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Biting back

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Biting back

Post by Kaira on Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:45 am

Name: Heal Bite
Rank: D-S
Range: Close
Type: Ninjutsu/Medical Skill
Element: N/A
Handsigns: None
Description: By having others bite into his skin and suck out his chakra, Lu Xun can heal other's wounds. This ability has been shown to heal even life threatening injuries in a short period of time, and is capable of quickly energising those Lu Xun heals. However, this technique rapidly depletes her chakra reserves, and Lu Xun is left with a permanent bite mark every time she uses it. Lu Xun has many bite marks spread throughout his arms, chest, and neck, implicating that he has used this ability repeatedly in the past. Due to its depletion of chakra, it is dangerous for him to use this ability more than once a day.

D-S Depending on the injury to the user varies the rank of chakra it takes from the user

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Re: Biting back

Post by Kaira on Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:09 am

Lu Xun was the villages chief officer and was in charge of making sure that the whole village was kept in order and ran smothly making aure all the shinobi in the village of the sky is trained and make sure that the law is up held at all cost's with ahowing no mercy to rule breaks all in the voice of the godess of the village of sky her voice is the light of hope which everyone in the village must follow. Lu Xun deeply worships the godess more than anyone else in the village and will do whatever she asks when she asks even if it meant giving his own life to perlong hers he would do that.

Lu Xun was going over all the village paperwork making sure that it was all filled out correct and that thing were going to be completed on time etc village building work and military objectives are met.

Lu Xun decided that he was going to go on an inspection and check out Teams 1-10's barricks making sure that everything was in order all equipment was correct and making sure that everything is perfect. Lu Xun set off from his office as he walked down the miltary yard to the living quarters district and entered the building that was labeled as Team1-10 Barracks he then entered the biulding as the local sargent greeting him at the door as Lu Xun then noded in responce to the sargent meeting him at the door, the sargent then let him to where the shinobi were all waiting to be inspected. Lu Xun then entered the room all the men and woman shinobi were all lined up in two rows of 28 shinobi a mixture of men and woman all stood in streight equal lines all saluting Lu as he enter the room. "I expect everyones equipment and uniforms to be in order if not the whole platoon will be punished" as Lu finished speaking all of the men and woman shinobi in the room shouted out " Yes sir". Lu then began his inspection starting on the left row and checking each shinobi's sleeping area making sure it was all clean and tidy and making sure that kunai's and equipment are all properly sharpened and are fit for use to be able to go to war at anytime Lu Xun would not except failture for making sure that the basic of equipment was all in order. Lu Xun had finished checking the left side of the room 28 shinobi all of their equipment was in order, Lu Xun then moved on to the right side of the barracks shinobi in order to check there equipment after spending a further 10 mins checking the right sides equipment also there equipment was all in order as Lu Xun then gathered himself and walked over to the door when he first entered the room and stood next to the sargent then spoke " Good job keep up the good job platoon 1 excellant inspection, I will also be watching you today as you train". As Lu finished speaking all pf the shinobi in the room spoke together. "Yes sir" they had all spoke the words all at the same time. Lu Xun then left the room and headed to the training feild where he would be observing the shinobi of platoon 1 train to see how there were performing while the sargent trained them.

Lu Xun arrived at the training ground with the sargent as he waited for the 56 shinobi of platoon 1 one to arrive, a little time passed then all together like a giant storm they all arrived at the same time and arrived perfectly on time. "Good work it appears that you all have arrived in time good work". As Lu Xun finished speaking he then let the sargent take over with letting him start the platoon's training as Lu Xun then went over to the offciers observing platform and waited and was ready to watch as the shinobi of platoon 1 training he was checking on performance and see how well they were performing he expected no less than 100 percent effort during the training. The training was well underway with all of the shinobi doing traing some were doing strength training others were doing different things as Lu Xun was watching them perform all was going well as Lu Xun watched from the officer tower watching all them perform extreamly well until one shinobi misplace his foot on one of the training routes he was on and fell from ahuge tree as he hit the ground the shinobi had broken his leg and a sharp bit of a branch of a tree had periced him through his shoulder the shinobi was in a bad condition, who had observed this from the officer tower as it over looked the whole training fields, he then jumped from the top of the tower and headed to wear the shinobi had fallen and was in a bad condition. lu Xun was the first to arrive he then spoke. "Shinobi what what are you doing making a rookie mistake like you did that is not acceptable and look at what it did to you for doing so." As Lu Xun finished speaking he was looking at the badly injured shinobi on the ground before the shinobi on the ground spoke. "I dont want to die like this I will try harder and make sure that I dont make a mistake next time all I want to do is make the godess proud" as the injured shinobi spoke Lu then spoke towards the shinobi on the ground again. " That is a good answer shinobi we do this all for the godess who looks after use all so with that said ill heal you but here me now failture next tiime will not be tolerated and next time if you fail and you are like this you will be left to die". after Lu Xun had finished speaking he took off his officer jacket and placed it on a local branch so that it did not gather dirt on it then he moved his right arm over to where the shinobi was and then spoke. "Bite down on my arm hard" as Lu finished speaking the shinobi bite on Lu arm as a glow appeared around him as the the shinobi started to be healed first he leg was healed of all injuries and the percing wond from where the branch had peiced him had also been healed with him been recovered then shinobi removed his mouth from Lu's arm and then the shinobi then stood up as it seemed like that nothering had happened the shinobi looked shocked as hell as then Lu Xun stood back up and put his jacket back on then spoke. " youre healed now get back to training do not fail me again". The shinobi then nodded his head and went back to his training.

1172 words


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