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Iryō-mura Clan

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Iryō-mura Clan

Post by Jojo Soren on Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:59 pm

Type of Government: Democracy
Description of how your government works: There is one leader who makes all decisions finalized by the council of 3. No more no less. These three may overrule the leaders veto decision as they see fit but likely they don't, not out of fear but rather respect. There is a code that all must follow and that is simply, "There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force." A self reflecting code where the weak may be as strong as they are and the strong are as disciplined and privileged equally with the weak. No favorites are made between councilors and those below. All are equal except in skill and rank.
Currency: Named as Credits. These are small coins in oval shape that are about an inch in diameter from long to long side. Short to short sides are only half an inch and they are about 3/16 of an inch in width. In the center of this is a hole the size of a quarter of an inch in circumference.
Economy: The economy depends on one's one skill. All are trained in some art form or another and with that they give back to society for being a civilian. This accompanies with trade, being free trade, and non-taxed good at higher price of about ten percent the average rate. This is to keep the economy steady and reduces risk of performing a deficit ready society.
  • Defensive Capability: Provinces that have high defensive capabilities focus on building up a province that is powerful in defense and capable of warding off foes. To this extent, provinces that have defensive capability as a perk have two specific bonuses. The first is the fact that they are allowed one extra 'Technology' under the province template instead of just one, they are allowed two. Their second bonus is the fact that they have an extra 24 hours to respond to an attack on their province, giving them a full 96 hours to react and defend.
  • Renewable Resources: A renewable resource is a natural resource with the ability of being replaced through biological or other natural processes and replenished with the passage of time. Renewable resources are part of the natural environment and form an eco-system. These renewable resources increase a province's ability to sustain itself and even go as far as allowing it to withstand a blockade 24 hours longer than the average province. It also decreases the amount of time required to conquer an unclaimed territory by 24 hours, allowing the province to conquer an unclaimed territory in half the total time.

The People:
Important Laws(Other than the obvious): Murder is unacceptable under any and all circumstances. No matter what, one must not commit such an act. Any and all other sins are unforgivable. Love is not forbidden though, in fact it is encouraged, but to have more than one love and be found about it will cost you dearly with a heavy trial and possibly a demotion all the way to the lowest adept form.
Player Character Citizens:
  • Jojo Soren
  • Osaki Omoki

Religion: Freedom of Religion with separation between Church and State
Religion Description: The right to practice the religion of one's choice, or to be a non-believer. The persecution of men and women for their religious beliefs has a long history and is, even yet, far from universally eradicated.
Population Personality: The population like the rules made by the C's World Democratic Union. It isn't too restricting and the lives of everyone passes by regularly without discord or dissolution. This allows for the best to be enacted and the possibilities to become endless in those facts.
Traditions & Traits: People who live here receive 5 years, from ages 4 to 9, of special medical training as this is the place known to create the top of the line medicines, prescriptions, and on field medics. Here they learn their stuff and are put into a team of ninja from a surrounding and ally country.
    Medical Technology: Our medical specialties are known throughout the territories as the finest and most profound. All the medicines are top of the line and C's World even has it's own medicinal herbery and factory all built underground.
  • Defensive Technology: Allowing for generators to be built that can withstand many attacks upon the province. These are called Pillars and as the Pillars hover in five areas they send up the electrical field that coats the village with a protective layer that completely surrounds the village from above and below ground. The only entry is through the north eastern gate where as during siege the gate is apparently hidden but it is still there but seeing as how it is made out of stone like the outside material it is difficult to break through.

Name: C's World
Population: 10
Picture: Picture of your city
Description: Behind high walls of elegant stone and beautifully made roads lies the capital known as C's World. C's World is made into a giant circle where the closer you are to the center, the more important your role to society. While all roles are important the artisans and politicians are in the center most area. Where as in the deepest and most heart felt area of the epicenter is a single manor made for the Clan household in charge of the entire province. This building is made out of fossilized bone and wood instead of stone due to the elegant and unnatural tastes of the one living there.
-Notable Buildings:
  • Administration Building: The office is a large structure built on top the highest tier of the capitol city and is the most recognizable landmark. In here, the council sits and makes decisions regarding the Capital.
  • Training Grounds: In the south western piece of the town is an enormous cave always surrounded by a cool mist. Heating vents inside the cave cause the ice to melt and the water to become the mist inside and outside of the cave. This place is highly dangerous. Some brave ninja come here to train in one of the harshest environments the hidden misty caves have to offer.
  • Hidden Record Oasis: This oasis is underneath the Spirit Oasis and the way to get there is to swim. Swimming through the Spirit Oasis is a crime punishable by death however only the leader of the capital can issue such punishments which means favorites may be pulled. This area holds entire records for safe keeping and also includes breeding, planting, and farm research for the medicinal plants and herbs.
  • Hospital of ole: The largest hospital of all the shinobi world it looks much like a citidel. This hospital has six levels above ground and three levels below. The ones below are used for research and development and the above ground are the actual work places of hospital reality. Each floor is for different points of hospital reasoning and the law of the hospital is law of the land so do know if you break a rule of the hospital you break a rule of Iryo-mura.

-Notable Defenses: The Stone Wall: C's World's outer wall is the city's thickest layer of protection. The wall is huge. Easily a hundred meters tall and perhaps fifteen meters thick. The wall encircles all of the capital. It is considered indestructible and is commonly drawn on maps as a terrain feature. It has never been breached. Volcanic Eruptions has mounted a continuous assault on the city to little avail. The council mandates that soldiers and sentries be placed on the wall at all times, with many of them even living in built-in homes inside the wall's underground caverns.
-Important Landmarks:
  • Spirit Oasis: The spirit oasis is a secluded cove located behind the High Lord's office at the base of a waterfall. This unusual place is a lush, warm, tropical oasis and the center of all spiritual activity in C's World. There is a small pond and a spirit gate located on the grassy island. This place may only be entered by the High Council, though if you enter you show a testament of skill.

Territory: C2
Link: Heir to C's World Link
Military Hierarchy:
-S Rank Shinobi: Councilor
-A Rank Shinobi: Master
-B Rank Shinobi: Knight
-C Rank Shinobi: Adept

Geography: C's World is surrounded by forests and mountains while prevailing a large meadow surrounding all around the high wall. This area is personally an island while the waters and sea can only be seen if one passes over the mountains. This area does have one way to the beaches and that is the mountain pass that passes northeastward and head towards the direction of the allied area. The travel is full of rigid terrain where inside the city is flat lands with a nice watering system and perfect roads.
Climate: The dry humid air is not very worrisome. Though hurricane's happen monthly the capital is unaffected by the high walls and the mountains surrounding it. Thankfully there has been no direct confrontation of nature to destroy the village completely. Earthquakes are scarce and tornadoes are non existent in this humid 79 degree Fahrenheit weather. The perfect place to live while all you have to deal with is the humidity year round and unchanging.

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Re: Iryō-mura Clan

Post by Zenkichi on Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:29 pm

Approved Jojo-san.


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