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Central District

Central District

  • Raikage Tower

    Akin to a administration building, this where the Raikage typically meets with foreign leaders, handle the day to day routines required of a Kage, and if the need arises even sleep here. In addition to this, it serves as a dispatch hub for shinobi looking to take on missions. While shinobi from the village are able to gain access to the lower levels of the tower, special permission is required to reach the Kage's office.

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  • Market

    This particular area is the reason behind the district's nickname being that there always seems to be people shopping or even touring; given that many desire to see the 'forest within the mountain'. Everything from blacksmiths and food shops to inns and bars can be found here. Due to the seemingly endless amount of visitors and working citizens, security within the market is the heaviest in village.

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  • Kami Forest

    A winding path that runs through a section of the forest that has remained untouched by the villagers. Save for the removal of the more aggressive wildlife, animals roam free here and are typically get along well with humans. There are benches littered randomly on the paths so people can sit and enjoy the forest; especially at night. Once the moonlight hits the forest, insects and some plant life give off a bioluminescent glow. At the furthest reaches of the pathway is a small lake, the water coming from an underground river that is believed to be responsible for the forest itself.

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