side effect of a premature memory loss of the past hour before being put to sleep by the kiss. The A rank version only works on those who resist whom are the same rank as Jojo or 1 rank lower. If 2 or more ranks lower the B rank will suffice)

  • Name: Sin of Immortis
    Rank: S
    Type: Seal (Supplementary)
    Element: n/a
    Range: Self
    Description: A seal that grants the user with increased medical knowledge of the entire anatomy. Sin of Immortis comes from unimaginable years of training of the medical degree. Taken to not be an offensive tactic at all though allowing the user to completely be able to know the ailments, breaks, and other things wrong or inside the body of whoever possesses this seal touches, but that touch must be on the blood of the person whom is being read for the ailments and such.

  • Name: Chakra Control
    Rank: E, D
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: n/a
    Range: Close
    This is a training method used to gain the basic skills of chakra control. This training involves focusing a fixed amount of chakra to the bottom of one's feet, and using that to climb a tree without using one's hands. If the stream of chakra is too weak, the user will lose their footing on the tree and fall off. If it is too strong, the user will be pushed away from the tree, causing the bark of the tree to break around the point of contact and the user to fall.
    This training method also is used to gain better chakra control. To do this, the user has to be emitting a constant stream of chakra from the bottom of the their feet and using the repellent force to walk across the water's surface. This technique is more difficult to master than the Tree Climbing Practice, because the amount of chakra that needs to be emitted changes constantly. It has also been shown that one can use their chakra to "skate" across the water surface, like an ice skater, instead of just walking or running.
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