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A New Creation

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A New Creation

Post by Unagi on Sat Dec 17, 2011 5:23 pm

It was dark outside. The bright moon illuminated the area around the Aka no Tana’s main headquarters in the Iron Country. It was cold, very cold. Mountainous as it was, Tetsu no Kuni was almost permanently covered in a blanket of snow, and it was common for travelers to get lost in blizzards and freeze to death or get eaten by local predators who were much more adapted to the harsh environment. All those things means the Aka no Tana base was well hidden indeed. Rarely did anyone ever stumble across is by accident. And if they did, the members themselves were perfectly capable of disposing of them.

This night, there was still someone awake in the base. Jatori Karasu was busy adding his final touch to his newest puppet Dachou or Ostrich. This puppet was quite different from his others. The first thing setting it apart was its immense size. It was slightly taller than eight foot and incredibly broad, towering above any man. It was reinforced with armor making it very durable, and it was wearing the Aka no Tana robe instead of the typical black robe the Puppet Sage adorned most of his creations with. Most importantly: It was hollow from the inside.

It was puppet armor. A puppet controlled from the inside removing the puppeteer’s weakness of being bad in close-combat. It acted as an effective shield, a powerful offense and a useful way of hiding his true face all in one. To make it even more reliable, Karasu had gone wild on this thing when it came to adding traps and weapons. The user controlling it couldn’t control any other puppets, so he had to compensate for that by giving the puppet armor more traps than his other creations. That was the reason why it took so long to make.

First he had added chakra shield generators on both its chest and its back, both of them producing a chakra shield large enough to cover the puppet’s entire back and protect it from all but the most powerful techniques. The downside? Only one side could be protected at a time leaving the other side open unless Karasu could find another way to protect it. He had added this because should the puppet was going to be his only armor as he could not control any others. And while the iron it was reinforced with did allow protection against simple attacks, powerful techniques could easily pass through it. It wasn’t reliable enough.

After that he had added the smoke. Two scrolls hidden in its torso, one containing pitch black smoke, the other containing gas of the exact same color only poisonous. The normal smoke was not only an effective smokescreen, but if he would add the poisonous smoke in later, the opponent wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Even the slightest whiff meant paralysis, leaving the opponent open for a prolonged period of time. The opponent wouldn’t hold their breath if they didn’t know of the poison.

Next were the poisoned claws emerging from its knuckles, twenty centimeters long they were capable weapons. They were made of chakra-conducting metal allowing Karasu to channel his lightning chakra into them, making them all the more deadly. A poisoned senbon launcher in the mouth, a rather common weapon among the blonde Aka no Tana member’s created puppets, was also installed to give close-range opponents a rather unpleasant surprise. Especially considering most people wouldn’t realize it was a puppet at the start of a fight, they wouldn’t expect a volley of poisoned needles in the face while they were focusing on blocking the deadly claws.

Right now, Karasu was installing a barrel on its ankles, the barrels connecting to two vents that lead into a scroll in the puppet’s legs. Those scrolls contained a very high amount of compacted air enough to launch the massive puppet ten meters into the air or make it move at a much greater speed for a short period of time. In case even the shields weren’t sufficient to protect the massive golem made of wood and iron from an attack, that air would make sure it could at least get out of the way quick enough.

When he was done installing those, it was time for some finishing touches. First, the jump seat. In case the puppet was lost, Karasu could be rocketed out of the opening in the back at a high speed, placing himself in safety. Some fabric over the wood that surrounded the “cockpit” to make it a bit more comfortable was also a nice addition. There were perhaps fights in the future where he would have to spend a prolonged period of time inside that puppet. Therefore he might as well make it comfortable for himself.

Then, there was one small finishing touch. The voice modifier. With this, Karasu could talk through his puppet. Of course the voice would be distorted and much lower. This was purely a security purpose. If he ever walked into a situation where he didn’t want his identity to be discovered, he would merely have to step into his puppet and he would become an entirely different person.

The sun was rising when the Puppet Sage was finally done. Its light shone through a window, and people in nearby villages would just now be getting up. For Karasu, it was time to go to sleep. He had earned that much. The night had been tiring, but he had to sacrifice things for his craft sometimes, and time was about the least he had sacrificed in his life. He opened up his large scroll and allowed the wooden giant to be sucked into it, officially adding it to his collection.

Words: 955
Puppet mastered:
Name: Dachou (Ostrich)
Type: Puppet Armor
Dachou appears like an insanely large and broad man. It is slightly more than eight foot tall and extremely broad, its arms being like branches of small trees. It has a gorila-like build with long arms, black hair and strange, beady eyes. Its long, unkept hair falls over his face and seems to cast a permanent shadow over his forehead and eye area. Instead of the normal black cloak that Karasu’s other puppets wear, Dachou is sometimes adorned with the Aka no Tana robes if Karasu chooses to walk around inside it.

Rank: S
Special Abilities:
As Karasu’s puppet armor, Dachou can be controlled from the inside. Dachou is reinforced with iron. In fact, his entire chest and its limbs are all covered in a layer of iron, sandwiched between two layers of wood. The outer layer is the one the opponent sees, the one that is adorned with skin color, while the inner layer is even covered in soft fabric for the user’s comfort. It has long claws emerging from its knuckles that are of course poisoned. The claws are made of chakra-conducting metal and are more durable than most katana's. They are about twenty centimeters long. When inside the armor, it gives Karasu a low, very gruff voice.

Dachou can fire poisoned senbon through his mouth and has vents in both its hands. These vents direct to its chest, where it holds two scrolls containing gas. The right hand fires an ordinary scentless, pitch black gas that holds no other properties than serving as a smokescreen. The left hand fires a gas that is likewise scentless and pitch black, but poisoned with Karasu’s standard poison.

It has a chakra shield generator on its chest and its back, able to conjure a chakra shield that can block up to A-rank attacks and covers the puppet's entire front or behind. Only one side of the puppet can be protected at a time, and keeping the shield active consumes a constant ammount of chakra.

Dachou’s final ability is that it has a scroll filled with lots of extremely compacted air in both his legs. Upon Karasu’s command the air can be unleashed and expelled through a barrel on the puppet’s ankle.. When expelled through the legs, it increases Dachou’s movement speed by 50% or allows him to jump up to ten meters high. Can only be used once per topic.

Karasu can enter Dachou through the back. The puppet also comes with a rocket chair-like function that will rocket Karasu out of the puppet and away from it in case the puppet is trapped or surrounded. Even if the puppet is destroyed, certain remaining parts of him can still be used if chakra strings are attached to them.

Origin: Karasu created this puppet during his time with the Aka no Tana.[/spoiler]

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