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Jojo's field(Training)(P)

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Jojo's field(Training)(P)

Post by Jojo Soren on Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:56 am

Jojo's body stirred in the deep dark morning. There was not a sound but her own circulating the sounds of all that held within this area all that which kept themselves near and deer to their own person. This is something that Jojo alone decided upon as she had bought this tiny apartment months ago to allow herself some living space but even that was low key for her own personal use. She undoubtedly kept to herself most days and couldn't help but wonder how on Earth she was elevated to Anbu in such short amounts of time and yet she alone was able to pull it off all to her own self preservation one may call it. However she kept this all still, and the morning air nipped at her face with its cold tendrils of undoubted skill.

Her body never ceased to clench tightly around what she considered to be the most dangerous of her arsenal yet also it wasn't even close to being anywhere near that bad in the effect that she alone kept all skills as her own and all of that was rightfully hers. Upon no amount of will or money could she be bargained with as she opened her eyes slowly to let the sun peer into her like the drill coming into and through a wooden slab. This by far showed that nothing could be done wrongly about the skills at which she positioned herself and that in itself was the best of the best and the wise of the wisest of decisions she could ever be suspected to make.

Then that small and so very hyper voice sent shivers through Jojo's body as the care taker, apparently still very much fascinated with children's voices, would come running up the steps and pound on the closed door with such heavy and unrestricted force as she would only smile as she would elegantly keep all of which to herself and now her own prowess was engaged and she couldn't stop but here such a bad voice echo through the room with, "Good morning! So what are you going to do today? Catch bandits? Pluck potatoes. Carry a message from one place to another." The list went on and on without any stopping as Jojo personally didn't want to be involved in such a stupid effect as she so effectively kept her mind steady and through all these things she wouldn't stop to listen to stupidity cry for help from any of the staff.

Skills were all it took to rouse Jojo out of bed as her eyes maneuvered the entire room. She was scanning it with her visuals just to check for anything different and undoubtedly there was one thing. She personally had something against being caught up by it and being dragged into the mixture of things. She personally considered it to be the best monogram she had received yet it was also the worst. Her first S rank Summon was to search for a slug. A medical master of any art and form and by far someone of high importance to Jojo possibly.

Getting out of bed was easy but the face of that obnoxious person just dropped. Jojo didn't realize until after she was halfway across the room that her body felt so drafty. So piecing the pieces together she would walk over, grab a robe, wrap it around herself. She would then follow this action with a slap across the staff's face to where Jojo had used her strength and other skills as is she was happy to have slapped some sense into someone for being so dumbfounded when looking at her nude. The strength wouldn't harm the man but would be enough to put sense into him.

Jojo would stand and walk towards the far wall as she would then open up the door and hop into the restroom. She would ideally need a shower and new cloths before embarking on this mission that could wind up to be her undoing. She had taught plenty of students who knew how to defend themselves but she was risking her life to retrieve a summon. That much was certain but she didn't worry too much about it seeing as how she was immortal.

Scrubbing more and more on her body until it was raw in such a heated water she would feel lighter with each stroke and scrub. She would then massage her neck as she rolled the bumps of stress off of her body as she would sigh lightly. Turning the water off she would exit her shower and put on the clothing in black pieces as her white body would contrast well, even with her long green hair. Her golden eyes glinted through the area as she would then hop across the room gathering all her scrolls she would need and putting them in her leg pouch or her backpack she would roll her shoulders and then head out the door with a heavy slam.

Now outside her own room was good enough for her. It meant another day of freedom and contemporary ease for her soul and she loved that. Being able to freshly feel the wind on her back and front as the strong winds blew by without mercy nor remorse. She of course held no contentment for it as she merely smiled and exceeded in loving the air itself with her happy smile. She would even twirl a bit forgetting her own age and who she was for a small amount of time. What brought her back to the world she calls reality would be the messenger pigeon's call with such a high pitch yell that hurt her ears. She would look around and then looking at the bird she would throw a single senbon at it as the chakra senbon would drive and pierce through that small heart.

"Finally some peace and quiet, thankfully I do have a job to do so it won't matter too much," Jojo said to herself as her gear fitted perfectly and laid comfortably on her person as she would jump out the door and begin running the direction she needed to, to actually make it to the actual field's area and get the grasp on the situation itself. What everyone noticed except her was that snow had begun to fall and even with snow falling there was a lightning storm. If it were not snowing and only storming with lightning Jojo could feel right at home here but she didn't like snow and that only had her run that much faster.

Jojo would pop her neck and rest for some time. There just wasn't much she could do right now and that was a certainty as she would pop her neck some more and focus her eyes on the tasks at hand. She just couldn't focus too highly on the prospects of it all as she jumped into a single tree and began to forwardly propel herself towards the direction that her opponent would be. That in itself was her requested direction and not only that but she would ideally need to get there in the hurry for herself by far something she needed and may already have within herself.

Jojo entered the marshlands and inside that area a giant slug resided. Jojo knew the name of such a being and she ever so said, "Would you like to aid me in healing those who are weak, injured, and deprived of their own justice?" Jojo asked it strongly and fully to no degree of weakness inside her voice. The slug would lean down and lick Jojo's arm, "I do hearby accept. Do take care and use my sign wisely. I don't want to end up hurting people and you should understand this Jojo-sama." The creature knew her name and that was all that mattered as she pulled her arm out and looked at it closely reading, "We are one now Selin-kun."

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