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Creature Feature: Menkai meets Kain

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Creature Feature: Menkai meets Kain

Post by MoonZero Soul on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:41 am

Menkai, the moon messenger ninja walked through his home of otogakure and walked the beaten paths he a walked on so many times before, with his hands in his pockets and his lampshade hat hiding the cyan color orbs that were his eyes from the unrelenting sun, he continued his solitary journey to a special secret place where only he has knowledge of, or so he thought. Walking into his oasis, he sat down in the center and looked up into the sky, steady streams of sunlight pierced the lush forest, and he sat their listening to the waterfall crashing in the valley of end. With a simple move of his right hand he removed his hat and let his long hair fall, the wind ripping through his clothes. He felt weird with his armor, he felt naked and lost. "I wish I could get my armor back." Looking around he noticed a scroll resting against the rock, but he didn't notice it before. Standing up he walked over and bent over it, with simple design and red sides he removed the moss from the scroll and opened it, reading it he saw one phrase, "Komodo King" Taking some blood from his finger he performed the summoning technique and soon a large black Komodo at least double and a half the size of a full grown komodo with black skin was in the puff of smoke. The best open his one eyelid and to reveal a yellow eye with a piercing stare and soon the great beast rose to it's four clawed feet. "I am kain, the future king of Komdo's and reptiles and you are my summoner." Menkai nodded and stood his ground "Menkai arashi, future Lord of storms and messenger of the moon." The Komodo stretch and yawn, a terrible stench wafting through the air. Menkai waved it away from his face, then Kain spoke "So Kenkai would you like to form a contract with me." Menkai sneered "It's menkai and seeing as it has been a while since you've been summon i would like to form a contract." Kain walked forward and placed a lizard claw on menkai forearm, soon a tattoo in the form of a kanji for komodo appeared on the forearm. Kain stepped back "That is so you won't need that stuffy scroll to summon me." Menkai looked at the tattoo and placed the scroll back into a hiding spot, "That was fast, and quick and easy." Kain simply smirked as only a lizard could "Your lucky I ain't test you I would have chomped you in half." Menkai smirked back "We will see you overgrown lizard," Turning to walk away a thought ran through his head, Whirling around he said "You can talk!" Kain simply laughed, a rough laugh "Now you notice." Kain disappeared in a puff of smoke and menkai left his oasis, but curious about his new partner. Walking back along the beaten path on which he had came, he thought about one thing "So if I am now partnered with a Large Komodo, what a lovely story that would make huh, hahahahhaha! A lovely story indeed."


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Re: Creature Feature: Menkai meets Kain

Post by Elendril on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:40 pm


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