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Flame Village

Flame Village

  • Moeru Clearing

    Moeru Clearing is where the Flame Village was first established. A long, massive wall encloses the entirety of the bustling capital, with openings at the North, West, East and South that allow for movement in and out of the village. Guards regularly patrol along the top and outside of the walls to ensure no one who has been barred from entering the village may not sneak in, as guards secure the entrances. The northern entrance connects to a path that goes through Midori Forest and ends at a long, man-made bridge. This bridge mostly sees mercantile traffic, as it leads to the industrious regions of Kegawa and Kouri.

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  • Yougan Tochi

    Yougan Tochi, also known as Lava Lands, is a large territory comprised mostly of dead trees and massive volcanoes. It is also home to Dai Kasai Mountain, an inactive volcano that is now the epicenter of a small Fire Village settlement. These lands are mostly desolate, with very few living creatures outside of small to medium sized reptiles and those shinobi stationed in the single Flame Village settlement. Although there is only one settlement, it is relatively large and hosts shinobi of Chuunin rank and higher. Those of Genin rank or lower are not permitted to enter these lands.

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  • Midori Forest

    Midori Forest is a vast and dense territory filled to the brim with thick foliage and massive trees. It is always hot and humid, seeing far more rain than other territories under the Flame Village's jurisdiction. Outside of a handful of Flame Village settlements, the forest is also host to many different animals and plant life unique to its ecosystem. Flame Shinobi under the rank of Jounin are not permitted to so much as enter this forest, due to its dangerous nature. Wild beasts and rogue shinobi are known to frequent the woodlands. If you're caught in the forest without identification or permission, you will likely be stopped and questioned by shinobi near the settlements.

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  • Kaen Gulf

    Kaen Gulf, also known as the Flaming Gulf, is a large territory on the southwest portion of the Flame Peninsula. It contains two large harbors on both landmasses, one larger and one smaller. The Flaming Gulf is where ships carrying merchants and diplomats dock before proceeding to the Flame Village. The Kaen Gulf itself is home to Chiratsuki, a large town that is under the protection and domain of the Flame Village. The small town has a booming economy centered around the export of timber and wax, which are shipped throughout the shinobi world through the harbors.

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  • Kegawa Enclave

    Kegawa is a densely forested region found towards the south of Inferno Cape, an expansive island just north of the Flame Peninsula. Kegawa itself is most notable for being home to some of the most skilled hunters in the shinobi world. Given the unique beasts that may be found around Kegawa, it has become critical to the Flame Village fur economy. Kegawa is home to the largest Flame Village settlement known only as Kegawa, as well as a valuable port.

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