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Setsudan Tsume Naka Tora kenpo (Cutting claws of the tiger king style)

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Setsudan Tsume Naka Tora kenpo (Cutting claws of the tiger king style)

Post by Keitaro on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:09 am

Style Name: Setsudan Tsume Naka Tora kenpo (Cutting claws of the tiger king style)
Type: Taijutsu, finger and hand based techniques
Description: A style which revolves around the use of the fingers as the primary weapon, making the techniques rather unique as they do not focus on the fists or feet as weapons. The styles main focus is not blunt force but rather bestial “swiping” motions as if the hands were “claws”, though this would normally present little damage to the target the user of this style has trained diligently to enhance the strength and rigidity of the fingers beyond normal levels by far. Later on in the progression of the style chakra flow is enhanced in the fingers to promote a type of damage more similar to cutting than anything else making the style particularly fierce in nature. Though the use of chakra made claws is not employed, as in other similar styles the users fingers make up for this by being decidedly stronger. This style has little to no defensive value apart from simply striking the opponent preemptively and as such is not widely reliant on stances or the finer points of combat dynamics but makes up for it with offensive power.

History: It is said, that centuries ago a master martial artist beheld that human beings only fight with blunt fists and feet because they lack proper natural weapons such as claws, though metallic substitutes could be forged the master was a martial arts purest and had no use for such weapons. Later on as he investigated the paw of a tiger he found that the paw of an animal with claws has only one knuckle per claw, a single muscle, where as human fingers possessed three knuckles and muscles per finger. With this information the master dedicated his life to making his fingers as strong as claws and devised methods to do so. Training diligently for decades he earned quite a name for himself later in life as “the tiger king” for his hands ability to “cut” as if they were claws. Toward the end of his life the tiger kind passed on his teachings through a series of scrolls, which were traded, stolen and copied from village to village over the years until the style faded in to obscurity. However currently some diligent students of the style still exist carrying the legacy of the tiger king in to the modern era.

The style:

-Stage one (E rank)- academy level

Finger’s strength: at the academy stage the user gains fundamental finger strength by doing a sort of push up in which the fingers and not the palms touch the floor until they are able to do so with only one finger per hand at a time. Two to three fingered pull-ups are also used as a means of training. The users fingers are stronger than ordinary ninja by this stage but not yet strong enough to use the finer techniques. The user will still sprain their fingers if they attempt to use this style on anything harder than the opponent’s body.

Speed: the user’s attack speed is limited to how fast they can make simple swiping motions with their hands, vertically or horizontally which, as they are only at academy level is not much faster than normal people.

Destructive Power: Like this the user is able to make distinctive burses in the shape of the fingertips “scratches” on the bodies of their victims and the force of a swipe is equivalent to a punch but spaced over five small points rather than the larger surface of a fist.

Accuracy: students at this level are simply taught to aim for the center of the opponents bodies, no fine aiming or weak point based strikes at this level and the user is limited to simply attacking directly head on.


Name: Swiping claw (academy level)
Description: a technique which uses simple swiping motions with the hands, vertically, horizontally or diagonally which is the basis for nearly all later attacks, at this stage the user is limited to simply leaving fingertip sized burses in opponents but the technique can be performed rapidly
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: E

-Stage two (D rank)- genin level

Finger strength: At this stage the student trains to combat the fingers weakness in the joints by training in “Jab” like attacks in addition to swipes, repeatedly striking sandbags and straw training dummies as well as ten fingered “hand stands” are common training methods, finger push ups are now done single handedly and the users fingers are now as strong as the fists of a ninja of the same rank. The users fingers can now easily jab in to straw training dummies woven bodies but fail against wood, metal or anything harder, again being sprained.

Speed: The users swipe and jab attacks have become just as fast as an ordinary ninja’s punching attacks, this is accomplished by adapting the stances and rotation of the shoulders which are ordinarily used for punches in taijutsu.

Destructive power: at this stage the user can push their fingers enough to make a small indentation in the opponents flesh, similar to a burse and in some cases break some unprotected skin, though it still isn’t quite up to the fabled “cutting” power it presents a more clear danger.

Accuracy: at this point all the ninja can do is aim at specific areas, low, middle, high, right, center, left and so on but this presents a clear advantage over lower stages of the martial art and allows for more complex attacking.


