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Naruto Nation [New RP] (Staff Needed)

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Naruto Nation [New RP] (Staff Needed)

Post by Aries on Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:23 am


Thirty years have past since the First Great Ninja War (Alternate Universe). The war was said to be the worst to have ever been in the entire history of the world. It left the earth and it nations in ruins. Tales say that the earth burned for five years after the war had ended and the population of people was reduced to little of nothing. The world became a place of a hand full of small nomadic gangs that traveled looking for a place to call home once more.

As years passed it seemed that two villages were rebuilt and started their own colonies once again. Nomads traveled to these places and the population of them grew bigger and bigger. The two villages were once again named after there old village, known as Kirigakure and Kumogakure. As the villages grew their had to be a system of order f Laughing ormed within them. So, the two villages came to a meeting place with where their elders discussed the topic. The elders talked of the older days and how The five Great Villages were run. They came to a decision to choose one person for each village to represent that village as its “Kage”. Shinobi had become tails to must because of the tragic lost of their lives during the war but there where still a hand full around. After the two Kages were chosen they set up law systems in their village. Then once again appointed people with skills to serve the village as ninja. A few years pasted and Ninja Training Academies where set up in the villages, so that the villages could keep a steady flow of ninja in them.

The villages first attack came form a band of so called Rouge Ninja, that were still nomadic and had learned the skills of a shinobi. Due to the law systems set up in the villages though the group of rouge ninja were killed and destroyed. Since then there has been very few attack on either village. As the Kages grew older and new there time was near they meet and signed a peace treated between the two villages.

However a rumor has started that might very well jeopardize the treaty and start yet another war. As the villages have begun to attempt to branch out and claim other pieces of land as their establishments. It seems that a struggle for power has formed between the villages. There is also word of another rising of a Rouge ninja group that hopes to concur both villages and enslave their people.

With this new feud starting between the villages the question is who can rise to be the mightier establishment and concur the others? Who can gain more ground? Who can claim world power?

We Currently have several spot open and are looking to open a village soon so come join us and see what it truly means to be a NARUTO NATION!


Things That We Have On The Site!
Custom and Cannon Clans
~This includes the Uchihas and the Senju (all cannon clans)
Custom and Cannon Jutsus/Techniques
~This includes all cannon clan jutsus and kekkei genkais
~Sage mode

We are currently have Two Villages Open (More will be opening as the site grows)


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