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Water Village

Water Village

  • Shingetsu Gulf

    The Shingetsu Gulf is composed of two landmasses directly beside one another, connected by a short bridge near the southwest where the two come closest to one another. Shingetsu Gulf is home to the Water Village's capital and its many districts. Outsiders are seldom welcome in this part of the Water Village, with ANBU actively patrolling the shores and guarding the bridges. Anyone who wishes to enter must first confirm their entry with the Mizukage beforehand. Otherwise, they risk being turned away or worse.

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  • Noumu Harbor

    Noumu Harbor is the epicenter of the Water Village's economy. Scores of ships can be seen docked all along the shoreline, bearing various travelers and merchants from numerous foreign villages. Along the docks are a maze of small shops, the village locals hoping to make a living off of diplomats and foreigners looking for a souvenir or to restock on goods. This is also where foreign merchants will sell their own goods to shop owners who can't find what they need near the village.

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  • Tsurara Tundra

    Tsurara Tundra is, for the most part, a desolate wasteland of snow and ice. Although the Water Village has three settlements scattered throughout, almost no one lives here outside of those who can withstand the harsh conditions. The few sources of water that can be found in this area are frozen with several inches of thick ice along the surface. It will rarely rain, though snow is frequent. Few have made the trek north of the tundra, but none have returned alive.

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  • Kaisui Harbor

    Kaisui Harbor, unlike it's counterpart Noumu, has clear air and unstable waters. The majority of the Water Village's economic dealings and diplomatic relations with villages from the west often come through this harbor in order to reach the Water Village, although the trek is generally far less safe and much longer than the trip from Noumu to the village. There are often shinobi and moderately trained villagers around the harbor, offering their services to anyone who can afford them. Special guests who have been invited by the Mizukage will often be granted a security detail free of charge.

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