Name: Swiping claw (minor)
Description: The next stage of claw swiping attacks, though at this stage the user is capable of merely making small indentations in the opponent’s flesh, similar to a burse and in some cases break some unprotected skin the speed is increased from pervious stages to that of a standard taijutsu punch of this rank
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: D

Name: Piercing claw (minor)
Description: a forward thrusting “jab” like claw attack as opposed to a directional swipe, this possesses slightly more force than the swipe of the same rank at a higher speed but has a smaller area of damage on the opponent, this is the catalyst for many later thrusting claw attacks.
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: D

-Stage three (C rank)- genin/chunin level

Finger strength: At this stage the user trains by doing single handed five to three fingered hand stands, single fingered push ups and pull ups as well as striking sturdier, the jab training is performed with a single finger at a time and the user strikes dummies made of sturdier material. The user focuses on one finger at a time in order to maximize the effect of the training, while simultaneously increasing the amount of training time dramatically for improved results.

Speed: at this stage the user rotates the hands from facing upward to facing downward with each forward jab attack similar to punches in most martial arts and similarly with swipe attacks, the rotation beings more force and added speed to each attack making it faster than ordinary punches, at this stage the fact that it is a taijutsu becomes evident from the speed beyond an untrained shinobi’s physical strikes

Destructive power: at this stage the users fingers actually penetrate the skin of the opponent, though only about the length of the fingernail, less than an inch. Like this the user can rake their hands in another direction after connecting with the jab to leave scratch like tears in the opponents skin, though these are hollow it can no longer be considered a blunt attack and enters the realm of “cutting”. Similarly the user can easily rip through cloth with their bare hands. At this point the strangest material apart from skin the user can “cut” with their fingers is dried bamboo, though planks of hard wood will still sprain the fingers.

Accuracy: by now the targeting of individual limbs or specific zones in the body can be performed. Right side, left side, shoulder, right arm, left leg, etcetera, this allows the user to direct their new found ability to do damage to specific areas in order to effectively disable opponents if only temporarily.


Name: Swiping claw
Description: An improved swiping technique now able to “cut” by penetrating and tearing through an opponent rapidly, though a rather shallow cut results from each finger the speed is improved to beyond that of an untrained shinobi’s faster physical attacks able to cleave cloth effortlessly and cut weaker materials.
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: C

Name: Piercing claw
Description: an improved version of the piercing claw, capable of penetrating deeper in to targets but incapable of the “cutting” effect, a technique now used to pierce through stalks of dried bamboo in training, typically the fingers are kept the same as in swiping claw but for an added effect the user can straiten them out.
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: C

Name: Kunai finger technique
Description: the improved version of piercing claw which uses all the force of the later technique in a single finger, the result is improved penetrative power and greater injury, though it is still subject to the limitations of the rank this technique is said to push those limits. Injury from this technique is said to be similar to, but slightly below that of a kunai. As this technique requires more concentration and must be “pulled back” afterword it cannot be done rapidly as swiping and piercing claw can
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: C

-Stage four (B rank)- chunin level

Finger strength: By now the user no longer trains their fingers by conventional means, rather they simply train by breaking objects with their fingers repeatedly so as to adjust to the strain on the knuckles. The users fingers no longer behave like ordinary ones, able to resist trauma which would break ordinary fingers easily, stopping a metal baton with ones fingers becomes possible with out a large amount of damage and the users fingers become so powerful that training to regulate ones grip becomes necessary to use the finer techniques.

Speed: At this stage the user combines shoulder and hip rotation with the radial rotation of the hand to push all the force and speed to the fingers merging the jab and swipe styles of attack in to one type of movement in the process that is faster than each of them.

Destructive power: the user can now accomplish “cutting” with out the risk of the fingers getting stuck in the target and can penetrate muscle up to the middle knuckle of the finger allowing for deeper cuts in some areas, now more comparable to kunai then hands. Further the user can now push their fingers through tiles, rope or planks of wood easily though still cannot break or cut solid bone.

Accuracy: The user can now strike at even finger points of the enemy, upper and lower arm, thigh, ankle, neck, and head, making them extremely dangerous to be in close quarters combat with as they can effectively aim for larger weak points on the body or flaws in a stance.


Name: Swiping claw (advanced)
Description: at this stage the fingers in the swipe can cut through all the way to bone with each finger, powerful swiping attacks which can tear through rope, wooden planks and tiles easily, this has the added speed of piercing claw attacks from the last stage
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: B

Name: Piercing claw (advanced)
Description: Piercing claw attacks are now comparable to the kunai finger technique though only three to four inches worth with five fingers at a time, thanks to the added power bonus from the swiping claw techniques of the last stage. As an added use for the technique the user can effectively pierce targets, such as a log, and fling them like one might with a pitchfork.
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: B

Name: Kunai finger storm technique
Description: an improved form of the kunai finger technique in which the user employs both hands with the index fingers to strike very rapidly, this may appear similar to the Hyuuga clan’s eight trigrams thirty two palms but in reality it is far less complex, in reality all the user is doing is simply trying to stab at the target as many times as possible with their fingers for a full post with no real regard for where they connect, in reality this could be considered the strong fist’s variation of the technique. The penetrative power is said to be just above that of an actual kunai making this an extremely powerful technique, though the range is limited to the users arm length and the user cannot move their legs while doing it so as to maintain even footing (cool down time, 2 posts)
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: B

