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My Manga(Whats Happening So far)(always updated.)

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My Manga(Whats Happening So far)(always updated.)

Post by .Zack on Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:51 pm


Ch 1:Transfer Student;
Shibo shows up in this classroom and is given a welcome by the classmates, but stays silent then randomly jumps out the window and does some exercises basically, then looks up at a guy named Bo and his sword that emits a bright light and a loud sound, chapter ends.

Ch 2:Prodical Son;
Shibo fights Bo and beats him epically with his signature technique the body push, then he just has a small spasm and then theres a point of time where he visualizes himself as a fox chibi and hes running through the forest then jumping out and landing in the water below. When the water splashes he opens his eyes to see that he is being stared at by three girls and in a girls bedroom, and as he gets up and wonders whats going on, he tells them his name and they laugh, then more girls come in the room and shibo stands up to find out that hes missing his pants. Then it cuts to a dark place to show the main villain who's name hasnt been annouced yet, shows a guy come up from the floor like Zetsu named Sho, and he makes this hand out of darkness and They go to the mall and Shibo acts weird cause hes not used to a shopping center with glass cases.They drag him to try on clothes and you see a guy in black looking for Shibo, then the chapter ends.

Ch 3:The Men In Black;
While Shibo is trying on new clothes, Two guys dressed in black walk the mall searching for the pink hair Kenshi known as Shibo, Their names are Gampai and Yotsu, Yotsu the Nendo Art Master or Clay in english, Gampai utilizes ESP(Extrasensory Perception) and gets spasmatic every now and then, and there was a point of time where he mistakened a weird looking kid as Shibo and almost kills him in public, Yotsu stopped him from doing it but their cover was blown already, having that happen Yotsu makes a giant Clay Octopus and sets it loose on the mall making it destory and injure stuff. Shibo jumps out and punches the Octopus after being yelled at by the girls, he punched it once then used his SD channeling tech to increase his strenghth and makes the Octopus deflate, Yotsu watches over and does something to make the Octopus turn into a heap of clay, living clay that spikes up and shiz. Then Gampai attacks one of the girls mentally and knocks her out, the other girl calls for Shibo distracting him from the fight and Yotsu almost kills him, Yotsu stops after Gampai gave him the order to kidnap the girl and run to the park, Yotsu handed her to Gampai cause he needed to get his clay back into his jar that he summons out of thin air.
He gives Shibo three hours to get to the park or she dies. Chapter ends.

Ch 4:Showdown At Mizuki Park;
Shibo takes the other girl home and takes his jacket off to lose a little more weight, Shibo acts as though theres something he needs to do, having this happen he has a smile on his face and runs and jumps off buildings and stuff being tracked by Gampai's third eye technique, Yotsu and him count it down to the last five minutes then attempts to kill the girl, Shibo meets his face with an elbow just in time,Yotsu uses his clay as if he was Captain Yamato, Shibo cuts the clay with his blade the Omoi ken, then Yotsu creates explosive clay dolls as they hit the ground, Shibo stabs one in the core and it explodes, ripping his shirt to reveal his tattoo of an eight, and then Yotsu had a flash back about meeting him someplace else, Then he explains that he knows of a group that has tattoos of numbers just like that. Then he starts fighting serious by blowing up the forest and swallowing something called black clay pills that change the body's form and turns them into an actual clay man. Shibo gets punched and is wounded badly from it, then Yotsu was coming in for another punch but Shibo used Body push once more to get himself up. Yotsu covers himself in Clay armor and then the chapter ends.

Ch 5:Visions of Mayhem;
Shibo is practically getting owned by this beast that Yotsu has became and he uses his strength to push him into the air, then uses the channeling technique once more to power up his blade and make a slash at Yotsu, though it didnt do anything thanks to Yotsu's ability to get out of situations that equal death, just by freezing time and replacing his body with a clone called a joker and him being transported back to a place that he was recently at previously, this is exclusive with clay users but since Yotsu is the last one living then thats limited, then Yotsu traps Shibo in a four wall trap then wraps wire around it and then pulls it, luckly Shibo made a shield out of bandages, a simple technique that his group knows. Getting angry Yotsu rages on the sheild then gets caught in its trap, then Shibo uses a sealing type tech to shut off Yotsu's SD supply for the time being, then covers him in the wrapping so hes immoblized. Gampai stands up and just explains his past as a trained assassian portraying a flash back of him beheading a rich lady. Then he cuts himself and saying odd things about his visions, then Shibo asks about them, Gampai calls them his visions of mayhem, Then it shows the main bad guy once more and hes worried about something cause there are people coming for Yotsu and Gampai, much like the ANBU but not really. Theres this guy named Eyes and he can use this super zooming technique to find the people, then finds out that Shibo was there with his blade, then he reports back to his captain about his findings, then the captain tells him to becareful, but little did Eyes know that Sho was on his way to intercept him. Chapter ends.


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