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Sun Scorched Desert

Sun Scorched Desert

  • Nikkousato

    Hidden in the base of a large crater lies Nikkousato, the Sun Village. Surrounded by vast deserts and a maze of interwoven canyons, the village is protected on all sides and sits under the heat of the blazing sun.

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  • The Infinite Canyons

    A massive maze of clay, rock and stone canyons that litter the southern central part of the desert. The canyons soar hundreds of feet into the air, making a fall from them deadly. If the fall does not get you, the thousands of feet of twist and turns will surely get you lost. The natural formations create a maze that weaves throughout the desert, and anyone who does not know their way out can be lost forever.

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  • The Red Desert

    A massive desert that spans the southern part of the continent. It gets its name from the red colored sand that stretches out over the vast expanse. There is little to no shade or shelter out here, and with the scorching sun always bearing down, it is a dangerous environment for anyone caught in it unprepared.

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  • Sun Spire Mountain Range

    A massive mountain range to the north that stretches across the entire northern coast. The mountain range is massive, tall and rugged, and filled with various forms of dangerous wildlife. Many people look to the mountains for shelter from the heat, only to find that it is just as dangerous.

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  • Silk Sand Coast

    A large rocky beach that expands up the western coast of the region. The sand is much finer here, giving it a smooth and grainy feel, which makes it hotter under the direct sunlight. The coast is filled with large jagged boulders and stones, making landing here from the sea dangerous.

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  • Arid Expanse

    The arid expanse covers most of the region, and is a dry and desolate area. Deprived of moisture and rain, the earth is cracked and dried up, with little sand here and there. The majority of the expanse is hard cracked clay that seems to go on for an eternity.

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