Name: Bladed hand technique
Description: A combination of swiping claw and piercing claw with effective results, the user holds their fingers together out strait when delivering a new type of attack which has both forward and side to side movement, the “cuts” are a bit different in this case, being more like a blade than a claw, able to cut as effectively and powerfully as the swiping and piercing claws this stage combined it can cleave the smaller to medium sized branches from a tree as a show of force but is enable to sever body parts at this stage.
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: A

-Stage five (A rank)- jonin level

Finger strength: By now the users fingers are easily able to poke holes in and crack solid stone with out injury, able to effectively weaker break weapons such as arrows and staffs as well as tough enough to support the users weight for hours.

Speed: at this stage the user has adopted a stance, one which forces one hundred and eighty degrees of rotation in both the hips and shoulders while getting a full three hundred and sixty degrees of rotation in the hands, causing the swipes to appear as lightning quick flashes, similar to an accomplished fencer’s sword strike. The new type of attack movement created in the pervious stage as been perfected so that it is actually faster than a normal punch of a jonin taijutsu user thanks to the new stance.

Destructive power: at this stage the fingers crack bone in addition to slicing flesh like knives and are capable of cutting down to bone as well as stabbing in to targets up to the hands lower knuckle. At this stage each finger can be considered a lethal weapon in terms of destructive ability.

Accuracy: The user can now target all but the smallest of areas, eyes, ears, even something as small as a belly button becomes quite simple and does not require that the user attack any less rapidly or with any less force. At this stage the user can effectively dismantle opponents with a very small number of well placed hits.


Name: Arrow catching claws
Description: one of the few defensive jutsu in this style, the user directs a powerful swipe at an oncoming projectile or suitably weak melee weapon and in effect tears it to pieces or simply parries it as the case may be. This technique should be used wisely to avoid damaging the hands but when used correctly it provides an edge over projectile using opponents, which normally have the advantage. This can be used rapidly but each successive use of the technique is only half as effective as the first when done rapidly, unless of course the user simple bats away multiple projectiles each time for maximum effectiveness.
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: A

Name: Tiger’s bite, body blow technique
Description: a technique in which the user holds their hands backwards in a claw stance with the wrists touching in a runners stance with the legs and charges up at the target, brining the hands around as they move, striking at the opponents ribs, each finger hitting between two ribs as the blow connects. Though the ribs do prevent the targets internal organs from being pierced the ribs themselves crack from the attack and the strike greatly weakens the body with the full force of the users weight and strength. Though as it’s a strait head-on attack it is quite easy to avoid for an experienced ninja.
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: A

Name: Piercing finger; eternal darkness
Description: A simplistic but brutal technique in which the user basically takes two fingers and attempts to drive them in to the eyes of the victim, obviously trying to gouge them out. Being particularly feared among doujutsu users this technique can be treated with a medical ninja’s carful surgery if not transplantation of new eyes.
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: A

Name: Piercing finger; eternal silence technique
Description: a rather feared technique in which the user drives their two index fingers in to the victims ears, the goal being to rupture both eardrums, defining the target and causing sever shock, the inner ear disruption renders most victims unable to stand form lack of balance if not fully rendering them unconscious. Though a medical ninja can heal this damage and restore the sense of hearing.
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: A

Name: Piercing finger; eternal pain technique
Description: a rather gruesome and somewhat bizarre technique in which the user actually stabs their middle finger through the navel of the target, taking advantage of the softer tissues therein and striking at the base of the sensory fibers in the splanchnic nerves which lie in the solar plexus. Though not inherently damaging the result is unbearably painful, enough to effectively send even a hardened ninja barreling over in agony, effectively ending most battles as the victim would logically have to spend a couple of days recovering from the strain, though medical ninja can prevent this.
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: A

-Stage six (S rank)- s rank ninja level

Finger strength: By now the users fingers can only be considered super human, able to leave dents on solid metal and cleave sections of tree trunks clean out. The possibility of breaking or spraining the fingers is by now all but impossible and they can be considered the strongest part of the users body. At this stage any blades or armor on the fingers would be a disadvantage rather than helpful and the users fingers are actually able to perform feats of strength their arms would not be able to. By now the simple cracking of the users knuckles can be heard form a great distance and works excellently as an intimidating factor.

Speed: By now the user has perfected even their stance, forcing a dizzying three hundred and sixty degrees of rotation on the shoulders, hips, legs and hands and fingers with every attack, so much so that a “crack” sound can actually be heard when the user attacks, similar to that of a whip which is to say that the users fingers just barely break the sound barrier before they hit the target, this is due to the user maximizing the shear amount of force behind the users hands, enough to shatter the bones in ordinary fingers for life, but the users hands can easily withstand it.

