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PART 1 A Boys Reflection Within the Mist ( MAGURE ONLY ) (OR MIST NINJAS)

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PART 1 A Boys Reflection Within the Mist ( MAGURE ONLY ) (OR MIST NINJAS)

Post by Enoshi Hitake on Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:30 pm

The morning due settles, and the birds come alive. His weary heart travels down into a despondent cavern full of dark memories, and pictures of his parents awaken his tears and he wimpers. A strong boy Enoshi cries, clutching his kunia wound and a bracelet he ripped from his lovers wrist. He breathes in deeply for the smallest scent of her, but all he gets is the grim smell of ash. The chill of the breeze carries off into the morning mist and he is left standing over his parents freshly made graves. He reaches down placing flowers on the soil, consecrating their resting place. Reflecting into his past Enoshi recalls those kind times with his father and mother.
Those innocent times in which nothing was to be worried about. When he would awaken to noise in the kitchen and the smells of his mothers dumplings. When he would train hard to make his father proud, and when he would clean the enitire house just to see his mother smile. All of this is gone now. Enoshi not having a close relationship with his brothers means that he is basically alone now. Shedding his last tear enoshi falls asleep on the graves.
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Re: PART 1 A Boys Reflection Within the Mist ( MAGURE ONLY ) (OR MIST NINJAS)

Post by Aiden on Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:24 am

The darkness filled the night, and silence followed. The seconds pass and lightning illuminates the sky, followed by thunder announcing the arrival of the cold winter rain. The rain knocks on the window ever so slightly, bringing forth the sound of music, the fruit of love. Through the window lays in rest, a teenage boy with much to distress. His room is dry but his eyes are wet, from the call of agony in his state of rest, he dreams. A heavy woman (professor), “Aiden, your excuses are pathetic, and the fact that you think you can get away with it is insulting. Mr & Mrs Hitake I’m sorry but your son will repeat the seventh grade if he does not fix his attitude and turn in his homework. He is at the bottom of his class and I think that this might be because of problems at home.” His father replied “ Ms. Takanata, I ensure you that my we do great work raising our own kids, our sons Enoshi is the top of his combat class, and my second son Kaizo is at the top of his class. I promise you that Aiden is just being a screw up and slacking off just to get under our skin, I thank you for addressing this to me, I will see to it that this never happens again”. Professor, “I sure hope so, Mr. Hitake, now if you will excuse me”. The professor leaves the door and as the door shuts the image of Kigoshi’s disappointment stays followed by Aiden’s mother’s look of empathy for Aiden, whom wears the look of failure as the red of anger colors his face, slightly hidden by his blond her and his bowed head.

The clock ticks, seconds pass, and then lightning flash the room, revealing the face of the half covered teen. The dream moves on and Aiden is crying, he sits in his room alone in the dark hugging his knees and as the lightning flashed through the room so was the light in the room turned on. The light revealed the marks left behind from the beating his father laid upon him with that leather belt. He looks towards the door to find his mother who does nothing but hugs him. Aiden cries and says the words that’s on his mind, “No one ever listens”. She would then release the hug to tell him something that he would carry with him always, “Go to bed sweetie, things are better in the morning”.

The clock ticks and the boy’s eyes begin to open, as his eyes open the ticking stops. He is seen looking up at the ceiling as the morning roaster crocks and he sits up to look through window, as the sun pierces through the mist and shines through that same window. As the sun shines on his face, Aiden says to himself, “Things do get better in the morning”. Aiden smiles, the troubles of last night didn’t seem so bad, which to Aiden was the cue to start the day. He gets up out of bed and does his morning routines. By the time he got dressed, he was already behind schedule. Aiden grabbed his headband and left for the hidden mist, as he heads to the gates his room explodes, and he takes off. Within twenty minutes Aiden has arrived at the gates of the hidden mist, but have decided to pay a visit to the scene that made him the wanted man that he is. There lies the grave of his parents. He hops the gates and begins his walking, as he wandered around he passed the grave of his best friend Zaseraph and his cool headed mode began to fade once more. He tries not to acknowledge the grave as he moves about and spots Enoshi from a far laying on gravestones. He walks towards Enoshi and sees the graves of his parents. Before doing anything else he stares at their gravestone and kisses it, out of his mouth he says. “I love you, mom”, he looks to Enoshi who is still asleep and tries to wake him. “Hey buddy, guess who it is?”

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PART 1 A Boys Reflection

Post by Enoshi Hitake on Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:53 pm

As the reality soon set in and his mind bellowed out with remorse, Enoshi awoke to a familiar voice. His brother Aiden standing over him in front of the graves. Enoshi saying, " I can’t believe they are gone… what am I to do now brother? I couldn’t keep them alive Aiden. I tried to save them but, they were to injured. Our kind mother died in my arms Aiden.. I saw nothing but fear in her eyes.. Fear of leaving this world without us and no matter how hard I tried I could not save her.. Father is gone too, along with Siera. Im going to kill these bastards, I already killed the one they sent. He was a fire user from what I could see. I found a letter inside his mask with a kill order on it. I must find the one responsible for sending this ninja.
I need more training. I must be ready for anything on the journey. I would like the help of Kaizo and you to train me, and help me on finding the men responsible. This isn’t just my fight Aiden. This is yours and Kaizo’s also. You have been out of the mist village so you would be a great asset in finding them. What do you say brother? Will you help me find the men who killed our parents? Will you train me and help me achieve revenge?” The mist dissipates and reveals Enoshi’s eyes glowing with great intensity!
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Re: PART 1 A Boys Reflection Within the Mist ( MAGURE ONLY ) (OR MIST NINJAS)

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