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by Admin Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:55 pm

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Jutsu Creation

Jutsu Creation

  • Public Jutsu

    Jutsu that are available to anyone who wishes to learn them may be found in this forum, once they've been approved by staff. This includes the basic Ninjutsu that all shinobi C-rank or higher should know, along with staff and community made content.

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  • Clan Jutsu

    This is where Jutsu that are unique to a specific clan may be found. Jutsu in this forum are limited to those who are members of a specific clan and may be added to your sheet after they've been approved, so long as you're a member of the clan they have been created for.

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  • Personal Jutsu

    This is where personal jutsu that are unique to specific characters will be moved after they've been reviewed by staff and approved. This is when you may reply on your Character Sheet to purchase or train it so you may add it to your character.

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