Destructive power: The user can cut clean through flesh and bone alike as if each finger were a miniature samurai sword, wood and stone are just the same to them and they can leave dents and scratches in even the heavyset of armor. There is absolutely nothing blunt about any of the damage the fingers can perform as now they deal damage entirely as piercing and cutting.

Accuracy: The user is no longer limited to attacking just areas they can see, using common knowledge of the human body they are able to direct their power to any point on the body the width of a fingertip or greater using all their top tier power and speed. Arteries, nerves and joints can easily be targeted; even the internal organs can become potential targets. The user is at this point more capable with their fingers than most any assassin would be with their weapon of choice.


Name: Gnashing maw of the tiger
Description: A technique used to sever limbs and other body parts, the user draws each hand in a claw like form and has them face each other and then in two lighting fast swiping movements has them pass one another, effectively slicing off anything between the two hands. This technique can rip sections out of tree trunks as a show of force. However due to the crossing movement of the attack should it miss the user is vulnerable to counter attack. This technique is said to make “sparks” fly between the hands when they pass.
Requires opponent permission for permanent dismemberment
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: S

Name: Grand tiger lance technique
Description: The ultimate piercing technique designed to completely impale targets, charging their hand forward the user holds the fingers together and with all of their power and rotation stabs forward, this technique is considered an assassination technique as its capable of impaling an unarmored human being on the users arm at a high speed, though only the fingers have the degree of strength necessary to avoid damage attempts to parry or block the attack and it can put the users arm at risk. This technique is said to be the fastest of the style.
Requires opponent permission for fatal use
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: S

Name: Spear catching claws
Description: an improvement on the arrow catching claws which involves increased chakra flow between the hand and eye to enhance the effectiveness, removing the disadvantage against multiple projectiles, the user being limited only by their field of vision and of course their reflexes. This does not however guard against explosive attacks but at this stage ordinary kunai senbon and shuriken can be shattered from this attack. Though anything that is higher grade is simply batted away. (3 post cool down)
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: S

Name: Grand tiger charge
Description: A combination of the piercing claw, swiping claw and kunai finger storm techniques, which is performed while running. The user stabs at the target with all ten fingers while making a series of swipe-thrust motions, similar to an advanced version of kunai finger storm but does so while charging head on at the opponent, removing the problem of range and adding a large amount of speed to the technique, considered over three times more effective. This technique can utterly destroy a hapless victim as the power of the attacks is increased at greater number and seeds and a master is able to use this technique to dismantle an opponent’s armor. (Usable four times a thread, 2 post cooldown)
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: S

Name: Blade catching claw
Description: A technique in which the user finally achieves the long sought after ability to stop blades with their bare hands, superior to normal sword catching techniques the user draws two fingers and simply closes them over the sides of the blade, using their finger strength to totally immobilize the weapon and trap it in a vice like grip, this technique is entirely useful for disarming opponents but is not inherently able to break a weapon that has not been otherwise damaged beforehand, though low grade weapons such as kunai can be broken easily with a turn of the wrist. The user can use multiple fingers in this jutsu, for example catching all three blades of a trident with one hand. Unlike other blade catching techniques this jutsu can also be used to pull the opponents weapon away by twisting ones wrist to effectively twist the handle from the targets hand and pull, as that would come down to a contest of finger strength, of which the user is unparalleled in at this stage.
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: S

Name: Claw whirlwind
Description: The final advancement on the users stance in which the rotation of the body and hands is continuous, making the centrifugal force of the spinning directly to the fingers, the result is something similar to something between the Hyuuga clan’s rotation jutsu and the Inuzuka clan’s passing fang technique yet distinctly different from each. The user spins their body with one hand above the other at a high speed so as to swipe at everything around them for a full post, cutting and knocking anything away within in the radios of the users arms length. Unlike the rotation this does not defend from above and unlike the passing fang this is performed in one spot, however it makes up for these disadvantages by being acceptingly powerful, able to knock down a tree or break through a brick wall with enough spinning. An opponent caught in the radius and usable to escape or be knocked to safety would surely parish or at the very least be utterly defeated (1 post to prepare, 5 post cool down, usable three times a thread)
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: S


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Re: Setsudan Tsume Naka Tora kenpo (Cutting claws of the tiger king style)

Post by .Zack on Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:59 am

Hmmm Approved unless halted by another staff member

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Re: Setsudan Tsume Naka Tora kenpo (Cutting claws of the tiger king style)

Post by The Blainiest on Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:20 am

Denied, it just allows the user to become way too strong and fast.

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Re: Setsudan Tsume Naka Tora kenpo (Cutting claws of the tiger king style)

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