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Province Perks & Details

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Province Perks & Details

Post by Suijin on Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:24 am

Livestock: Livestock is a very useful perk to have as a province, particularly in defense against blockades. It can aid the province for a number of uses including a defense against blockades. The province is capable of producing it's own meat for sustenance and thus can sustain itself without limits if blockaded. A province with livestock as a perk is also able to attempt to bypass a blockade around an allied province and attempt to smuggle in livestock.

Renewable Resources: A renewable resource is a natural resource with the ability of being replaced through biological or other natural processes and replenished with the passage of time. Renewable resources are part of the natural environment and form an eco-system. These renewable resources increase a province's ability to sustain itself and even go as far as allowing it to withstand a blockade 24 hours longer than the average province. It also decreases the amount of time required to conquer an unclaimed territory by 24 hours, allowing the province to conquer an unclaimed territory in half the total time.

Offensive Prowess: Offensive prowess can generally be defined as a province's aggression, particularly in terms of military force. Provinces with this perk tend to focus extensively on offensive capabilities and the conquering of other territories. To this extent, provinces with this perk are able to conquer territories that have been claimed by other provinces at a faster rate. Rather than having to wait 72 hours for anyone to defend the land, they only have to wait 42 hours.

Defensive Capability: Provinces that have high defensive capabilities focus on building up a province that is powerful in defense and capable of warding off foes. To this extent, provinces that have defensive capability as a perk have two specific bonuses. The first is the fact that they are allowed one extra 'Technology' under the province template instead of just one, they are allowed two. Their second bonus is the fact that they have an extra 24 hours to respond to an attack on their province, giving them a full 96 hours to react and defend.

Central Intelligence: Some provinces may choose the perk of having a 'Central Intelligence Agency', an agency that enhances their tactical efficiency in many ways, particularly in the case of blockades. When blockading a province, Central Intelligence allows all shinobi on duty for the blockade to be positioned so that they are alerted if anyone attempts to cross the blockade with livestock or otherwise.

Ore Resource: Provinces that have plenty of rich ore and mines have Ore Resources. Ore resources are not particularly important unless your nation is in the process of building itself or if it is at war. During the building period, your nation needs metals to make the frames for the buildings and to repair and make the tools. It is important during war time to have this to make and repair the thousands of kunai and other weapons that are lost during battle. If you do not have an Ore resource during war, then your nation will not be able to take or retake any provinces.

Trade & Transport: Trading is an important aspect in the RPG, because resources are very important for building and times of war. For example, if a province does not possess Livestock as a perk then another province could provide livestock if they have this perk, though the receiver does not need it. Another means of going about trading with another province is by hiring a third-party province that has this perk if both provinces do not. The third party province will transport the perks/resources you wish to trade for a specified price, conditions, or for free.

Stone Resource: Provinces that have this perk have a Stone Resource. Stone is useful for one thing only, and that is building and repairing villages. Although ore resources are great for frames and weaponry, they can not be used for village repairs. Repairing buildings, regardless of the material of the structure, will require a 'Stone Resource' or access to a 'Stone resource'. Without access to a stone resource, a province has absolutely no means of repairing damage buildings or structures.

- Just because your province does not possess a perk does not mean it is completely incapable of acquiring it. A province can acquire a perk by opening trade with another province and receiving benefits from that perk. Such as trading livestock for ore resource. -
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