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Nothing More Than Process [Stage Two]

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Nothing More Than Process [Stage Two]

Post by Nuitari Kouga on Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:29 am

As Sebastian left the training ground he did his normal routine of going to the hospital. He was one that respected people who fought hard for their village and often times he would just come for minor conversation. He arrived today to find that there was a new patient in the hospital today, a young woman who looked to be a Lieutenant at best. She was wrapped in bandages and for the most part looked like she was in pain whenever she moved. Sebastian entered her room and found himself a seat by the window, upon closer inspection he realized he knew this woman. "Ah young Rhain, it seems you are the product of a failed mission," he said with a smile to show he was only teasing. Rhain smiled back before responding, "That's hardly true, Nuitari-sensei, the mission was a success and the wounds are nothing more than a sacrifice for that success," she said proudly before give a slight groan in pain from almost laughing. Sebastian gave a nod of approval before he went on to speak, "That's good, I can't tell you how many trips I had made coming here from injuries. Sometimes pain is out greatest lesson so learn from this well," he said as he stood up and reached for card. It was indeed another spade card that he gave to the young woman, "I like your spirit, when you recover I will come to retrieve this card from you. On that day I will teach you anything you wish to know in the art of kenjutsu." Sebastian words made the young woman sit up though the pain made he do so very slowly.

"Are you serious, Nuitari-sensei," she said in a shocked tone as she took the card and looked at it before turning her attention back to Sebastian. "I am looking to find a student to teach my skills to, and you appear to be a promising prospect," he said with a smile as he prepared to leave the room by standing up, "Don't lose that card though, or I will not teach you. Consider this a test if you will," he said as he left the room. He then went on to several other rooms and talked to people who were either sick or injured and with each he left a card, before promptly left the hospital. The stage had been set and now he could move onto his final plan of action.

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