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Practice in the Woods (Training - Karasu)

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Practice in the Woods (Training - Karasu)

Post by Unagi on Wed Jan 04, 2012 5:54 pm

Finally a calm place to train!

Karasu climbed out of his puppet Dachou’s back, eying the empty field in front of him. A circular open space in a woodland area, with nothing but an endless sea of trees surrounding him from all sides. Here he would be able to train his new techniques without having to worry about people interfering. As a wandering shinobi, no place was truly safe. Even if his former Sora comrades weren’t hunting him, there were enough bloodthirsty ninja out there who needed no excuse at all to start a fight other than their desire to kill.

How stupid.

He would use this sanctuary to train two techniques, both of them involving the use of his puppets. First the technique that would make use of one of the newest additions to his ever growing collection; Kouchou. Karasu’s hand reached for the large scroll hanging from the holder on his back. He had learned to execute this motion extremely swiftly so he could summon his desired puppets to the battlefield in a second’s notice, but since there were no enemies near this would not be necessary. After taking the scroll from his back, he rolled it open and placed his hand on the seal at the beginning while focusing on the puppet he wanted to summon.


When the smoke settled down, Karasu’s new puppet Kouchou had appeared in front of him. A woman with long, black hair wearing a black cloak. Four arms hung lifelessly from its torso. The clattering of gears replaced the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, and with the sun in its back, Kouchou cast a long shadow next to its creator.

His first target would be the rabbit he saw skittering across the field. A slight twitch from one of Karasu’s fingers and the lower right arm of the puppet buried into the ground underneath him. In the meantime its length extended rapidly, causing it to travel through the earth like a wooden torpedo. The bunny would realize what happened only when it was too late. The hand shot up from the ground beneath it, tossing it into the air like a boss. Then, the seal on the hand was activated causing a dome with a diameter of five meters to appear from it, capturing the bunny. Only a B-rank or higher technique could break through it. And since it was extremely unlikely for a plain rabbit to possess such a technique, it was safe to say the critter was fucked.

Now it was time for some multitasking. The three other puppet’s arms shot in the ground as well. After spending some time looking for new targets, he spotted another rabbit, a sparrow resting on the ground and a hedgehog. All of them were within 20 meters of the puppet, so the arms could reach them. In a few seconds each of the arms rose from the earth below to capture their respective targets.

Four shields at a time, it was all Karasu needed to see to be confident in his ability to use the technique in battle. He released the barriers, and the shocked but otherwise unharmed woodland creatures fled back into the forest that they called home. Technique one was a success. Technique two was about to begin.

Words: 550

Jutsu Learned

Name: Tama Ori no Fuuin (Orb Cage Seal)
Rank: B
Range: Long
Type: Fuuinjutsu
Element: N/A
Handsigns: No
Description: A seal used through Karasu's puppet Kouchou. Karasu activates the seal on one of the puppets hand. This will cause a circular forcefield to emerge from the hand with a diameter of five meters. Anything within the diameter will be trapped inside the orb. It takes a B-rank technique to break out.

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